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hey you guys i'm doing another declutter video today as part of my decluttering series and it's gonna be the kitchen it's probably gonna be more organizing than decluttering but yeah i even though my kitchen is pretty minimal already i already have not a lot of items i have a lot of things i can get rid of the dishes are in the dishwasher so we're gonna deal with those last but in the meantime um in like the pantry area i think i have like stuff that's been there forever and then like not forever i only moved in a year ago and then up in that cabinet there's like spices and seasonings and stuff the goal is to organize to get rid of the things that i don't need that are taking up space and um yeah i just want to get more organized to get some organization going wow the dishwasher's loud up here i have a bunch of uh stuff that needs to be dealt with so let's deal with it [Music] i got rid of a lot of like just excess stuff like i got rid of some noodles that we didn't use and just stuff that was just taking up space but um i ended up making room the bread was originally down there i ended up making room for it up here and you can really see everything now which is really great everything's way more organized now and just easier to see so we're getting somewhere we're gonna come back to the second pantry up here because it involves dishes and stuff and like i said that noise that you hear the dishwasher's still going so we still have some dishes that are being washed but we're gonna deal with we're going to deal with this whole thing in a minute so this is the one i've definitely been avoiding this is like seasoning spices oil all that stuff i'm going to show you a before [Music] all right so this is after it's way more organized i ended up putting like the syrups and like honey and um sesame oil soy sauce stuff on the top and then here are all the spices and i tried to arrange them in like height order with like the taller stuff in the back so now i can see everything and i know where every spice is and this i have like the pan the cooking oil nutella peanut butter and the thing is i had like five peanut butters so here's my trash can over here i got rid of like empty peanut butter old spices that i don't use anymore i got rid of a lot of stuff and so now it's much more organized in here we are making some great progress in the kitchen but we have this um there's not a lot of stuff it's just kind of random and disorganized like i get it i was trying to i was kind of trying to go for like the medicine cabinet over here you know like i have like advil and like airport like i have medicine and stuff but it's just kind of messy and i want it to look better than this so and then after that oh this catch-all we're gonna deal with that i guess that dishes are still being done so let's tackle this shall we [Music] [Music] [Music] i'm now moving on to these drawers down here this is like a junk drawer catch all and then this is like the drawer that had um it has a silverware in it normally and so now that the dishes are done i'm going to start putting them away in [Music] here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good [Music] [Music] do all right so i got rid of old tupperware that i don't use i got rid of some cups that i no longer use so now literally everything in here we use it and we love it so there's no more clutter [Music] wow it really looks like i'm sweating but it's because i've been working hard in here and it's funny because the kitchen is the room that i was dreading the most but it actually turned out to be not too bad probably because i don't have that much stuff in the kitchen but um yeah i was able to really declutter to get rid of a lot of junk that's been piling up in here well thank you guys so much for watching i hope this encourages you to declutter your kitchen and maybe get rid of things in the kitchen that you no longer use or that you no longer need and um i didn't do a lot of talking in this vlog but uh yeah i hope that you enjoy these time lapses and that um you will come back next friday for another decluttering vlog thank you for sitting through this kitchen declutter with me i'll see you guys in my next video bye guys [Music] you

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