Off Grid Log Cabin Build – Foundation piers / Concrete forms

you greetings and salutations soft red warrior and he has another day of doing foundations except today I have a helper a very very good helper by the way so we're carrying some cement bags and now we're getting ready to get our cement mixing on here we go how's that bag what is that weigh 60 pounds ok well let's let's get it done here we are in the little a little shared where I've been keeping the cement dry and I think our we probably going to go through at least by 11 12 bags today we'll see how it goes right on so let's get some bag carrying let's get some cement mixing and we're checking in a little while oh it's the moment of truth so to mix up some cement I'm using some premix obviously secrete high-strength concrete mix and alright I'm just going to mix it up and get going the idea is I put a little bit in the bottom of of the hole just so I can get the form in and kind of get it into place make sure that it's level and then I'll put a little bit more in in the form and use these blocks over here just to make sure that it stays in a level straight position that's the idea anyway so we'll see what happens alright so if some concrete mix ready to go and I like I said I'm going to put just a little bit an inch or two in the bottom there mix it up make sure it gets in there nice then I'll be putting putting the foreman and using the spirit level to get as level as possible if you're wondering where I'm getting my water from off-grid I have some rain barrels up there and some water catchment tarp a few days ago I had some good rain managed to fill up all three of those barrels 55-gallon drums managed to pull them all up and you know in a day which is good so right now let's get some concrete mix in there and go from there okay so I've got to that's pretty much in now it's as level as I can get it or as straight as I can get it and looking pretty good good to me I braced it not really going to move I'm going to stamp the bottom a little bit just to make sure we've got a good base in there and it's underneath the forum and let's start filling and yeah so I've got about six inches of concrete mix in there and I put in this rebar down the center and I just put a little extra piece of rebar in there I'm not sure if that's probably not the correct way to do it but it's the way I'm doing it here just to give it some lateral stability and it will have to do so let's get mixing get some more concrete mixed up and up pull this up get it done perfect perfect perfect yeah you guessed it here we have the completed form and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out I'm probably once this dries up we'll be shortening this rebar that's sticking out yeah I didn't have any tools to cut it today so I'll have to figure that out cut that down a little bit once it's dry and now we've got eight more eight more to go I really want to put that opposite corner in right there but I just discovered I don't have piece of rope a line to determine the height that form needs to be it obviously needs to be at the same level same height this one is over here and I don't have a piece of string with me to determine that so that's going to have to wait a day okay so good news I find that some line and before gets to document too late I'm going to attempt to get this other this other Piron basically I've just used some line you can see it's attached to that first pier and I've stretch it across it's not stretched right now but um I have already done this straight stood up and checked using this using this little guy yeah line level check to see what is level so for the bad footage I've actually got the tripod on right and I don't feel like taking it off anyways I got the level now I've marked it on this form and what I'm going to do is get this poured quick I've leveled the the form already I know it's it's upright and I'm going to this time I'm actually going to pour a little bit of mix at the base before I start filling the center here and just make sure that it's a remains level I'll then brace it with those cement pads you see over there again and start pouring I also obviously still need to get some rebar in there I'm using two rebar again anyways okay working let's do this now you have it the final product for the day should I say it's been quite a day digging in the dirt and I think as I move along with this foundation project things will get a little bit easier I'm happy with how they turned out and tomorrow hopefully we'll get this back row done maybe even a couple more piers and I really start on fixing some other holes up so that's about it I'm really tight guys thanks for watching adios and there you have it folks yep we are finally done on this pier Odyssey boy am I happy camper this is over yeah so that was the last one number nine number nine is done and then we're going to be moving on next to moving some logs well that stuff needs to be moved and milled I need you start focusing on milling this stuff for for the floor I'm not sure if you guys noticed this but these front three over here are lower in the top six and the reason for that is well quite frankly I don't know money poor you know ten-foot piers what I'm going to be doing over here is using logs putting logs on the top of these piers here and bringing them level with those back six over there so it'll be three three that I'll be cutting I have some Douglas fir that has been cut now and drawing for at least a year and a half so it'll be fine actually that'll be the next step here I would like to get this whole foundation done and getting those logs cut and leveled up will really be the end of the pier Odyssey it's been quite an interesting little excursion I've learnt quite a bit what to do what not to do you know like a like I always you know pretty honest I I'm not a professional this is the first time I've ever played with concrete and you know constructed piers so I'm sure there's a lot more I could have done better but it's too late it's done now and I'm quite happy with it that is about it I think I'm going to give probably give all of this day and a half for us to dry especially these larger holes of year which are headed for with cement I want that to dry out as best as possible so before I cover cover those up and get sand in there and tamp it down we definitely want to give it the maximum amount of time to dry yep hopefully it rains need some rain soon so I can fill up my rainwater barrels I think I'm on the last one now so water is key must have water that's about it guys I just want to say thanks thanks for watching I appreciate all the comments and input some boys up for constructive criticism you know you notice something I could do better and let me know so yeah thanks again and if you're interested in what I'm doing here subscribe keep watching there's the one day there shall be a cabin over here and I'd like to document that and show you guys how that works out right on thanks for watching take it easy Cheers

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