Minimalist Living | Couple Living in Tiny Off Grid Camper With Dogs Ep. 1

[Music] my name is adria and this is my husband Alejandra a little over a year ago we left her corporate jobs because we weren't getting enough time to do the things that actually made us happy like being together with her daughter we started our own business of Pet Supplies called Zeebo our business gave us the time we wanted so we used it to learn how to kite sir and we were hooked right away that's when we knew we needed freedom to chase the wind around the world so we built an off-grid camper rented our house to a nice tenant sold our cars and left our instructor house in Florida indefinitely we now drag our tiny house with us as we travel north america with our two big dogs Ozzie and echoes our life changed drastically which is why we love sharing everything about it you can expect to see videos of us living tiny and we're living to the family or travel journey and our dogs expeditions so make sure you hit the subscribe button to watch our weekly blog

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