P4 Eps 2: Apartment Homesteading “Show me the Money” (Update on Patio Garden)

hi welcome to p4 episode number 2 I'm amber and as always behind the camera is Jason hey guys we have a couple of updates for you we are gonna update you on our seedlings that we got sprouted it should go out in our patio garden but I still got a little bit of a surprise for you of something we found in our soil and the last thing that we want to talk about in this episode today is ideas for apartment home studying so grab look at all this I know it's probably really hard to see but this is actually what we are picking out of our soil last week if you look close which I'm sure it will resume in but they're actually a little like the cool that we picked out of the top of our soil now I did get this this soil at the Menard sorter in my area is schulz hiding soil plus um it did come from Illinois but yeah I lose most of the bag before I even realized that there might be gold in it but actually thinking about panning the rest we have some exciting news this week I was obsessively checking for sprouts this week you can ask Jason it was pretty bad wasn't it babe it was horrible well this is what we got going on today these two back here are sweet pet peppers as you can see we do have a sprout here but we do have a sprout in here it's right here it's really hard to see I am actually not sure what this guy is that came up I'm thinking he might be grass he was the first sprout sprout that came up who knows what he is well just leave them in there until we can figure out what he is and then I have some green pepper or the bell peppers here we definitely have a sprout in here you see that one okay and there's one right here in the middle of another bell pepper this one is my favorite little cup here because there's a lot of stuff going on as you can see there's one sprout here but can you zoom in here there's a little tiny guy right behind him did you get him okay okay and then move in just a little bit further on there's actually two more sprouts oh this guy wait so we're definitely getting some bell peppers coming on here's the guy has the leaves on and then there's one just coming up so that really is our sprouts for what we planted actually on 3/11 but last week Jason actually reused one of our our containers and we planted one of those Miracle Gro grow bowls this one is actually the spinach I was really actually surprised how quickly this guy came up can you see our little spinach sprout right there in the middle okay let him back down here so as you can see these sprouted in our container that we have are just is just really big enough for seedlings and starting seeds so we did get a new container I'm not sure could you back up a little bit sure big big containers on the bottom we'll be adding the grow lights in the aluminum foil on the this guy back down here this is where we're going to transport or transplant all of our plants that we're going to be waiting to put out in our patty growing herbs indoors harvesting and storing herbs oh hello there I thought I was just reading through my favorite present I got in 2013 Jason picked this up for me at the Goodwill store it is the Reader's Digest back to basics how to learn and enjoy traditional American skills this book is filled with everything you can think of that as deeded on the traditional American homestead training for better trees how to get maple syrup there is even canning recipes and here how to start a garden everything you can think of when I got this book I was so excited and I leapt through it and read everything that I could think of in here and then I realized I don't have a property at land there are a lot of things in here that I can still do without only owning a home for example last year Jason's parents actually gave us a bushel of apples that they had extra in their house so we decided that we were going to understand some of those apples he didn't end up making some jars of apple sauce which we all loved made some apple butter and the third thing we made out of that bushel of apples was a caramel apple jam that's not here because we accidentally ate it all that was that good but since we don't have our garden or property of land that we can grow all the food that we would ever want or have you know apple trees or any other kind of trees we do kind of pick up scavenging or looking for food unless year when we're at our favorite fishing hole we actually came across the sumac plants now I didn't know anything about the sumac plan and let me tell you a funny story that happens I was looking over at this plant while I was casting my my reel out and it was just so funny I had to touch it so I walked over to it headed the little kitty that was on the stem because it was Fuzzy's decided Oh since I touched it I probably should look to see what plants I touched and found it on my smartphone it says to Mac I was in a panic we rushed home I was pouring alcohol everything you could think of on my fingers just to get that poison off and then I did further research to realize hey there are two different kinds of sumac they eaten that poison that cement which is what I touched the poisonous to man so last year we actually enjoyed to mint tea I'm not sure if anybody has tried that I can probably provide you the recipe if you want it and we also made some sumac jelly it is wonderful it's kind of a tart citrus flavor but I would highly recommend this if you average you come across sumac and the last thing that we ended up canning last year I don't know if you can scroll in on this that's right wild grape concentrates I found these too late in the season that we weren't able to actually harvest enough so we did have some wild grape juice last year and I was only able to can this much of the concentrate to me juice up for the rest of the year this year though I am going to make sure since I have my little spot all picked out that we do get enough that we can make our own grape jelly for 2014 so what are you doing for your apartment homestead

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