Off Grid Cabin Update – Woodstove Installation – 1-1-2015

well it's New Year's Day 2015 and Rob and I just came up the cabin to do some more work actually the thing we really want to get done today is get the wood stove installed last time we didn't get much in the way of pictures in the video but we were able to get the wood stove up which was no small task there was just an unbelievable on of ice snow and mud believe it or not and it was like impossible the tractor was getting stuck it's slipping and we ended up using the four-wheeler and I haven't eat it was just a disaster but that's the way it is when you're trying to get things done in the middle of the winter with uh I don't know everything seems to go slower and more difficult last time we got the ceiling paneled with one by six pine right up to the end of the peak and that seemed to be quite a bit of work it seems to take quite a while we're doing it in the dark we had a lot of lot of manpower actually probably too much manpower there were one two three four adults and one one preteen but here we are we'll keep you posted and hopefully get something another day before you know we hope to have this stove hooked up and pumping out some BTUs for us Oh we'll go around the back here but we're finishing up the installation of the wood stove chimney Robb's just sealing the double wall pipe intersection with the plate there's our T with a clean-out on the bottom that's going to go right into this here and the smokestack is going to go straight up and it's going to get braced on the roof and on the wall I'm going to light this sucker well we've been at the cabin now for a few hours and I'm sure many of you can relate to this you think of projects only going to take half an hour oh yeah this is only take a half an hour then we'll move on to the next thing ends up taking several hours and just a function of being being excited and not entirely realistic but today's project really the main project was to get that wood stove all hooked up and installed and get the chimney and everything installed and functioning and that's exactly what we did it's just the remnants of the fire burning in here right now but it certainly certainly functions properly and unfortunately we didn't have any really proper firewood to burn in here so we're just burning some pine scraps that are totally soaking wet it was really comical to watch us trying to start a fire we couldn't start a fire on this place with a diesel fuel and kerosene and geez gasoline I suppose but finally we got it raging and heated this place up the temperature in no time really um I wish we had some better wood but what's interesting about this place here is that the lumber is so doggone green it is I believe that these boards were in trees that were standing tall probably that a month ago and when you bring this place up to temperature it draws out the moisture in the wood it's kind of hard to see you probably can't even see in the video but you know this leave moisture bubbles all over the place here there's moisture on the plastic and I wonder how long this is going to take to dry out but finally this place is at a at the stage where we could sleep here so if I could get the missus and the children to want to come up here and trod through the snow and the ice and the cold weather to hang out here if week for a weekend that'd be great see what happens until then it's just going to be buddies who are willing to make the trek but I appreciate your watching the video thanks for all of your input and feedback and if you like this video please hit the thumbs up and subscribe to the channel thank you

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