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all available home study ways and vales quayle today we are going to be doing a video on how to pickle quail eggs we're going to be using my family's favorite pickle in season which is a bread and butter pickle season we're going to put the quail eggs into the pan of just regular room-temperature water and then we're going to turn on the boil now as the water is warming up and getting a boil you should constantly stir the eggs this helps making sure that the yolk stays in the middle of the eggs and all the white stays evenly around as you stir the eggs continue to stir until the eggs come to a boil eggs came to a full boil so what I'm going to do is I'm going to shut the heat off put the lid on and let those set for 10 minutes our exit scent and hot water for 10 minutes and now we want to train them when you drain them over to sink and the big thing what we want to do now is we want to cool them off as quick as possible and what that does is shrink the eggs inside the egg shell and it makes a lot easier to peel later you want to use cold water as you can get and this rinse them down until they're really cold you can ice them down if you want to that helps or just continue to run cold water and fill them for their cool down my water comes out really cold so it won't take long at all for them cool down once the eggs are done boiled and they set for 10 minutes you rinse them off to cool them off so that they're back at room temperature and then we place them in a bowl and then we add distilled white vinegar covering the eggs completely let them sit overnight 24 hour period once the eggs have set we did these yesterday so now that these have set for 24 hours when you pull them out of the vinegar the shell is completely soft it's it's really soft it's no longer hard and then once you pinch that top that shell just comes off with that membrane and it just peels right off super super easy no problem whatsoever just keep peeling it it's remarkable how easy this is to peel these eggs and how nice that they come out this way after they sit in that vinegar for 24 hours if you have long fair nails it does help quite a bit but the eggs do come out very very nice very easy to peel and you've got a nice egg have to do is we put our eggs in all the the quart jars I'm going to put 50 quail eggs in each quart jar I had 150 eggs that we peeled and the package of our bread and butter pickle seasoning which you can buy at any any store that sells canning products they like this this kind of a of a host of different ones dill or many other ones we just happen to like bread butter pickles the best with the quail eggs but this would do six jars so we're doing this we're going to a half a batch number report half of it into the pan and then we're going to add just happens the head that you would add seven cups of sugar but we're going to add three and a half because I guess that we're doing half of a batch and then the last ingredient is the distilled vinegar which it says six cups so we're going to have three cups I know that we have all that mixture together we're going to stir stir that over to stove and bring that to a boil we had cooled down the bread and butter pickle eat we're ready to put it into the jars now if you do not want bread and pickling you do everything the same and if you look at the comments we're going to paste a post some additional recipes for pickled quail eggs so our eggs have been clean they're cool they're in the jars are our spice is already and it's cooled down and it's ready to be put into the jar so we're going to and we're going to fill the jars up so they cover the eggs completely a little more natchy good now we'll put a lid on that and we'll let it set in the refrigerator for a week before we eat you know now our family doesn't have any trouble eat them right away so they're gonna they're not going to last my refrigerator long but if yours are going to be in your refrigerator for a long time before you open them that might be a good idea to do a hot water bath or you just put them in boiling water for 10 minutes set them up and you'll hear two lids pop and I would just guarantee that sealing of them like I said for us we don't stay around for very long but if yours are going to stay in a refrigerator for you're not going to open them for a month or two go ahead and do the hot water bath but if you're going to eat them fairly quick and start even after a week don't even waste your time with that just seal the jars and put them in your refrigerator let them sit for a week and that's how we pick our quail eggs thanks

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