Off Grid Living season 1 esp 6 (water and laundry)

hey folks Robert here how's it going so today we're going to go over water procurement to people – like five gallons of water a day right that's for wash and clean and that kind of stuff maybe even a little bit more than that but you can get a rack get away with it you get away with it cooking and drinking and that kind of stuff them anyway you've we got a tarp setup here we've got a few different ways to catch water rainwater I'm actually gonna bring a 45 gallon drum up so that way once the 45 gallon drum is full I can shock it with chlorine water this water seems to be pretty good I've left it up here for like five and six days in a bucket and still come back and you know I made a cup of coffee out of it today and that's been in that bucket five six days been a couple of days so it's since we've come up and in that time we've had probably I think like 30 mils of rain so 30 mils of rain and I've gathered up that 5-gallon jug that five gallon jug and oh that block 2 gallon jug under there I put that under there and it gathered up you know half a 5-gallon bucket or half a 20 litre bucket whatever it is let's see this might be 16 litre buckets so it did like 8 liters so a little less than 2 gamma if you guys count a gallon of being 5 liters so anyway they got that and the pool of course anyway so we got say 30 30 we got 30 30 35 40 we are at almost 40 maybe 50 liters of water so in like 2 days worth of rain and you want to see my ghetto tripod it's just a stick with a magnet they broke my flashlight so you're used it for something else I could probably fix it wired up direct if I'll use the panel later right now I'm using this and I got a metal plate on the back of my phone it's case and I can just stick it right to it like this I just stuck it to it take it off works as a tripod for my phone it's cool to even got a hook on I can hang it up on a tree or a branch and film off a lot too which is kind of neat hey check it out I'm gonna see if my camera is strong enough to pick up the sounds and I'm here hey check it out I went out four-wheeling them socks where well no they wear white they were gray but whose were white pants – so my shorts my jacket the mess my jacket all covered in mud so that little beast so I wanna same want to do my dishes in everything my part I do the socks and sneakers last all you pretty dirty it's almost gravel there's three gallons of water pretty much toast today

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