MONEY PIT Or Ultimate Renovation Project?

[Music] welcome back guys it's been quite a while we've had just a ton of stuff slamming going on we're trying to get everything like under control around here but we're kind of being pulled in a lot of directions yes we are so hey taking off everybody's day right making everybody some eggs yeah champion breakfast of champions me and aaron are aiming at i should correct me and say start our day off with espresso shots that's how we're going we have to get moving quick this morning so no time for sipping coffees no are you having eggs for breakfast this morning yeah so are you wearing christmas jammies all year round yes i like it it looks smelly i see that so what do you want on your eggs salt pepper and hot sauce same for me melty's for me one of the things that we did this past week was head into northern virginia and we picked up a generator they're impossible to find never has them until march but we found one we picked it up and it's outstanding [Music] you all right [Music] this is how we write our material list you guys have a piece of paper that's my pender ship that's it no it's not so boss man is going to call all of this in and we're going to go pick all of it up they rent out the high press i need ten three quarter inch screw on bushings six by six end caps one seven eight hole saw two nema 3r 600 volt disconnects did a hole saw four inch and a quarter pipe arbor with the pallet bit for the engine eighth hole saw but out the shank style not the not the pop bit style arbor you know what i mean seven feet of number two copper just black fine so we are at spot number two and this is what joshua is being that he used to be a foreman on the job site he goes through and he checks to make sure that we have everything on the list and then everything's correct so that when we get home we don't have any issues we're not missing anything and we don't have to worry about losing an entire day to drive back out here so it's a good thing that we've got josh here running the job making sure we've got what we need right we've also got counter tops that we've got to get into the house we have them but projects these are going in the laundry room and yeah that's another one we have everything at once yes how's it going [Laughter] ain't done yet obviously it's good it keeps us busy right yeah [Music] so we are just going to go ahead and drop the generator out here next to the solar panels for now um we have a ton of material out here i mean we have we have pipe for the stanchion build over by the powerhouse we have a ton of materials for everything that's going on with revamping the solar system so for right now this is going to be the best place for us to leave the generator at and then once we have everything out of the way and the solar stanchion is built we will get the tractor out here scoop up the generator and move it to its permanent spots over by the powerhouse [Music] you hit the up button i'm gonna slide this out a little bit and i'll get out okay carter and haiti are our uh first hand man right hand man [Music] okay we got a generac 13 kw generator um there's multiple sizes of generators we went to the 13kw it's the only one we can find first of all but second of all it's a little bit it's twice the size of our inverter so we want to size our solar system with our generator so you want to print double the size of your inverter we have a 6kw inverter so we've got a 13 000 watt generator so if we run a full load on our inverter and our batteries die this thing can kick on run our entire full load and also charge your batteries the same exact time so i'd say say you're getting an inverter you want to double the size of the generator for that inverse you can charge batteries and run a full load if you need to we yet have to run a full load on our inverter so this thing's big enough we didn't want to go bigger because at that point you just wasted fuel banksy what are you doing out here girl huh binks is our head mouser around here sanchez is still learning but you know binx is training him as we speak he trained him well but i think he does a better job now she's gotten fat old and lazy it's time for her to retire along with chuck which i feel like i really want to tell you guys something but i can't do it yet huge surprise they're not huge they're actually very tiny yes we have such a surprise to tell you but there's like too much to put in one video so we'll just save it for next time i think yes but i'm bursting at the seams with love and adoration for you okay that's weird yeah frankly you come to sheep we are headed down to our rental property we're really excited i think we're excited maybe a little bit nervous to take a look at it and see what's going on and we'll explain everything to you guys in just a minute and yes none of the kids are buckled in i mean just everybody calm down we're on our driveway we're on our property we're going about five miles per hour so everybody's gonna live no we brought four there's no helmets that is not true we do backflips none of that's true wow we do do backflips not on the four wheelers and we do wear the helmets down the road i'm pretty sure this video just got demonetized thanks josh the joke so we have to bomb the property at the uh rental house this hasn't been sitting for a while so it was built in 2003 it's been sitting down here about by what six eight nine ten months and uh we're trying to put this bad boy back on rent [Laughter] no i'm joking it's my old house actually show the other house or no that one it's a it's stories yeah that's what it is i missed it here's how far we've come it's a cougar it didn't look as bad as it looks now i mean we cared for it when we were living in it but now it like it really looks bad now we should sell that thing about 400 bucks no i mean we the plan the plan was to kind of like rip everything off and use it as like a like a trailer bed like the frame of it for like bales of hay and like stuff around the farm and i don't know i mean like what was somebody else gonna do with it if we sell it to them it's the doghouse for you so when you start acting up at night and then you get back down to chow right there no that type of uh rv right there is a cougar which is what josh goes for but instead he got a young fox like me you know so this is it this is the front door if you actually look this part is a trailer yeah this part right here is in addition to the trailer that that the owner previous owner before we bought it actually built on himself with his brother right now his his his uh uncle owned this place originally and they built it they built it but it was it was self-built so it was our house why now yeah for west virginians now you know yeah that's how they do it out here right well these movies will break in right come on john pizza there's pizza in the fridge that's what you're gonna have for dinner josh i can't i just can't because it's it's been sitting for long enough that like it just has this like weird smell about it nobody's been living in there and nobody's been cleaning and like i just have somehow gained a like terrible gag reflex so you got your smile back see get right i did the wood stove has an oil furnace it's getting torn out uh it's two-bedroom one-bath house this thing is cool it's actually uh i think a big piece of steel pipe that they he welded on the previous owner the welder he actually built himself and you can see he has his initials back here it actually says 2013.

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So this thing's seven eight years old now so it's not that old not that old no so that's the family room like living room area as soon as you walk in the front door this is the kitchen right here you can see behind me and this is one of the biggest problem areas in the house as you can see not good the trailer side had a leak so we got to pull all this out and redo it it's been kind of like we're just we've been putting band-aid after a band-aid um on it and then like we didn't really get a good look around there was never an inspection or anything we bought this place because of the property only not because this house on it yes if the house is here or not here we would have bought it regardless yeah because we were our property that we live on is up there so we don't even see this part and that's what we fell in love with and we wanted and um so we are going to buy it regardless yes this at the bottom of the property right now but we never really got to there was no inspection on it and then we never did like a walk through or anything like that so um we weren't really aware of like the condition or how bad it was gonna be and then like when we came in and we kind of saw the problems we were like we like we shouldn't have anybody living in here so the previous man has actually moved out yes and they've been out for almost a year now yeah we've been letting it sit because we haven't been sure what we were gonna do with the place wish we didn't let it sit we should actually fix it yeah i mean i don't care that we let it sit we needed to figure out what we were gonna do initially we thought we were actually gonna tear the entire thing down and i'm not like it's gonna be dumb i think look at it now i think it could be see like i'm not completely i don't know like we need to go through and take a really in-depth look at it because i don't know we don't know what the issues are yet like i don't know if it's salvageable if it is it's gonna be awesome because the our plan is if it is salvageable we're gonna put a little bit of money into it we're not gonna have to put a whole lot and then we'll fix it up and it'll be a nice like cute like safe place and we could put runners back in here you make money which is residual income which is smart for us hope it's not money pit but my parents tear it down what's up that's what my fear is might be a money pit let's see i mean electrical is easy obviously we can do a little bit of plumbing no big deal um roof leaves we can fix that yes um paint it paint paint the cabinets paint the walls do different kitchen countertops install some just like some nicer no stone countertops just burger plain of course we're not we're not gonna go crazy i mean we're gonna you know do it so that it's nice and clean and cute and safe and somebody will be happy in here if we put enough money down i think and renovate this place it'll be paid back in a year and a half two years by rent news right you know what i mean yeah so it's already paid back so i mean why not take the rest of that money and stash it better first we need to dig in and make sure that there's no serious issues because we need to know if it's a money pit before we get in too deep right yes the kitchen there's a hallway into the bathroom which is a good sized bathroom but it needs paint and we need to get rid of like the little mermaid that's the tile that's sting that's stainless steel that's gonna be painful for me no yeah it's gonna stay i'm doing can you paint tile i'm sure you can but we're not looks great what's up just go see what we got going on i'm sure it's a complete and utter disastrous mess hopefully it's not hopefully i don't know about that one i've seen worse but i mean it's not it's not great at all see look at that look at that you have aluminum this is all aluminum wire coming in and so they only make this anymore because it's not allowed to be installed nowadays but this old school you can see right here they splice their ground together with a piece of tape diamond twisted that's taped w best pile caught up messed up you feel the neutral zelda tap and grounds double and triple tap but i mean easy fix i mean i'm just gonna replace the entire thing and get rid of all this boxes this entire thing and get a different panel and uh get all the wires into the panel properly and just just redo this entire thing what did you do see this is a sub panel your ground needs to be isolated from your neutral but the issue here is they're optic bonded like i said but the ground is not binded to anything and if you look down here you have another ground lug that's bonded to the can but this thing is actually isolated from these grounds it's a completely never mess 14 wire on 20 amp breakers you have 12 wire and 4 and 40 amp breaker i mean yeah it's a it's a massive it's a good thing i know an electrician you can fix that me too chuck obviously are you gonna help mommy paint this house yes do you want to do the electrical or the plumbing electrical piece i know the plum is gonna be full um here's our old furnace i think it's probably 50 years old at least who knows that's coming out so next look at this architectural marvel here um this door right here comes through and you guys step down geez almost so there's bedroom number one with no closet yeah it's not really a bedroom now yeah you're right even though we're looking at it that's hayden's room right there we're moving here now we also have a i guess a closed off window you know what that was i don't know that is the trail the window from the trailer trailer window that's crazy yeah or if you put a little tv in there you could put a tv in there and now we know who the interior designer for our project is hayden knew what this is right what they tore old windows out they went to the store couldn't find one to fit so they went ahead and found one that fit and and cut down two by fours and built it in that's what they did with these windows oh my goodness yeah can you see all this nice fancy you got caulk work yes yes i can yeah it looks awful we're walking into the master bedroom we actually have a closet it's not really a massive either there's no bathroom we also have a hot water heater it's electric so what do you think good good good now yeah okay so we're gonna rehab and tear it down we have a lot to do a lot let's go let's go to the torn out hvac to be done everything ceiling in the kitchen windows paint the cabinets paint flooring a couple of appliances roofing electric heat or mini splits i don't even know if we're doing that we've got time we have duct work working here too now but the other half of this house doesn't have ductwork so who knows we're gonna do we gotta work cut out for us that may be the understatement of the year maybe this is the well it's a lot of work my question is why did we take on ten thousand projects at once and think it's a good idea because we get bored very easily [Music] it's a curse but it's also a blessing too you know what i mean are you ready to make some homemade pizza yeah are you hungry yeah i can take what i need [Music] um so look you don't want to put it in like this so there's more room right yeah [Music] you

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