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there's a new place to get water we're
in Athol and this water is not free but it's not expensive either get this giant
hose right here that's like a car wash but it specifically says it's not a car
wash no commercial use for domestic use only yeah we go was coming out yeah what's that
oh yeah check that out wow this is so nice yeah it's tall
enough fast really fast look at that we're already up to the first bar will
be at 100 gallons here in no time 75 but yeah so a hundred gallons is
right here right there at that bar okay okay 200 gallons 300 gallons 350
there you go will be overflowing but that's alright alright you can see here
we're almost full it's been maybe less than 5 minutes probably there is a
manual shutoff switch here so we'll push it as soon as it overflows like now
manual shutoff manual setup okay there we go look at that we didn't
even waste that much you paid a little extra but it's okay Oh still a little
bit running out of the pipe up here I'm guessing yep gonna shadow the jewels is
Carsten it's only 1:30 in the afternoon and look at her shadow yeah it's like a
sunset shadow but look 1:30 in the afternoon and look how low the Sun is in
the sky we made it back home guys got this transfer pump here we're gonna
give it a try I'll check it out comes with the hose nice it comes with a
bottom sucker thing pump come on out of there pump pump and then rebuild kit for
the pump we'll just leave that in there all right check them out here what do we
got 65 percent all right so go ahead and charge up the batteries with the
generator while we transfer the water ahead and start up the generator here how many hours have we run this
generator since we got it and see our
189 hours total like I don't know six months or so it's not bad not too much
all right let's see if we can get this pump to work huh
I'm gonna need an extension cord oh so there Willie Russell will check and see
how much ice we've got in our tank let's do that see what we got in here see if
we can get this guy to open about 800 gallons Yankees this right here's our
defroster man there's no ice in there oh all right well let's go ahead and put
another 375 gallons in see if we can get this to work here let's see this all
one-handed here hey look at that rubbery all right let's go see if we can
just shut you guys I had a tripod to be a lot easier I don't have one with me
right now all right all right so this thing goes down in the
bottom of the tank and it looks like you just push the rubber thing on the hose
like that that's cool now of course 10 of a kink in the hose right here all right so then Wow and that thing is
wrapped up it's all tied up man it's all tangled up how to undo it loosen it up put that down on the tank and hopefully
the pump will suck water out screaming away let's go see how much water is
coming out of the hose over here huh 30 degrees right now I don't I feel so cold
but I feel cold right now I know because I've been in a warm car for so long
getting this water check it out Oh any bad huh
it's not bad that's a good amount of water come on buddy give us the water four o'clock in the afternoon guys and
it's almost dark already let me show you something else that we're gonna have to
fix tomorrow that I broke today we broke this bad boy right here
I got it strapped up you probably can't see it very well cause it's so dark out
I'm a flashlight right here this little Oh light awesome little flashlight I
know I said that already but it is that actually is carry it everywhere use it
all the time let me show you the thing down here I'll put a link to this light
in the description yeah so anyway we broke this cross support right here and
it broke because well the weld underneath that strap but it wasn't
really welded on there very well so tomorrow I think we're gonna get to
wield that bad boy back on there but we'll do a better job that they did yeah
weld it right there rusty spot yeah so we'll do that below 30
it's like 48 degrees right now transferring that water it's coming
along pretty good safety Sally's over here you know what you guys bust her man
bust her because she's sitting on a gas can I don't think a safety inspector
ought to be sitting on a gas can man and look for her now it's blew away way over
here she didn't even keep a hard hat on Sally
what are you doing man Oh Sally come in safety safety Sally where should you sit
I think we're just gonna put you back where you were right back over here okay Sally it'd be
good keep an eye out on this okay it's your
job don't let us down
I know Sally what are you doing man you got gas and electricity right next to
each other I don't know about her we might have to fire safety salaries
some of you guys were asking about our solar system here well this is it simple
renergie charge controller right here batteries are 100% assessed because
they're being charged by the generator the generator right here this white plug
comes up here she comes across here comes down here and is actually
connected up right back there in the back back there so from the generator it
goes the inverter this is our inverter 24
volt 2000 watt surge to 6000 watt inverter these are these are our
batteries right down here just for golf cart batteries and then from the
inverter then out of the GFI right there that GFI right there that comes out
through here comes down and goes to there's an outlet down there right down
there which brings us right here to this outlet that extension cord then right
over here goes into the Carll space out of the crawl space into the house and
then that is how we get the power into the house through our solar panels right
here real quick whoo my hands are getting today see here stand up on a
little stump don't let safety Sally no okay right there
yes the angle on the panels is totally wrong for winter I know that right it's
perfect for summer bad for winter they're gonna get covered up in snow I
know that I've already cleaned them off once when the snow came not a big deal
right just get up there clean them off but we're gonna put them I'll say where
we're gonna put them everything takes time now
solar panels are gonna go right across here and they're gonna go right down
there we're gonna make like a tee of solar panels right there and then
they'll be able to tilt properly whether I angle for the Sun or summer in winter
but everything takes time guys all right some things get done out of order I know
that's the way it is man right when you're trying to live in the place
you're building hey you know what though we're doing it man we're doing that the
roof right it's only halfway done yeah well that's what it is man my house
we're living it waters don't good oh another comment man I posted on my
community tab but I think some people just didn't get it our American flag
right it has a light on it right there look at that light right there it shines
down on Old Glory all night long it doesn't look that great in the camera
but shines down on Old Glory all night yeah we'll leave it out at night hey sir
what you doing buddy it's dark man cool these guys right here yep Wow
it's awesome huh the drill with um I think I might have a screw but I do know
that in it I don't have it in my pocket I don't know where it is but the screw
guns in here it's in that green bucket
all right here all right we're looking for a t25 right
here here's one yeah
so you can use that but we go together like that shoot out of there Sarah everything's important what what is it yeah that goes on that
that goes in my pocket now I use that one right there push it in all the way make sure it's in
good there you go welcome look at how clean the cool set
is there's really did this looks beautiful
looks beautiful all right let's back out here jab up huh
yeah you can put him back in there yeah the big ones put them back on that
pallet pallette behind the woodshed over bar we're shut this is our tarp they're
behind the woodshed yeah
yeah Oh crazy what do we get Batman Yeah right about 28 about a third of the
waters been transferred already coming along good let's go chickens to assess
doing out here in near dark hours of the evening what you working on setter
cutting firewood in the dark careful your fingers how come you're not using
the new X okay score gotcha oh you're making a little tiny came in
for Mom he does all the killin jumping oh we almost got all the firewood moved
in we just have this stack right here that we're just gonna keep taking off of
and of course all these big ones need to be split up but those are super dry
mostly cedar so they're probably gonna be used just for kindling so we got a
probably a good couple years were at the kindling right there and those big ones
and of course I would why you can't even see that it's too dark in there oh well
guys that's what's going on here on the homestead today if you'd like to see
more about what's going on here there's a video right over there that you'd
probably like to go ahead and check it out otherwise I hope you guys have a
really great day keep smilin and I'll see you right over there in that video
in just a second you

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