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Have you ever thought about living off-grid? Meaning to live the life like in primitive
ages not served by the utilities like electricity, gas or water; cutting all ties with all the
technologies sounds fascinating right? Welcome back to another episode of celebrity
net worth and lifestyle.In today's episode we will go over living off- grid couple Jake
and Nicole Biography, networth and lifestyle. Jake Mace is a famous YouTube star who was
born on November 25, 1981, in Canada. He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada, and grew up there. In the early 1990s, he relocated to Phoenix,
Arizona. He is one of the YouTube Stars who was born
in Canada. He also has a position among the list of most
famous YouTube stars. On his top-rated YouTube channel Kung Fu & Tai
Chi Centre, with Jake Mace, he teaches Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong. His martial arts demonstrations have been
viewed over 153 million times. Rickson Gracie, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend,
has appeared in his videos. Jake is a full-time Martial Arts, Tai Chi,
Yoga, Fitness, Urban Gardening, Edible Landscapes, and Golf instructor who attended Arizona State

Jake Mace's net worth is estimated to be in
the range of $1 million to 5 million dollars. From his primary career as a YouTube star,
he has amassed a sizable fortune. Jake was married to a woman called Pamela. Later he divorced her and started dating Nicole. Nicole is an American YouTube channel, “Nicholistic.” Her youtube channel is mainly devoted to fitness
and yoga, and her vlogs also. Nicole was first introduced to yoga through
dance. She started practising yoga and saw the positive
effect it had on her. Later she became a certified yoga guru at
the Yoga School of Scranton. Jake and Nicole are the cutest couples living
together, but as per rumours or gossips, they were not married until recently. Congratulations Newly weds! Later Jake started a channel with his partner
Nicole “Living off-grid with Jake and Nicole”. Nicole herself is also a famous YouTuber who
mainly focuses on fitness and yoga. Both Jake and Nicole live 30-foot Pacific
Yurt located on North Vancouver Island.

This Yurt is their full-time home. The idea of living full time in this Yurt
first popped in Jakes’s head as he travelled throughout China and Mongolia when he was
21 years old. While in the grasslands of Mongolia, he stayed
in a traditional Mongolian Yurt. It was a fantastic experience for him. He remembered it and loved the design and
the warmth he felt and comfort that the Yurt gave him while he was wrapped in wool blankets
safe inside that Mongolian Yurt. Jakes better half Nicole loved the idea of
living off-grid in a yurt as soon as she heard about his view of living in a yurt, as their
vibes match like soulmates. Nicole and jakes whole life and their lifestyles
are very much about adventure and living in the moment. Living off-grid has been a fun and challenging
adventure for them. Yurt can only be accessed by boat; all their
supplies can only be brought by boat. They also had to cut their way into the land
and clear the spot for Yurt because their property was heavily forested. After removing the space, they built the platform
and assembled the Yurt in about a month despite snow, rain, black flies, and mosquitoes attempting
to stop them.

Once the platform was finished, they waited
for a stretch of sunny weather to happen, which let them put up their Yurt in just three
days. Nicole had a great time putting up the Yurt
because it went by so quickly. It also made them feel accomplished, and they
thought the structure was thoughtfully designed. When they could sleep in their new Yurt, they
felt a sense of accomplishment and pleasure. They are completely enamoured with the Yurt's
appearance. Jake and Nicole’s living room has a very
soothing and geometric feel to it. The ring, dome, and rafters also remind them
of the sun, which emits light beams. They can hear the sounds of nature around
them while remaining mosquito and bug-free in the Yurt. They are also kept warm and cozy by their
new wood stove. Nicole and Jake see a lot of benefits to living
off the grid and in a Yurt. The best use is that they do not have to pay
a mortgage or rent. They are also taken aback by how lovely it
feels to be inside.

pexels photo 7033997

They do feel like they're in the middle of
nature, and they can hear everything that's going on around them. They enjoy it when it rains because the sound
it produces is incredible. To make Yurt sustainable, they use solar energy,
a compost toilet, a wood stove, and composting organic waste. They'd upgraded their solar power system,
converted their diesel van to run on used vegetable oil, and grew all of their food
in their garden and orchard adjacent to the Yurt. They're also milling their wood planks and
building a washroom, bedroom loft, and front porch entryway out of raw logs they found
in the forest. The area around the Yurt is highly fertile
and abundant in forest compost, often known as hummus. Every square meter of our land is covered
in trees that are at least 50 years old.

As a result, they've started cutting away
the overgrown woodland to let more light in and make room for the garden/orchard. They've also built log homes, a yurt loft,
raised vegetable beds, a chicken coop, fencing, and even furniture out of the trees they've
felled. They planned to grow at least 300 fruit trees
and a few dozen raised bed gardens to be completely self-sufficient in food. Jake and Nicole feel that Living off-grid
has an impact on the environment and sustainability. Off-grid life is generally excellent for the
environment, with little negative influence, because off-grid buildings and communities
rely primarily on renewable energy. Hybrid energy systems also give people a sustainable
way of life without relying on and paying for public infrastructure, unreliable in underdeveloped
nations. The usage of diesel generators, which emit
greenhouse gases, batteries, which consume many resources and can be harmful, and pollution
in natural environments from solid waste and wastewater are all isolated environmental
hazards. It's important to emphasise that while the
concerns listed below deal with adverse environmental issues. Jake and Nicole provide their electrical power,
food, housing, and water to become self-sufficient.

Taking a town off the grid requires renewable
energy, on-site water, sustainable agriculture, and vertical farming techniques. Eric Wichman recently created a concept design
for a multi-family community that incorporates these technologies into a self-sufficient
neighbourhood. To expand the community, they use the same
strategy as before to create new areas. An autonomous society decreases its environmental
impact by managing trash and carbon emissions. Living off-grid is not only a YouTube channel
but also a passion or a way of life that some people wants to live, but society makes it
hard for some due to our competitive nature and the world that we live in. The term "off-the-grid" refers to buildings
and lifestyles designed to be self-sufficient and do not rely on one or more public service,
such as not being linked to the an electrical grid, but it can also relate to other services
such as water, gas, sewer systems, and much more.

It can also range in size from single homes
to small towns. Off-the-grid Living allows buildings and individuals
to be self-sufficient, which is beneficial in remote areas where standard utilities are
unavailable and appealing to those who want to reduce their Carbon footprint and living
costs. A typical off-grid structure must provide
energy and potable water and manage food, trash, and wastewater and more! If you made it this far, make sure to smash
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Living Off-Grid with Jake & Nicole has a net worth of approximately 1.6 million dollars. Whereas Nicole, with her channel, earns approximately
40,000 dollars as of October 2021. Remeber these numbers are estimated as no
one knows exactly how much they're worth! Get to know your favourite youtubers lifestyle
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