Off Grid LOG CABIN Build / Closing the Roof With the Family, Crazy Snow Storm at the Cabin (S3 Ep5)

throw over there [Applause] ah [Applause] uh boom [Music] so [Music] yes [Music] so [Music] so [Music] [Music] so [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] so so [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] huh [Music] [Music] yes with um oh is foreign [Music] right [Applause] uh [Applause] [Music] a oh you which i didn't do you need nope oh [Music] [Applause] so so hello yes [Music] foreign but um is m that's it [Music] foreign me foreign whoa he um perfect foreign okay that's it okay [Applause] greet that castle [Music] good good job [Music] so so so [Music] it's really an indescribable feeling seeing uh all this snow outside strong wind and then coming in here and pretty much i can't even hear the wind plus i have no heating at the moment and it's not even called i think putting those extra layers of boards and insulation there's also around 25 to 30 centimeters of really good insulation across all of the roof and the triangles plus i've installed the double thermopen glass which means three layers of glass with a double layer of gas in between the glasses it was really a lot of work getting all the insulation between all of the logs and the framing that i had to make to to then install this uh final layer of the boards on the inside of the roof if there's something that i regret is that i'm not able to see all the structure of the logs that i did for the roof i think also this way it's looking pretty nice and when it's gonna be finished it will be even much much better but it's pretty crazy to think that today we are at the end of the first week in the april and the weather is still uh this cold with that much snow and right now before closing everything with the boards i will first make the platform for this uh third floor or i don't know how to call it exactly maybe the the attic or the loft it got really hard to work from the ladder and having to push down the board in place i think will be much easier if i first build the the platform and then uh go on with the boards overall i'm uh really really happy with the with the progress and how everything is uh starting to look more and more like the home i don't know how to explain it but when you enter into the house you get more a feeling like you are entering into the home not uh just into a house also i think uh we are just a few months away before being able to move in here even if the things will not be finished if i won't have the water or electricity setup i think we'll be moving in in the summer will somehow adapt and uh for sure before the winter i have to i have to set up the electricity and heating but i'm really excited about it it's been a long long time almost uh i think by the time we're moving it will be around almost three years since since i've started with the work with cutting down the trees and preparing the logs looking back looking at the old videos it it really makes me appreciate what i've done and it's a really great feeling and also a big big thank you along all of the way from the first day i received a lot of support a lot of nice words nice comments from all of you that are watching my videos so yeah huge thank you for watching and for subscribing for commenting for everything

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