My Organized Minimalist House Tour (Favorite organizing tips & “AH-HA” Moments!)

– Okay. So a few things before we get started, no, our house does not
always look like this. I have been chasing the kids around all morning saying, "Don't put that there, pick that up! I'm making a video today." Another thing I'm not a naturally organized person. I know sometimes people
get that false impression when I show these beautiful
shots of our clean house. But no, I have had to, I've really had to learn a lot about myself and organization so that I didn't despise it.

I'm going to share that with you today because it actually has
been kind of life-changing. I don't mean to exaggerate. (gentle upbeat music) Right. Do you see the kids out there? I just, it's a puddle. I think you can tell that. I just already know this
is not going to end well but they're on the trampoline. It's actually really nice out. (Dawn chuckles) It's these two I'm worried about because it's just a
matter of time before one of them pushes the other in. (Dawn laughs) but It's all right. So what I want to do today, is take you around the various areas of our house. Just show you my favorite organizing tips and how I've been able to figure out systems that actually work for our family. I think actually we'll
start here in the entryway because I think this closet characterizes how I organize. So I am so grateful to
Cas from "ClutterBug" and her four different organizing styles. To be honest, I always dismissed it in the past.

I thought that that
learning that and figuring out what your style is is for people that enjoy organizing and I didn't. I just said like, I'm
just going to get rid of as much stuff as possible,
so I don't have to organize. And that really was my
tactic for a long time until I realized that, "Yeah, you still have some stuff left and you still have to organize it. Right?" By going through the process figuring out what my Clutterbug style was I learned that I'm a ladybug. And before I figured this out I was trying to get everybody to organize like me. So in past videos you might've heard me say, "Clear off your kitchen counters, use big broad categories like get a bin, chuck, everything in it. Right." And that's because that
is my organizing style. I've come to appreciate now the fact that we all organize a
little bit differently and some of you love organizing. Some of us do not but by figuring out what my organizing style is. I actually feel very
capable of organizing. And I realized that what I was doing was organizing.

Even though Tom didn't think it was. (Dawn laughs) I'll get to that in a second but let me show you what we have going on here in our front closet. So again, as a ladybug I like big broad categories and I'm also a cheapskate. I'm like a very frugal person. Thanks mom for that. Whenever possible you're going to see throughout our house that I use Dollar Tree bins when
ever physically possible. I'll talk a little bit
more about that too, as we go. But you're going to see along the top of my dollar store bins and this one over here
with the extra shoes I did invest in a little
bit nicer one for that. But, not until I had tested out my organizing with a Dollar Tree one, and then I upgraded that. And then these baskets here, again big broad categories are from IKEA. There's two things I want to tell you about this closet.

One, another thing Cas from "ClutterBug" says is, "Use big labels." I love my little label maker, but when it comes to my family. actually, maybe even having a chance at keeping this system in place, you have to use big labels. I got these chalkboard ones. I don't write on them with chalk. I use a White-Out pen. Then on the baskets I have these little round tags they're on Amazon I'll
link to them down below, but that has worked really well too. But just so you know, just because they're labeled
does not mean my family puts everything back
in place all the time. What it does mean though, is that when we go to tidy up the closet or pick it up anybody can do it because they know where everything goes. So please understand this. This system does not keep
this closet organized. We still have to take time to do it but by having everything labeled anyone in our house can
organize this closet.

And that is magical. One other thing that I really like here in our entryway is our IKEA shoe bench. We probably, if we, we probably have too many shoes. We have the wire racks in
the bottom of the closet. That works really well too. And then this bench, what I like about both of them is because they have either the grates or the pools, dirt and stuff just falls
through to the bottom.

I never have to like clean off shoe shelves or anything like that. So I really like that. This IKEA shoe bench we have had for eight years, I think. It has held up very well. It could use a little touch up paint, but I am amazed. It gets abused. (Dawn laughs) I really like it. And it works well. All right. So that's, I think that's all for the entryway.

So let's move on to this
bathroom, right here. (gentle upbeat music) I'm actually excited to show you in here cause I just redid part of it. I have a new hack that I really like, but, you know we can't get too far into this tour without
talking about inventory. The first life-changing
thing I've talked about in regards to organizing was learning my organizing style. Learning that big bins and tossing stuff in it
is actually organizing. But of course the second thing is this idea of inventory and that if we don't significantly reduce our inventory first organizing is never going to work, right? If we have too much stuff, organizing doesn't work.

That's why most of us have failed in the past. Even if we're very organized people. I see this all the time. Those of you who love organizing your systems fail because they get overloaded with stuff, right? It's not that you don't know how to organize it, or don't like it. You just get too much stuff. So we always have to declutter first, reduce the inventory and then it really does make organizing a whole lot more fun.

All right. So let me show you under the cabinet here, we just redid this. We painted, well Corbin painted the inside for me and I put some new contact paper down. I traded out my dollar store bins for white ones, which looks nice. But the other thing I did in here was, I didn't love how my curling irons and hairdryer, they were just laying down in a basket. They would sometimes get tangled and I'd have to dig through them. So I wanted to figure out a way for them to stand up. We had this basket, I had gotten it for the camper but we didn't really use it in there. I was like, "Hmm, if they
could stand up in there." I just took a cutting board, a dollar cutting board used packing tape to divide the bin and put it in the middle. Then I was able to stand up all my curling irons in there.

It works awesome. I have been very pleased with that. Otherwise, again lots of dollar store bins. But going back to the inventory thing, in the kid's toothbrush draw. I love that because there just isn't
a lot of stuff that, that draw needs to hold. I can put in these little bins, everyone has their own. It's just very easy to keep it clean and organized. They can do that, right? Because there's not a
lot of stuff in there. So that has worked really well. All right. From here we can actually head into the laundry room. I love the presents that are left in here for me this time of year like a Corrine's really muddy jeans. So that's awesome. But we'll deal with that later. All right. Laundry rooms. I had this epiphany, when we were on vacation. I had to do laundry at one of the campgrounds we were at.

I had the laundry basket. I'm going to the laundry room. I got there and I'm like. "I don't even mind having to do laundry." I looked around and I was like, "Oh, I think it's because it was just a very nice clean clutter-free space." I knew all the lids were up on the washing machine. I knew they were all empty. So I literally could just take my laundry in there fill up the washer, do the laundry and move on. That has stuck with me. I've thought about how if we can make our laundry spaces I know not all of us
have a dedicated room. If we can keep them simple and a little bit organized. I really think it makes doing laundry, not so bad (Dawn laughs) and easy to keep up with our laundry system, whatever it is. Again, in here, big broad categories we keep Tom's undergarments in here. I have bins for those. I have a bin for our cleaning supplies and then we also keep
the kids' socks in here. They each have a bin as well.

In here, I did spend a little bit more on the containers because
I wanted them to be just right for what it
was that we're doing. But, once more does that mean everybody
puts everything away? No, but when we need to tidy up, pick up it's very easy to see
where everything goes. Oh, and I can't forget to mention that this video is part of
our "Mega March Motivation" which means there's a whole playlist of other organized house tours down below. It's so fun because everyone's house is different. Right? We all have different organizing problems. So you can get tons of great ideas by following the link down below.

All right. Let's go to the two easiest rooms in our house to keep organized. All right. If we come out here, we have our dining room. I said this before, when I was decluttering there's nothing in it. Right? I love that. I mean, it's by design. Well, it's a small room too. I couldn't fit a whole lot more, but we don't have any side boards or what are those called buffets? Any kind of cabinet, I mean there's literally no organization in this room. Right? Does the table attract clutter? Absolutely. It's a flat surface and it doesn't move.

Right. So yes, it attracts clutter. We do have to be intentional about keeping it cleaned off but I don't ever have to organize it. I really like that. Then if we spin around here. We can look at this living room. Again, the only place in here that we have any kind of organization is our coffee table. We have one basket that we put like small games like card games in. Again, I spent a little more on that basket because it's sitting out. I wouldn't have had to. Right. I mean but I had it and it sits out.

So that's kind of a prettier basket. Then we always keep a few games stacked up the games, change seasonally, I guess. Right now, we have some education games out. We're really trying to work on reading (Dawn giggles) and it's been good. It's been good. But we just always keep a few games on there. Then any extras go in the closet in the boys room upstairs. This coffee table is kind of like the container or the limit for what
we store in this room. It works great. You don't need tons and tons of games tons and tons of whatever to facilitate family time. Right. I mean, really, if you took away all of our games besides Rummikub, we would probably just be just fine. Again, this is a room
where I intentionally I don't have any bookshelves. I don't have hutches, anything like that that stores extra stuff, because I know that anything that holds stuff will hold stuff. It'll just acquire more and more stuff. I really like that this room is highly simplified, still very functional but very easy to keep clean and organized. Then from here we can head into the kitchen.

I have a few tips that I really like in here. If you've been with us for a little while you'll remember the time I cleared off the top of the fridge, it drove me bonkers that Tom would just pile
stuff on top of the fridge. He's six, two, I'm five, two. He can reach it. I cannot, right. It became his domain, right? That's not uncommon. A while ago, it was like two summers ago. I decided it needed to be organized but by organized really what I did was I put that blue tray up there. It works so well. I don't have to look at his junk up there. It contains everything. This works well for tops of dressers. Even if you have a hot spot
on your kitchen counters just by putting a little tray there where all the random stuff gets tossed, at least it's contained. That still feels better to our brain than just
random stuff sitting out.

I really like having
that blue tray up there Tom grumbled about it but it doesn't actually make that big of a difference. Speaking of Tom, I mentioned that he and I really did not see eye to eye on organizing for a long time. Now that I know our Clutterbug styles. I understand why, because I'm a macro organizer. Like I said, big bins, broad categories toss it all in, keep it out of sight though, too. That's also a ladybug. I want it out of sight. So behind cabinet doors, on the other hand Tom is, he likes stuff out of sight but he's a micro organizer. He likes little categories. When I'm just getting
these bins tossing stuff. He's like, "that's not organizing you're just throwing stuff in bins." I'm like, "Well, I don't know." Right.

Now that I understand how he organizes, I get why he said that's not organizing. Right. This has been something where we've had to decide like, whose space is it? Who does the bulk of
the work in that space? The front hall closet, we could divide all the hats and mittens by individual or whatever but I'm usually the one that's in charge of it. Ends up straightening up or helping the kids straighten it up. My organizing system prevails in there. I want to show you like
inside our cabinets this is a huge area where I've had to decrease inventory. Then it really doesn't
require much organization. Our cabinets don't really have much for organization in them. But I do want to show you a couple spots where I have organized. Under the sink, again, big, broad categories big labels on them. Just toss everything in. Then here in the Island, we have our center drawer here. Again, Dollar Tree containers, just create some division. I don't even label these
because I don't really care what even ends up in them.

pexels photo 105004

I just want it to be a
little bit divided up. Then we also have our lovely junk drawer. Here's what's cool about this that I learned the other day. It was a while back when I did the top of the fridge. I also organized the junk drawer and I was like I'm just going to go crazy. I'm going to put labels in these little Dollar Tree baskets in there because I just, I don't know.

I take Cas at her word when she says you should label things you should label things. I've never been a labeler. I'm just never, right. I was like, okay, I'm
going to label things. I labeled the little baskets. Didn't really think anything of it until about a month ago the drawer was just getting, cluttered, disorganized. And Corbin, our eight year old said, "Hey, can I organize the junk draw?" Well, we were trying to get
ready to go on vacation.

I was like, "Hey, if
that keeps you occupied you go to town on the junk drawer." Right. He started pulling everything out. I didn't, I had forgotten about that. I labeled the bins and he, then he got done. He's like, "mom, come
look at the junk drawer." I looked at it. I was like, "You have
everything back in the spot." I'm like, "How did you know
where to put everything?" He was like, "I just read the labels." A: I was very excited because we've been working on reading the fact that
he could read the labels was a huge win.

Then that he put everything back in there. I was like, "This is so cool." Okay. But before we leave the kitchen, two other quick tips I want to show you real quick when it comes to organizing. We were able to create this island in our kitchen. We put in drawers for our pots and pans which I love it works great. But in past houses we didn't always have that luxury. What I did was I made my own drawers by taking a sturdy bin. Then I would just put the pots and pans or whatever in there, and then put it in the
bottom of the cabinet. So that I could slide it out a little bit to grab what I needed and nothing could fall behind it. This also works really well. I want to show you my corner cabinet. If you have one of those wonky corner cabinets. Our weird corner cabinet, and it's next to the dishwasher.

You can see down in the bottom. I have those two baskets, one for extra coffee. Then one just has like
our immersion blender and some spoon rests, the extra filters for our britta pitcher. I don't use too occasionally. Then our toaster, we use that pretty frequently but it's easy to grab. I don't put stuff back there that we use all the time, but extra stuff, seasonal stuff. I'll tuck back there and having it in a bin works very well. All right, let's head into
this bathroom over here.

There are a few places like I've said where, I invest in good bins or
containers for organizing and this bathroom is one of them. This cabinet is from IKEA. We often get asked about that and our vanity. Is from IKEA as well. It's not huge, right? But it holds everything that we need. Because it's not very
big, I couldn't really find the right size bins
at the dollar store. I did invest in acrylic bins for this cabinet. I really like it because you can see
everything that's in there. Everything stands up neatly and they fit in there perfectly.

But then again, as far as the actual drawers and our vanity. Inventory, we keep the inventory very well and dollar store containers and it works great. I mean, I also have these open shelves in here. Oh yeah. Our toilet paper holder broke. We don't have a spot to put it. Anyways. I also have these open shelves in here but I just use them for decoration. I don't really keep anything on there except some extra toilet
paper in this basket. Really this bathroom doesn't have a ton of space in it. But I like that because like I said, before stuff that will
hold stuff, holds stuff and we just end up accumulating extra. So everything we need
in here fits in here.

That's great. All right. Let's head over to our bedroom, another room that just really doesn't have any organization in it. It is a bright sunny day here in Minnesota, so nice. Okay. So the only thing we have in here to hold stuff is our IKEA wardrobe. I can't just knows. I mean, our house is very small. It's 1500 square feet. They know how to fit everything in.

Right. Under our bed, we try to just keep clear. Again. It's just, I kind of just
made this rule in my head. Don't stick anything under the bed because I know how stuff can just go there to be
completely forgotten about. We only have the IKEA wardrobe, the for the hanging section, that's where Tom and I hang our dress clothes. Then in this other side here that has shelves built in. In here on this shelf side we just have some extra camera stuff.

A few key craft supplies. I know, I don't do a lot of crafting and so on. That's how much I keep one extra sheet set and then just some extra food storage. We don't want to keep a whole lot in here. The rest of our clothes are in the bathroom and laundry room. This is it in here and I love it. It's again. It's just so easy to keep it tidy and picked up. That is the season we're in right now. I just need things very streamlined would maybe down the road. What I like to have a beautiful bedroom with decorations and different stuff. I don't know maybe. Right. But for this season that we're in right now how you see our house
functions really well. I still like for it to be cute and feel cozy but it has to function well. Again, the biggest thing
that's created that isn't the organization. It's actually the
decreasing the inventory, but again the organization does help. All right.

So the last thing I want to show you is up in the kid's bedroom. We added cube shelves to the boys room, which I've said I do not like cube shelves. I don't like the big ones. I don't like them for
organizing lots of stuff because they just, in my opinion, they hold too much. But we think for kids and clothes. Even for adults and clothes, they work very well. Okay. So if you can fit down here with me cube shelves for the boys clothes which I know there were some. There was lots of concerns about their room configuration. They love it. They love having this space
under their bunks to play. They like the bunks. They don't hit their heads anyway. So quick update. They do like how their room turned out.

We put these cubes shelves under here. These like canvas bins can be a little bit tough to label. So I just, again, I used these tags on here. But here's what I want you to know when the boys come up and
put their clothes away they don't put them in
the right bins most often. If they're all just a mish-mash of stuff in here but why go through
the effort of putting the labels is that seasonally, when I switch things
out, we use these bins as containers to know how
much of each clothing.

So these are the little bit smaller bins not like as big as the IKEA ones. I know that if these are full they have too much clothing in that category. We sort everything out into the bins and if they're full or even close to full there's too much. Then we pair it down. Or if a bins empty, I'm like, "Oh, there's
no t-shirts in there." Then I know that's what
they need as a couple. T-shirts right? These are our containers.

Instead of always worrying about numbers and how many of each thing I just know for each of them that this is plenty of
clothes for a whole season. I love that it's not a ton of clothing even if they pulled all these
out and dump them all out it only takes a minute to
pick it all back up again. This works very well. While I don't love cube shelves, for other kinds of organizing, I do think for clothing
that they work great. I also forgot, I do want to show you where we keep our paper clutter downstairs.

I'll go show you that real quick. When paper comes into our house. We sort it, and it comes into here. Again, the Time Will Tell basket. I'll link to the full video on all of this. This is a game changer. Many of you had said the same thing. A paper clutter is a
problem in your house. This could be the solution. Then also my weekly planning basket is down here. This is where we have folders for bills to pay or anything that needs to get done. Then this can just get pulled completely pulled out go sit at the kitchen table and go through it ideally once a week.

This is, I mean this is all we have for
paper clutter right now. Isn't, that's awesome. Right? Again, it's something I never would have ever thought I was capable of. Do know that it is possible also behind me are the girls, desks. I'm not going to show the
real life version right now because they're a mess. But them having that space has worked out really well. I like that their desks are down here kind of where everyone is all the time.

And not in their bedroom, because I mean, usually in bedrooms they just get stacked up with stuff. That has worked really well. We do like those a lot. Then it does, like I said it keeps our bedroom really clean. I mean, mainly the only thing they have for storage in their room are their IKEA storage beds. The drawers that pull out. That holds their clothes and then any other stuff that they want to put in the other drawer.

That's all they have in there. Really, I still find it very comical that I'm giving an organized home tour because I really never thought I would be an organized person. So it's fun. It's cool to see how by decreasing inventory and just putting it very simple organization systems in place, how that really does help to keep our house pretty organized. At least like I said, does it always look like this? No, but it's actually really quick and easy to get it back to this place. If you haven't done so already I hope you subscribed so we can spend more time together. I'd love to help you
declutter and simplify. A thumbs up is the best compliment that you can give us. I'll definitely look forward
to seeing you again soon..

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