Raising Pigs | What Happened the 1st Two Years

this is my entire featured length film 
permaculture pigs it's our first two-year   adventure with pigs from piglet to the plate but 
also putting those pigs to work in the garden in   the forest also demonstrating what if you don't 
have much space we raised two pigs all the way   to harvest in 120 square foot under a carport 
you're going to enjoy it if you go away from this   feeling like oh i want to do this i can well guess 
what you can i've got now a i have now released   permaculture pigs the course into abundance plus 
so you want to check that out at abundanceplus.com   or link down in the description how does it 
make you feel to be getting pigs on the farm   little pig what are you gonna do when 
we get our pigs ride them you're gonna   first thing we had to do is get ready locate feed 
pans will you go get our feed pan jonah all right   go wash it out please with that scrub brush 
thank you buddy here's another one we might   do our automatic water i have no idea how to 
water pig i don't know they're probably too   short to get out of that yellow bucket or pink 
bucket we take this too just in case we use that   the owners will know what we do for 
water thank you joanna those look good   okay guys i think we're ready we have feed pans 
potential waterers we have our soaked feed we have   our stall ready they're coming the people are 
going to deliver them i'm going to dump it out   in the middle and everybody can spread it evenly 
the pigs are here in a minivan that's a good sign   if they came in a minivan they're carrying 
two pigs in a minivan that probably means   we're gonna be it's gonna be easy to put them in 
the stall hi hey janae justin nice to meet you   nice to meet you that's what they do when they 
get stressed out just go to sleep pretty much they   slept most of the way yeah they seem like they're 
pretty laid back um until you try to catch them you like to pet there they come so they're used to they're used to kids if we stand over here maybe they'll come 
out you could tip it up jonah if you want   slowly though there they go there they are you guys are going to till this up stir 
it up for us aren't you soaked feed okay you got some feed okay i've got some 
feed mama's got the water oh good did they   eat it okay go it helps you find your rice 
knife you kind of want to squeeze in there   okay well they're eating right by the 
door for one oh because they brought them ready after getting them in i feel like 
so relaxed they're so laid-back look look i can i can pet them they said 
forget the grass oh they'll they'll   chow down on they'll probably 
eat all we would give them   and these guys are so chill they're so small grab 
the water and pour it i lily they let you pet them   they're a lot calmer than the sheep it takes 
a while to get them to be able to do this okay   they love that they're going about to eat 
all that grain then we got them some grass   we got him some apple cider vinegar 
and some water i want to pick a pig   okay do you want to come on she'll 
help you come here pet them there you i believe we could catch them and carry them 
if we absolutely had to so this is totally   non-intimidating first-time pig experience so 
far very happy about that look behind you guys i love you guys you guys are awesome 
they're turning the feed into jowl bacon   and bacon and sausage and hedges like 
it i like it come by bye put your char   tester on there just make sure it has juice 

Okay watch everybody just be patient no they're gonna just be 
curious and touch that fence that's one train that's one 
way to get the water over here   putting the fence up for the pigs yes we 
we got to see when i'm getting shocked   let me tell you that that one will never 
touch that fence on purpose again you guys   ready you've been trained on your electric fence 
i think so look how lucky we got jonah the post   ended up being right there exactly where we wanted 
that's crazy you're making those go down that's   good that's handy go do that over on the other 
go do it on that one there you go oh look just   i got it down oh he took it off the top of 
the pole yeah boy just said i don't think   you're gonna have a problem getting them 
out they're charging the gate right now oh they found them a friend they found they 
missed somehow missed the avocado last night   all right decide get their attention   hey don't scare him jonah don't scare him 
put it right there just uh put it right there   wow i thought they'd come right to your feet things were going all good and then the pigs 
got out what pig's out okay quick get some   great oh i already have the jean scraps did 
they come to that okay hold on i'll help you apparently it's dug under the fence there he is 
okay see if you can't follow your bucket okay here get his attention with the food scrap bucket we want to get his attention real good 
before this other one gets out come on oh my gosh you rascals why didn't they pop him this fence is not on the fence wasn't on hey josiah you know the 
fence wasn't on that'll do it bring it in here   what you want to do let's pour about pour about 
half of it in this in this yeah the other ones   over there just listen to me pour about half 
of it okay pour about half of it not all of it okay that's enough uh you 
just poured all of it in there   okay here we go here we go here we go look look 
look get come over come over just high come over well that was easy go get your string 
trimmer let's reinforce this pig there you go look at that tail job though you 
guys don't play we string trim just make sure   this is real hot we lowered the fence you guys 
ready most importantly we're turning it back on   all right so they muck this up 
they've got it they've got it uh   good and tailed smelling like a pig style we 
gotta get them out ready let's move this fence wow that was relatively easy the pigs 
were out we just encompassed them   where they're supposed to be are you happy 
are you happy look how good you did chilling   on to the next job and isn't there just something 
so right about getting animals on fresh grass   aren't you guys just happy as can be roaming 
this grass huh are you happy as can be huh   see over there see over there the bear spot 
see that bare spot kids where the pigs were   that's our mission today plant a garden 
in there y'all ready we're gonna plant   the three sisters that's what you want 
to do corn beans do we have runner beans   yeah mama's got him and squash and so you got 
the plates you've got pitchforks for your wood   yeah so take the take everything 
over there and then and then go that's some hard workers good job guys 
you feel one more barrel one less i need   help on balancing you want to do it go ahead 
tell me you gotta hang on to it you're gonna   balance it no you gotta balance it you got it 
done can you carry the wheelbarrow that full all right well johnny you know we're gonna do   let's go i think traditionally 
you're supposed to create mounds   create i guess just as many mounds as you 
can okay buddy maybe three or four feet apart you having a hard time with that try 
again that's not bad that's not so bad   you got it how about i'll make the mounds 
and you plant them look down here here's   your seeds i'm gonna put i'm gonna build a 
mound so you can put a plate on top of it hey you gonna help me oh good the water is clean very weird that the water is clean right papa it 
is it's weird since they're pigs but they keep   the water clean here we are one of my favorite 
elements on the farm why the pig rich manure till   fast eat anything did i tell you i love you 
oh don't jump don't jump oh he's looking at me   he might take me down you don't like a 
head scratch there you go that's better   come on come on you guys are growing fast what 
nothing's growing nothing's growing over here   give us a time we planted it by seed it's 
got to germinate and grow we'll see we all   have much to lose there oh yes something is 
growing some of your cover crops are sprouting   the pigs are over there this is our crop garden 
chickens you know we're not gonna plant in june   we're taking a little break gonna start planting 
again in july in the greenhouse those plants grow   up then we need to transfer so they've got two 
months i don't know if they're gonna get that   down in two months i'm thinking real hard about 
blending the chickens and the pigs to spend up   that process if i have them on two jobs if 
i don't have to forget i know there's some   difficulties to work out but you know we've got 
to keep the chicken's feet elevated uh i think   these chickens are big enough the pigs are small 
enough that the pigs aren't going to eat them   i think it would be cool it would definitely 
cut our chores down some if we could blend them   today we got to get the pigs out of where they 
are see we are overdue for a move what's that   how's your automatic water working out looks like 
it's working out good you know josiah's trying   to make his chores easier i'm all for that he 
actually asked me to go to tractor supply one day   so he could get some things to make his choice 
easier we haven't built a shelter yet so we're   still dependent on the stall we're gonna need 
to make a lane from the stall out to here   and then another square garden area like 
that so josiah let's use this for our lane   we'll set up another fence right here 
it's hard figuring it out sometimes okay i think i got it this is what we're 
gonna do we're gonna take one of these   extra pig fences we're going to start one 
right here and then we're going to start   one end of it right there and then the other 
end of it right there that leaves an opening we'll drape it around as big as we need to if 
we have some extra we'll loop it back on itself   can we get our posts too okay 
i can get him in the stall well hold on you think that'd be the method to 
do yeah just get them in the store that's not a   terrible idea wait take the food in there 
for them uh-oh oh papa what do i do now don't lay down jonah jonah 
you gotta come get your food   wait don't you want to feed them no not 
yet papa that's how we're going to them no   they're not getting it hey if if you guys lure 
them into the stall with food they can eat hey hey hey if you lure them 
to stall with food they can eat   and then when we get this set up 
they can just come out on their own   okay papa they come to me they know me and they 
okay but i want to feed them they're hungry   it's getting late go get their turkeys and then 
how we're going to get them into the other pad   they'll come out the chute when they want to 
and then go into the other paddock they will here's what we got going on up here basically we 
started with one fence on either side so we did   that fence that ends at the that ends at the stall 
and then it comes all the way out at around as far   as it'll go in that paddock and then we did the 
other fence on the other side of the stall and   came all the way out around they met each other 
they crossed over each other hey i'll climb off   the roof thanks i think i trust getting off this 
roof more than i trust that widowmaker ladder   put the energizer on the lower one you 
got it i'm flipping around okay you got it   you got it ground in yeah flip it around towards 
the sun okay let's go release the hounds peppa   actually we should put this over there because 
the sun's gonna be behind this building real soon   the theory is they're gonna walk down 
this chute and into our new garden area   see look what they've left behind we got 
cover crop we got our three sisters coming up have you all made it out our 
goal is to plant this today they made it out no problem i know because the grass is already wearing 
out they've made a circle right there   i made that pie oh it doesn't take them long and is it and then their daughters 
no maybe they haven't made it out i think they've made it out well they have now so as you can see pigs can really tear up the 
place so we began to discover though and   used our permaculture principles which is 
what turn a problem into solution wait pigs   tear up the place that's good we need some 
tilling done on the gardens could we blend   our pigs with our chickens who are already doing 
the gardening i think we can but we're going   to need a shelter for the pigs they can't live 
in our coop so i kind of just slapped together   an idea for a shelter you know where maybe 
the roof would face the sun and be a place   for them to get out of the sun and the rain and 
eventually maybe even the frost and the snow let's measure this and see if six feet will do 
six feet over here it's heavy i don't want to   be so heavy we can't drag this thing but i want it 
to be adequate yesterday we went to lowe's we got   all our supplies i don't think it's too crazy i 
have this kind of idea for kind of like a lean-to   type shelter that's a very rough draft of what 
we're building that we'll face towards the sun   to give them max protection we're gonna have a six 
foot shade structure let's make seven foot skids i'm excited to get started today 
i'm excited about this kind of work   we're going to put two together 
for one skid one on each side   now let's do our angle cuts whether it's 
working on some sort of shelter or coop or   creating a video or planting something in the 
garden that's just the skids that doesn't look   too big it's gonna be a foot shorter than 
that there's something so satisfactory about   that kind of work and i think i know what it is 
make an angle cut so that it will pull easier when you work with your hands your 
imagination to create build or grow something   you then have something to show for all that 
effort this part is for you buddy we got our   skids now we just got to screw them together can 
i take those glitters off it doesn't maybe sure   let's let's do that on your own free time okay 
he's gonna take the edges down with his dremel at   the beginning of the process you have nothing well 
you do have something you have an idea something   in your head and by the end of it you have 
something that you can touch watch see smell taste   look john i could use a couple more screws right 
there let's get the gap that's what makes this   kind of work so enjoyable there's our skids it's 
going to be a slanted roof gotta figure out where   i want it to start i don't want to put it all the 
way down i want some ventilation coming through go   okay this is very manageable this is 
uh even lighter than the mineral sled what's going on get off of it but we're going to get them used to this 
so then we can move them anywhere we want   and we're not limited to the shed we got you a hangout okay we got you a hangout   time to move the pigs we're moving the pigs 
in with the chickens kind of we'll have an   idea we have a perimeter fence around this 
garden area but the chickens aren't tilling   this fast enough we're going to need to plant 
here in three weeks so they need a little help   we're going to give them a little help with the 
pigs so jonah i'm kind of going to go off your   idea your idea was to run a poultry net through 
the mid through the middle of this and put pigs   on side one side and chickens on the other right 
let's do that but let's take it a step further   and let's put a pig net down the middle yes yes 
i was thinking because that's less heavy duty and   if the chickens won they could maybe get through 
that pig net it would be on their terms and they   could get to the pigs and they could maybe sort 
of get used to each other what do you think and   then maybe one day we can blend them we're gonna 
run our pig netting right through the middle   and we're gonna put the pigs on this side 
because it needs more assistance we've got our   pig net up and jose i had a good idea i was just 
kind of gonna go back and forth i mean the pigment   is 100 feet long not 25 feet long or whatever 
this is so it would just be going back and forth   on itself just i had the idea to go around the 
exterior i like that idea because if you go back   and forth on this the chickens can't get through 
like i said i don't mind i sort of want them   uh to get through if they want they're probably 
they're not it's not like they're gonna be barging   through that's gonna be a pretty good barrier 
i like this combo thing even if they're just   next to each other you only have to use one 
energizer so that frees up an energizer for us   that we could go put on the sheep since they're 
getting further and further away the waters   and the feet will be near each other 
although maybe they're not in the same   pen it'll still be near hey guys you ready 
to move you ready to move huh huh guys i like you i like you a lot you ready 
josiah all right let's move them you   got this post cued up hey y'all hungry that's 
the trick you're moving pigs a lot of animals   do it in the morning after they've had that small 
fast they're gonna follow us anywhere come on pigs the easiest they're the easiest animal to move   oh my gosh oh oh can you oh boy pull my line down 
josiah pull the wrong one pull right through keep   keep pulling there you go now you should unravel 
it all right and then just drop it before they   figure out the sensors off and learn to charge an 
electric fence we're going to make a corner right   here okay before we put their corner up quickly 
before they eat all their food let's go get the   shade shade shelter decide let's move this shelter 
real quick we can come get our pig fence later   but we gotta hurry while they're eating 
thank you now we can put up the fence   now that we have the shelter in here we can bring 
our water later let them out you got new neighbors stress-free introduction to pigs right here this is my least favorite stage in the animal 
garden miracle where the pigs and the chickens   have prepped this land but it's like ready 
it's ready to be planted it's bare mother   mother nature does not like to be uh 
uncovered she likes to be covered we're   gonna move you guys fresh green grass 
okay and then we're gonna cover this   with fall cover crops to prepare this for 
next year's garden we're going to remove   all these support posts then we're going to 
open this fence up move the pigs over there this is the risky part here jonah you want to 
get their feed and get them a trough give them   a try here we'll let them through i don't 
think we're gonna have a problem i think   if they get done we'll just lure 
them back in with a bucket lift it up i see that all right while they're eating and pigging out we hurry 
up and move this thing all right time's ticking is there anything in there okay and then we'll move everything out okay 
you're gonna put that down i'll drive over it   if the pigs don't get out first hold on 
you gotta help me with the fence you ready is this start flipping it you're going to tap over with   the other palette you're 
going to put it right here really you found your limit huh in 
here okay i'm fail for you how nice and   like clean they are all that range and 
i'm good it's a new partnership guys   the pigs are all up in it chickens are 
standing by for a new unveiling of food look amazing i just want to give that 
pig a hug he's digging it up the chickens are getting at it he's eating 
something out of there what are you eating   out of there because you're just standing 
by you don't have to do any work anymore   yes i'm looking around and seeing what needs 
to be done they're definitely done in here   there comes a stage when they begin to stop 
fluffing it and they begin to start compacting it   so we're gonna definitely get these guys out 
of here they're overdue remember i hope that   this would just pop and be unrecognizable when 
we came back look at that chard boom boom boom   oh show me where the pig went in the house it was 
raining bad so we decided to put it inside so the   grain wouldn't get drenched oh yeah look it looks 
red do you think this sagging was from the pigs so jonah do you think the pig got 
in here and too much weight and   rip that up oh i saw him walking out of 
here okay we'll see he's pulled there then i came back and the pigs walked out of the 
straw one pig i don't know if the other one was   in there and just got up i think it'll all right 
well let's not put the feed in here anymore even   if it's raining yeah that was not i see where 
you're coming from on that but sorry i didn't   know that was great okay i know um let's fix it 
tomorrow i didn't know either i wouldn't have   thought how does it look like it looks fluffy 
too it looks good man it looks freshly weeded by the end of that first season we got the 
gardening system down this right next door   looked like this two weeks ago so that's going to 
take them two weeks and two weeks we've got this   we're in a minute we're gonna rake this smooth 
pull out any major sod two weeks before that   they were in here they did this area we planted 
this in cover crop put some hay over it look   the cover crop is coming up just below the surface 
there can you see it and before that garden bed   they were in here and look how well the cover 
crop is coming up in here by the way this is   a cold hardy cover crop germinates down to 45 
degrees grows down to 25 degrees and where were   they before this this is where they were we had 
these low tunnels on because this winter we're   protecting them from frost here's a patch that 
was planted in cover crop isn't that beautiful   isn't that beautiful now for the best part 
the surprise what's under these tunnels you know what's under this tunnel unbelievable 
abundance look at these lattices oh my word   how beautiful oh my and it just goes on for like 
ever we're gonna be harvesting salad out of there   all winter long we got bigger 
more traditional fast-growing pigs   compared to the american guinea hogs 
which are a slower more traditional pig   we got these guys and thought our life 
would be easier if we blended them   here we go so far so good guys come on come on and 
then the leading failed it was not working go boy   not good here come here come here and 
thankfully there was lots of people behind them the three pigs were scattering 
pretty crazy and i said oh boy and i was about to go get some net so so we could 
keep them somewhat hopefully corralled but somehow   all those folks put their brains together and 
and just we're able to somehow herd those pigs you get them in here we sort of have a wall this was too risky they're 
not following this bucket open it wide come on come on somebody cut off this 
pass right go around and cut off path   there you go good there you go wait 
we got one almost in oh my gosh   i'm glad we did this with all these 
people because they were not going in   yeah wow you can't hurt pigs let's see how 
they're gonna do with each other i got much bigger that fence is not on but they're 
scared of it look and then   they pretty much ignored the guinea hogs but then 
as they began to kind of approach them i noticed   the guinea hog was standing in 
this ground it was kind of funny they don't care about the 
pigs you're just going right   you're going right for the feed you don't 
carriage here care about trying to clean your that one's the boss sitting 
here he pushed that guinea look look look at this it's like this my house you know 
kept going from there i mean i thought they   would maybe quickly establish who's boss and 
the the guinea hog tried to stand his ground but   these bigger pigs were just able to easily just 
like and get them to give in one male and two   females the male just kept chasing the guinea 
hawk and we thought they'll settle down and   you know we're out there talking like we need 
to get out of here with laurel we need to get   out of here with our people maybe they'll 
settle down well i checked on them every   once in a while and they seem to have been 
settling down maybe a little bit of ruckus that one's got a bone to pick for that one that didn't work so we separated them out 
at the end of season one it was interesting   because we could sort of compare the small slow 
growing traditional breeds to the more fast   industry-style traditional breeds 
and this is what i had discovered can i tell you something else about the guinea 
hogs the american guinea hogs well first of all   they follow food better than the traditional hogs 
there yeah you guys this is going to count because   they're not really following my food hey jo jessie 
can you come leave with the food i'll help her they eat absolutely anything without hesitation 
including weeds three they don't get terribly   big they don't have a ounce of aggression and 
three they didn't hesitate to eat chickens   or any other dead thing that happened to be on 
the farm fish mouse just ate it right up made   super we're super efficient with everything well 
they're probably not gonna eat that lemon peel   but they eat uh watermelon rinds uh banana 
peels broccoli stems things that chickens   maybe would eventually eat before it rots 
kind of not really and the other thing   as much as they'll eat a dead chicken which 
is great because if a chicken dies it's sad   but there's some redemption when that chicken 
when you turn that chicken into bacon but one   day actually the other day during that crazy 
win we had some crazy wind it actually blew up the pig shelter and tilted this up on him 
willie i don't know if we had a kickstand or not a chicken died a chicken got squashed and died and 
then the pigs ate it but yet they don't eat these   guys now i don't know if it's because the american 
guinea hog or their particular nature but they've   lived very well with these chickens i might be 
a little bit nervous with those traditional hogs that's my take on uh guinea hogs   and did i say they would follow you anywhere they 
would follow a bucket they'll follow a bucket   and in jim and rinda's experience they don't 
even need to follow a bucket they will follow   you anywhere i mean i had them like 200 yards 
away they followed me all the way home and i   had no food with me just seeing me was enough 
to get them to come along so they're attached   so going into season two we opted for the faster 
growing bigger pork because we needed to get some   stuff done fast we wanted to grow up fast we just 
wanted that food fast so we went out to tennessee   to already a mentor of mine cliff davis we had 
met him on the great american farm tour he's   doing some amazing things and we went to get 
some piglets from him but we also went there   for some inspiration and advice mainly his pigs 
clearing forest systems here's an example of a   place that that when i first put bought pigs okay 
they cleared this area out and now there's pecans   in there chestnut apples cranberry cherries this 
over here looks more cleared and actually has   productive fruit yup trees that you desire 
and this is what it looked like that's right   they go in there they hit it really hard okay 
and then i go in i can walk like i can't even   walk in there no so then i can walk in there and 
then i start chopping and dropping okay and um   and then making biochar okay yeah taking stuff out 
that might be useful leaving stuff that i want to   keep is that cover crop in there is that native 
grass that's both rye and vetch okay there's   probably some clover in there chick weed so what 
kind of maintenance goes on in here then not much when the grass gets high i put 
up a fence and i bring them in well it's happening our car broke down here 
311 miles tennessee from north carolina   to pick up pigs five pigs five pigs in the back 
of our minivan rebecca thought of this amazing   idea to rent a u-haul and a flat toe trailer so 
the pigs are level seriously this is our rig home   the gauges for them is in the land it's one 
reason why we wanted the trailer dolly so the   van will be sitting flat yeah because you can't 
put pigs in the box trailer there's no ventilation   all right justin how's it feeling it's it's it's 
a bit different than yesterday whoa i know right   we gotta lift them high okay so this comes down 
yep you don't think they'll jump over that board   do you oh my gosh there's no lid that'd be 
interesting you think they might climb out   um we couldn't get the lid on because we 
had to yeah you have it sideways we had to   collapse it to get in here that would be 
crazy if if one got out and we were in   here to know it well then you can just make 
it into a pig house when you get home and there's two things i'm concerned about as 
one is the top and then one of those little   sides that they might fit through that yeah we're 
looking at maybe a pallet i don't know if it's   yeah it's hard that's why i couldn't get the roof 
in there yeah because it just got it's that one   corner it arches it's the top this metal scrap 
here yep what if we put both of those on there   and zip tie you got some zip ties that'll work oh 
yeah you could get you could make it to the yeah   to the board you might even make it to the you're 
actually going to make it to the frame it was like   for this there you go that's crazy how 
perfect those fit now he's worried that   they might get out the side what do you think 
two is too small probably what about this   oh there you go what about that you 
sure you don't need that it's different   around what just almost 
perfect is this crazy or what   dude it couldn't be any better that's crazy 
is that metal wire there you are i see you pig moving so these all four got together yes what this 
one jumped over here when i started get in there oh now they're all together 
all right they'll move five   pigs inside of a minivan on a trailer behind 
a u-haul tree fifteen foot you all tried i went away from that with an amazing inspiration 
to use pigs on our farm to help us create more   pasture see we have mostly forest here but we have 
a lot of ruminant animals and we sure could use   more pasture and because we have a lot of 
forest that just happens to be what pigs like   so i went away with amazing inspiration from cliff 
thank you cliff oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh reclaim   the forest is reclaiming the pasture and we we 
want a partner we want a partner we don't want to   get rid of the forest we want to as joel salatin 
says pasture our forest and forests are pastures   so it's clear some of these trees so grass 
will grow in there be a nice habitat for pigs   nice habitat for cows out in the fall 
out in the pastures we'll plant trees look how crazy dense this is kind 
of hard to see the vision down here   because there's so many trees so let me take you 
to a spot that is closer to where we want to be   we are at the top of the patch look at this 
beautiful view want to be nice to see this   right there pasture but over here forest 
oh or is it is it a pastured forest this   is what i'm talking about guys sure the briars 
are up the pigs are going to help us with that   but look amongst the trees grass look how nice 
doesn't this feel just right this feels amazing you made it you made it you 
want to clean that up or go and do what you just did there on the strips 
i'd say use this to do the strips it's   a lot easier with all those vines oh 
yeah then we can go back okay oh yeah once was not a trail is the trail 
wrapping up today pretty happy   got a perimeter trail established got cross 
lines established yes yes there's a cross line   example that way we can run a cross fence 
through here a cross fence down there and   browse this middle stuff we want to build i've 
got a carport it arrived yesterday that's my   best idea to showcase how you guys with little 
land can keep pigs there's our cattle panels   that's going to be our walls and i'm thinking this 
tin would be our sides and it's holding in mulch   okay we're going to start off with a foot of of 
wood chips right and we're just going to add mulch   wood chips as we go as the pigs age as the pig's 
manure on it and start with a foot hopefully not   get much higher than this by september 10 foot by 
12 two pigs and then just holding this back with   t-posts putting in t-posts every two feet that'd 
be i think that'd be more simpler just do the zip   ties i'm trying to make jason let's make this as 
simple as possible minding your brain together   yeah yeah we can make this i just want other 
people to be able to do this okay or at least   be inspired by this they say oh i have a shed i 
could i could get some tin and some cattle panels   like super cheap or if i don't i could go buy 
a carport basically cattle panels and zip ties   yeah and then this will last for years we're 
turning one garden plot into the compost corner   we're gonna have the pig shed in here and then 
chickens too and chickens will be making compost   and the pigs will be too and this is either 
on site for gardens next year or we can easily   this is uphill notice we can easily wheelbarrow 
our material down to the other gardens   just putting in those screws dude he's gonna 
take all day oh yeah that's that's serious   dude this is going to be firm enough to be 
the corner wall i did good it's not a flimsy swallow than that okay now i gotta swallow a fly to get the net dude this is looking legit yeah this is sturdy while we were setting up the forest system and 
the pig port the picks had to be somewhere so we   let them out of our physical holding into this run 
which ended up proving to be a possible solution   for somebody who has more than 240 square feet 
maybe they have seven 800 square feet this compost   corner system for pigs real quick look at the 
system premier one electric pig net simple easy   to set up in an outdoor run they could come out 
and get the sunshine they have a shed this could   be off of a barn this could be a carport a simple 
50 gallon waterer two feed pans a compost bin   right in the midst of it and this is the key right 
here if you're going to keep pigs in a small area   deep mulch this is wood chips they tend to poop in 
manure look on the wood chips what to do with it   to keep it clean in a small space keep it sanitary 
in here that's where the compost bin comes in it's   four walls to keep them out of it this fills up it 
starts to heat up breaks down the bacteria fries   it anything else that might be in it and then we 
remove the walls and the pigs help us turn notice   how we have the pallet as far as we could get away 
from the fence this ramp just above the fence so   that we can get other materials in here that's one 
system but i wanted to showcase more the pig ports come here and check this out jason back 
for some more jason you're going to be   with my left-hand man today doing some 
things i cannot do you need some help   yes look at this we got the material in bruh okay 
i can see it now you can see it now it doesn't   look nice yeah and i noticed yesterday hey dude we 
were able to haul material in with the tractor too   right through there and you didn't have 
to take this down no okay i didn't take it   down the tractor bucket could fit right through 
there we put a layer of logs and then we put a   layer probably about three cubic yards of 
compost that was already hot and then maybe   about a half a yard of wood chips on top don't 
you see it now i see it doesn't this look like   a nice habitat yeah it does for a couple of 
pigs now it's time to move the pigs don't drive   them into the pigs okay you want me to hold 
this okay okay that's what are you gonna try oh good yeah you're a man's man aren't you did you just go over there grab that pigs 
by the back legs was that easy yeah if you   can do it we can do it huh yeah i think we can 
do it we all we always figure out a way though   this sheep fence is a little 
well it is big overkill for pigs   unfortunately you have to electrify every 
single strand so it's going to take more power   the reason we're doing this 
though is look our house is there   the forest here protected from the coyotes 
and sasquatches y'all the forest project   begins maybe maybe this is smoking hot 
personally i think it needs to be maxed out moment of truth oh 6k it's just a clear spot for it right 
there i think they're gonna be happy up   under that pine tree probably we're 
gonna spend their time but we're just   gonna give them this just in case are 
you pulling that through i'll guide you all right fellas take one of those pants and 
let's lure the pigs into the stall i think   they're always hungry for skim like that was 
easy i just don't know if i could lead them   across the entire farm we got our barrel out 
here next to our water source can we get a hose   gonna fill it up got to get over the 
nipple order and then a little bit more   enough for a day which should be 
about right there and hopefully we can   shimmy that off to the end and it is 
here they're going to fill that water   up we're gonna check and see if i don't 
think the dog crate's gonna fit in that   what do you think jason i don't 
know i haven't seen the dog   try not to grab him by the hoof 
just above the hoof and lift him up   because should we grab above the knee right 
here no no we were grabbing on the shin okay   right here lifting them up and then and we'll grab 
one side come on okay let's shoot these guys out there he is just commit   there you go grab the other leg good job good job there we go we just lifted him what a month 
ago not even okay three weeks   yeah just one person come over here i 
don't know there's like three four people pig number two is that not a lot 
easier can we let that down yeah   well he's looking at it 
man he's a lot smaller okay   there they are three three pigs i think they'll be   happier together that's just 
a short ride to the forest you guys you guys just got 
so much better there you go thankfully they're trained to the 
electric fence i don't think he's gonna   try it it's not on look he's coming out on his own   shady oh look he's gonna eat the bomba 
gilead please eat the bomba gillian i think he's just seeking shelter good what does he eat something he says i'm done i'm over it it's where 
i'm supposed to be see y'all later that's a good sign jason not too stressed 
to eat one thing about moving those pigs   i'd do different is i probably would 
have just opened up the side of that   in the first place i would have made sure i 
trained the pigs to a bucket i would have got pig   boards uh that i learned about those at joel 
salatin's they're like these pla i got some   now but there are these plastic light boards and 
it's great for hurting pigs so it had a few people   maybe herding them in the back and maybe 
somebody in the front leading them with a dry right bucket a little wet over there a little moist manure 
here so yeah see see our wood chips we'll be   over it that's good we want to cover this with 
our wood chips this is a bit of an experimental   system there are people who have done pigs on 
deep bedding joe salatin namely richard perkins   with great success and so we're trying 
to bring it down to the homestead level   i'm going to try different things 
experiment throughout this the summer   and then at the end teach you 
what worked and what didn't just covering it up with that wood chips 
took maybe five minutes it seems nice like   a nice place to live how you guys doing this 
morning after the wild move yesterday huh   you happy eat all your food i need open 
this please okay why do you need it open you're gonna put the other speed pad we'll have 
two feed pans okay one right there oh there's one   here let's save that one for water you're going 
in i'm not really going in but you can go in if   you like jump over the cool thing about pigs is 
they're clean animals they poop in one side of   the area usually furthest away from their feet 
they're pooping over there we're just gonna   simply cover that up keep the flies off of keep it 
breaking down mixing it with this carbon material i didn't see much animal protein in there 
so i'm gonna give you some okay yeah   so what if you're a healthy conscience family you 
couldn't source quality pork in the grocery store   maybe you could find some at the market maybe 
some non-gmo but then it's terribly expensive   what if you didn't have much room 
like you lived in a neighborhood   well what if you had a carport 12 by 20.

if you put half of it into a pig pen with simple   what'd you say buddy help the picture bite 
me they won't bite you just stay right there   what if you had a and then what if you got 
together some cattle panels tipos to help   support them zip ties to attach tin as a 
retaining wall just what if just what if what if   you you partnered with your local town or power 
company to be a place to drop off wood chips   you could totally what'd you say is that 
the power cup pretty yeah the one on the uh   this one's from the power company this one's 
from our local town uh oftentimes they have   to chip i have the room so i put it there on 
the bank next to the road you could totally   put it under this side that's why i call this 
a 240 square foot farm because this is a total you are full of questions this morning 
aren't you how did you dump that they   dumped it with dump trucks two pigs 200 
pounds of pork out of each of these guys   buy them when they're two months old 
raise them until they're seven months   old keeping them only for five months on 
this deep bedding look he's happy in there   you as you saw they manure over there jonah has 
put the wood chips in thank you very much he is   forging from that mulch good he's probably going 
to find some stuff in it yeah this is good when   they lay down to eat they're burning no calories 
very little cows they're gaining weight all right   that's plenty of food for them today so the first 
thing you want to think about with your let's call   this the let's let's do it let's call this the 
pig port huh get it i see that pigs inside there   inside a carport pig port also kind of speaks to 
its mobility this is not a permanent situation   but think about when you're placing this how 
can the pigs benefit the farm if you've got   more farm and how can the farm benefit the pigs 
well the pigs are right here next to the garden   so we can harvest what we don't use throw it 
in there a carrot no but it looks like a carrot   and then when we're done with this 
it'll break down while they're on it   after they leave and then this is a future garden 
bed and if it's not we just will bear it from here   down slope to our other garden beds i interrupt 
this show hopefully you're having a great time   i won't keep you along here but just one 
just just quick reminder if you guys want   to know how to set up a pig fence what pig 
breed to get how to do this in small spaces   uh if you want to learn the practicals of what 
i'm doing and learning myself in this film   i end up teaching it and of course permaculture 
pigs and we released it we just now dropped it on   abundance plus you can get in on this permaculture 
pigs course and all the other goodies in abundance   plus at abundanceplus.com link in the description 
they're here no disturbance in here hey do we   have any hey look we have some disturbance over 
here in their little shelter hey let's continue   to encourage them to disturb throw it right in 
there josiah they have this this disturbance where   they hid last night yay have you guys come over 
here i think there's a little bit right here under   the pine tree oh yeah look at here looky here this 
is probably nice because it's under that pine tree   okay so we have some disturbance now let's 
direct their disturbance by putting it   putting feed where we want them to work so we put 
their feet in there they're not used to this yet   they've been fed in pants you guys 
have to work a little harder for it these are the happiest pigs on the planet 
right here so later on that second season   like the second the first season was like 
crash course and the second season is like   let's get it down let's get some guides 
let's do this so later in that summer   we got up with one of my longtime 
mentors via books joel salatin   but we lined him up to coach us on pigs a 
covered shelter with deep bedding is better   than a moonscape yard um if that's not rotated 
in a micro scale um uh i'm i'm a big believer   in a shelter with deep bedding is actually better 
than a moonscape dirt yard for example in a in a   homestead situation where maybe you're bringing 
them some garden weeds and you're you know   you're you're just going out and i mean i 
mean if you go out if you go out here with a you know with a with a just any kind of thing 
and you you know you spend a few minutes yeah and   this could be your garden absolutely absolutely 
it could be your garden you put that in there   you know and um and and it it attracts those 
pigs yeah and they you know when people say   oh pigs don't eat grass oh they they eat a lot 
of forage they're they're they love it they're   drawn to it even though they have all they can 
eat grain yes yes because pigs don't watch tv   so so that's the trick don't put a tv out yeah 
don't put a tv out there no flat screen here   um but but yeah the whole the the pic the pigs 
know what they need you know and so they have a   they have a a plenty of instinctual you 
know desire to eat stuff while at joel's i   definitely had to ask about this system the 
pig port because he's part of the original   inspiration of raising pigs in small spaces 
with deep bedding he does that with his pigs   during the winter he raises his piglets that way 
so what does he actually think about this as a   full-time whole time somebody just family of four 
or six not much space something in the backyard   here's what he thought yeah the initial thoughts 
on that for somebody just a family of four yeah   and surprised i think it's i think it's great and 
the the the key is you got to feed it carbon i   mean that that's what that's what again if um uh 
you know what keeps the what keeps the odors uh   correct and keeps the pigs healthy is you got 
to keep feeding the feeding carbon to the system   and let it get deep don't don't worry don't worry 
about don't worry about it getting two or three   feet deep that's not that's not a problem is it 10 
by is it 12 by 10 area enough for two pigs to grow   up to absolutely yeah 12 by 10 120 square feet um 
yeah it it yeah that's enough room because again   remember if they have a good composting bedding 
yeah um they have a lot to do i mean you look at   these little pigs here they're over here they're 
digging i mean there's uh part of the deep bedding   aspect is that they have a lot to do and and pigs 
are easily bored that's why you can put a throw a   ball in there a couple branches that they can you 
know shove around any of that kind of stuff to   to give them something to do and bleed off energy 
while visiting joel he gave me some insight on   the forest system turning forrest into pasture on 
particularly on how to get the teal just right to   get grass to come up and not not bramble so let's 
say you want to turn this into a silver pasture   or you want you want to graze cows in here yeah 
yeah yeah yeah you want to use the pigs right how   would you maybe do it differently i'd leave them 
longer and make them and make the impact harder   so either leave them longer or make the 
paddocks smaller make the paddock smaller   either way yeah either way or more pigs but 
the point is you need more disturbance yeah   you need a little more disturbance so is 
this ideal disturbance for them going behind   encouraging pasture this right here yes yes uh-huh 
absolutely okay so they're in a paddock here it's   gonna be just to review no longer than 12 days 
are you aiming for 12 days or do you give and take   it's going to be 10 uh yeah yeah anywhere anywhere 
from five to twelve if you don't disturb it enough   it tends toward brambles if you disturb it too 
much it tends toward weeds okay so there's a   sweet spot of of what you're trying to do uh to 
create the vegetation that you're looking for   you guys got to see this it's almost as joel 
would say almost a moonscape a lot of rocks   no grass some disturbance this is where 
they've been this is where they're going   but they've been here before they've done this to 
that before this is why this looks like it does   hey are you doing a good job this is one of 
the most beautiful fashions i've ever seen   look at that good job guys we got 
back from joel's and we began to apply   what we learned the very next day this morning for 
the pigs see that ben you know that we had talked   about that it got moldy because it was sitting up 
against the water and that's when our drain was   leaking and we got all this water on the wood but 
this is good i learned that joel salatin's that   in the deep bedding system to to encourage it 
to get warm to combat the all the wood chips   every fourth time they put spent hay in there no 
kidding perfect the pigs eat some of that and this   this breaks down better than wood chips and so 
it it'll knock you it'll get this pile going a   little bit better giant compost pile yeah good 
morning gentlemen all right how are you guys   look at you just getting petted and rubbed 
and not afraid at all but i learned at joel's   it's another thing i don't want to keep you 
don't want to keep the pig in the same area   more than 12 days let me feed these guys 
okay i'm sorry i'm sorry i'll feed you you guys are fine you guys are fun here here 
you go what i was saying is there i can't keep   not supposed to keep a pig in an area longer 
than 12 days without doing deep bedding so   i would have to fill this area up with a foot of 
mulch it's not impossible and i may still do that   um if i'm going to keep them in there or give 
this 80 days rest 80 days rest that's a lot of   little paddocks to set up around this area and 
i'm trying to achieve a 240 square foot farm   for you guys with not much space joel thought this 
10 by 12 area is just plenty enough for these guys   so people we feed them twice a day one 
reason is just to keep them something to do   joel suggested a ball or a limb we got some limbs 
or something we can put in here for them to push   around oh you know it might be good hey listen 
i know it would be good i'm gonna get it next   some of those if there's any 
branches in the burn pile   they would get charcoal off of that i kind of 
miss just being able to walk right up and do   this should i give you guys another one should i 
give you another thing i learned these wood chips   they need to joel said you could cover them up 
with a tarp but it is labor intensive and it does   keep moisture in at the top and i've noticed that 
so it's better to keep wood chips under a shelter   so i'm thinking we're getting rid of this and 
we're going to actually store wood chips jonah   found us plenty of branches to take down to 
them to be occupied what i'm wondering though   hopefully because if we can't 
have a little double bonus   these this is these branches have 
been charred there's some charcoal in   there buddy this will keep them put kelp in 
there we're gonna put the charcoal in there   we're gonna see what they eat and we got 
salt out there we're back and you guys are   i like it when they they get so full they can't 
even sit up to eat just check that burnt board in   there they got they get minerals composting 
bro so that's why this is amazing and safe   because look look where they're poop it's going 
to be 100 degrees dude and so that's eating the   pathogens and breaking that manure down and 
yes warm to the touch out here it's working on the branch i'm telling you joel is just a genius throw a 
branch in there they'll nudge it around they're   nudging it around they're going to get some 
of that charcoal look they're eating that hay   are you happy you're so happy   this is a ridiculously fun system i never knew how 
much fun i thought i would have with the system   i thought it would just be an extra chore but this 
is fun we get to interact with the pigs every day we get to throw you our garden our garden waste 
good girl good girl they're gonna be the happy   campers honey is this a fresh maneuver right 
here ben uh yes that's like this morning no that   was yesterday i wonder if that's fresh enough 
for pigs pigs will eat poop if it's fresh ew i bet that's what everybody else is saying 
in the comments no uh it's like 30 undigested   it's got amino acids in it that they create with 
their amazing digestive system that pigs don't   and it's good for them special treat there for you oh let's see what happens see if it's nudged 
by tomorrow fresh poop ben oh yay fresh poop   pig's over here come on thank you flossie for 
our experiment it's not going to get any fresher   than this 24 hour poop versus a two-minute poop oh shoot he was right they'll eat it fresh holy 
smokes holy smokes are you like a kid in a candy oh my gosh are you serious as for the other 
stuff looks like maybe they've did you eat it too   you won't eat all of it whoa you ate your charcoal   holy smokes and you ate all your salt 
wow i didn't i'm not scripting this   this is just an hour and a half is later look 
they ate that too 24 hour old you ate what   you're gonna get i think look they're eating it 
now so that's the 24 hour old poop that's the   two minute old poop all right you don't know 
how unbelievably i am encouraged by this   we've just 10xed our our situation in there 
and the green material giving them cow manure   uh giving them charcoal that they've already 
eaten man does it smell not at all that's   what i was just thinking i'm like there was 
nobody would even know in the neighborhood   they don't have pigs do you see a crazy 
amount of flies no i don't see any plot yay thank you our bolted swiss chard half of their ration right now 
they're not too crazy about vegetables   they'll eat them but you know 
what they're crazy about curds and probably not too crazy 
about apple cider vinegar but   it's a little bit of maintenance health 
maintenance the one thing the pigs aren't   going to do for us is sure they're clear the way 
they'll open it up for us but we still have to   saw down trees that we don't want and that became 
a big part of our chores throughout that season i'm coming for you this pasture forest we've used 
the pigs to help us under brush now we're gonna   come in and get this brush get these trees get 
these stumps up and pile them in a brush pile this   is going to be mowed today that's the 
goal anyway but first chores how are y'all oh josiah i love that one   okay they've uh they've left some cow manure no 
problem we got some wood shavings right here i   don't wanna i wanna cut i don't it's gonna 
attract the flies so let's keep it covered   now the mix of this carbon and nitrogen will help 
this pile start breaking down a little bit better we got the brush clear really i kind of wish i 
would have just why why did i take the pile up   there i should have just put the pile right here 
so from here on jonah let's put it ahead we're   just going to try to get this section we have 
30 minutes that'll be half of it maybe we'll   get the other half this afternoon or tomorrow i 
think we can get this half we just got to come in   and get these stumps up in every branch 
that we miss that the mower can't get did foreign all right john what do you think wow now 
that's pasture there's no forested pasture here   there's no savable trees but look this is like 
six cow days a year probably right here and i   don't see why the cows won't be in here next time 
yeah i won't be surprised if they are grass will   start coming up instead of this forest this is 
what i'm excited about hope we hit it tomorrow i   was hoping to hit it today maybe tomorrow these 
pigs were in here we use them to strategically   under brush whoa tail look new grass is already 
coming up look at all these grass look at all this   grass grass that was not there before this was 
a forest now we've kept beneficials like locusts   there's a pine there for shade we are turning this 
into we are pasturing our forests in doing that we   create shade yet grass still grows ends up being 
a much better habitat for pretty much any animal see that wild bush that wild bushy area 
yeah that's what this used to look like too   but now after they're out of here you can get 
in here and cut these less desirable so this is   what this looks like we're gonna clear it up even 
more blade trimmer okay you think that'll do good   on some of these yeah okay let's let's get it done 
first let's pull out the brush that's already cut very soon we're going to be walking through 
our very first forested pasture pastured forest oh my word it's like i'm in a sauna literally 
i am soaking wet you see it on my eyebrows holy   smokes we went past our time but we got to we got 
to we got to just mow this so this is your before   and now a forested pasture look josiah you're 
half in the sun half in the shade how does it   feel good this is nice this is so nice right 
in here so much cooler than just right here   does that not look nice yeah what it looks so 
good from this to this partnering with pigs   to make this a better place for all the animals 
to come through in the future how's they like it   oh the cows will love it look at this look at this 
cow fat and happy do you realize where she is guys   you realize where she is this is where we first 
put the pics this was week two-ish week three-ish   that was week one and they came there and now 
here she is you gotta say thanks to those pigs   they brought up this this grass you're 
eating right now wasn't here it was not here it wasn't here and now look how fat you 
are right now you're a fat cow look this   is perfect disturbance fellas guarantee 
grass is gonna go right there good job guys a little apple cider vinegar health maintenance so it rained last night the question is that 
our wood chips under the shed stay dry well   we still have a leak we still like we tried to 
lower this carport so rain would run off better   it's cocked it's still leaking 
why why okay it used to leak there   and it's only on the side it's only on 
the side here which the gutter will help   it's good to get you a taste now you're 
following me anywhere i want to go so easy all right jonah can you 
come hold the camera for a second   how about let's start up the 
corner and work our way that way my little foresters where they were where they're 
gonna be now grass there's actually a seed bank of   grass in the soil that they're going to encourage 
to come up but look at what they did for us jonah   that's incredible we can actually get in there 
now and get at these trees good job piggies   this is what they were done to the whole thing 
okay but it's good that we move them out it's   true we should have made this about half the 
size yeah this is where the pigs were just last   this is what we're clearing today 
okay we we gave them too much space   if you want to see how fast it can 
happen these pigs were in here what jonah   three four days ago do you see that new 
grass yeah okay there you go let's do this so i'll do some cutting over here let me just 
pull some out and then i'll go cut over there all right how much do we get done daniel whoa we 
cleared a lot of that buddy chainsaw got hung up   the chain got too loose okay what do we like 
guys can we get the rest of 15 minutes daniel   we got a tough mudder here i think we can do it pigs did a lot of work we did a lot of work 
but we also made time to have a little fun   with them especially these guys in the pic board 
who could benefit from a little bit of an exercise   you want to see if the pigs want to 
go on a walk becky yeah let's see   if they're crazy hungry i'm going to 
take them on a walk back out there   see if they want some grass on skin 
yeah yeah it's the sun and it's shine is in this scene look outside yourself that creates all okay one thing i should note is we didn't just 
use the pigs we figured out that we could use   cows to help us clear forests first the cows 
they're bigger they also graze what wouldn't   be grazed it would be browse they would also 
browse some of the bigger stuff knock stuff   down clear it a little bit for the pigs then we'd 
bring the pigs in then we humans would come in   it was a beautiful combination today we're 
moving the cows out of where they've been   and we're moving the pigs in where those 
cows have been how'd you guys do huh   you did fabulous wow let's get the cows 
in here they'll eat this uh they'll eat   this poplar for sure poison ivy and poplar 
maybe they'll knock down some of these sticks   for us why are we doing that well ultimately 
we're turning our forests into pastures   and eventually our pastures into forest to make 
it more productive to where we get more food   from this exact same amount of land so let's get 
this unelectrified let's clear we need to run a   pigment let's say down to here i hit it about 
the right side so let's mimic that let's kind   of look for a break an opening oh right through 
here see this jonah right through here okay you guys are just following 
me around what do you want oh brush trimmer jonah that might be more 
peaceful give me my sight i actually wish   they'd leave us alone following us around i could 
string trim it but some of those things most of   those things are good for a string trimmer i could 
cut through it with some some things are thicker   i'm thinking the scythe brush blade would be 
better give me some space give me some space guys get the water over yeah remember we shouldn't move 
into their mud wallow uh you're supposed to do   your water last aren't you well i think because 
it's so hilly the water will run right off okay jonah you're gonna grab the hose you grab the 
hose decide will you grab the lid for it i'm   gonna do josiah's suggestion and get these cows in 
the lane out of our way no hurting they're going   they're saying see you later get the grain out 
of the way guys come on let's go get out of   our way all right that's good they're in the lane 
they'll go all the way back you think get out yes   okay they stopped good let's hurry a 
turry and maybe we'll beat them back   you guys ready for a move this is the pig's 
job so this is where they were before this   is where they were this week you guys did a 
great job you guys did a great job maneuvered   tilled we got to come in behind we're kind 
of getting behind on clearing up behind them   we still got that brush to get up jonah 
they're heading out buddy there you go but look at this where they 
were absolutely amazing   this is a perfect teal job right here perfect the cows then have cleared for you guys 
and you're gonna be even more efficient pigs will eat this carcass raw but i have found 
that they do a little bit better job eat more   of it hence like it more if you cook it how are 
you how are you guys are you ready to be moved have you guys been here i missed you you didn't 
miss me too bad i see it is a romantic idea to   have your animals do the work of the farm 
but it's not easy it's not easy extremely   satisfying and exciting it's not 
easy see the vision though right   after animals after humans look 
how beautiful grass coming in trees   little surprise for you guys somewhat of 
a snack but definitely a wallow oh oh yeah you're loving it getting a wallow for you whoa 
don't shake that on me you're getting used some   too now huh oh yeah poop bath everybody say poop 
jonah went to get some whoppers he forgot to   leave the plumbing stuff behind so i'm kind of 
at a standstill i was looking for him and look you're not where you're supposed to be 
buddy i think that just happened because   he came walking right by here jonah's got 
the feed too so hopeless getting him back in   i'm not too worried about it since there's 
two still in maybe he got out right there   is the fence on it's on is it 
hitting hitting hard you coming back come on back pig is wandering way down to 
that pine tree i feel so hopeless helpless   i feel helpless because i don't have a pig board 
i don't have any feed here you come just stay calm   as cliff davis would say pigs get out just stay 
calm and would you look at that he's coming back we're getting it we probably shouldn't have been 
up here so long without feeding it probably got   excited all right jonah's back we got the feed 
come on come on just hopefully help jonah's kind   of bringing up the rear let's turn off the fence 
over here jonah and then we'll feed the other two   and then we'll lift up the 
fence for him okay these guys that's easy this is probably it right here they've 
knocked these branches on to the fence it's been so fun working with these 
guys as we come near to the end this   has been an absolutely amazing 
setup being that i have acreage   it would have made sense to put just put 
these guys with the forest to help the guys   clear the forest but i want to show everyone 
that even if you have a small space you could   raise pigs 10 by 12 area maneuvering in 
here covered up every day with wood chips   such a great situation then still certainly 
better than store bought well if you want to   do organic it's almost impossible to find so this 
has been a great system and in your situation you   could get rid of your vegetable what's that a 
partner that you get rid of your vegetable waste   if a chicken dies or something like that this 
is a great garbage disposal or nature's greatest   miracle trash into bacon and sausage pigs 
for everyone pigs for everyone can we say   that pigs for everyone this has been a great 
demonstration this year and i hope you enjoyed   watching the process so overall we had a wonderful 
experience in these two years raising pigs   and now i should talk about the more difficult 
part i mean it's exciting because it's harvest   time but it's also difficult because we have 
a few pigs and they are alive and and we've   somewhat become attached to them and guess what 
guys this was going to be the very first time   i'm actually the one pulling the trigger on this 
size of an animal so i was totally nervous but i   made sure i got lots and lots of practice i've 
never shot a pig and i'm gonna have to in about   two weeks so i thought i need i know how to do it 
it's in my head so today i thought i would go out   and just practice i'm not gonna pull the 
trigger i'm it's not the gun's not loaded   um it's on safety i'm just gonna go and act 
like i'm about to do this and see what it's like someone from our fan base actually 
reached out to us they're a nra certified   gun safety instructor he reached out and 
offered us gun training lessons ourselves   and the haulers so two families gonna get gun 
safety lessons and i didn't think that could hurt so isolate them out into to the 
uh the area in which you want them   then i'm going to look at the actual 
individual animal such as the back   this larger pig in the back if you look at his 
eye set versus the other two these other two   have a narrower eye set so i want to shoot him 
a little differently than i would these two here   i'm gonna find that cross point you know 
at the eyes i want the angle to go down and   try to intersect from that that point in the 
brain okay to the bottom of almost the juggle   or the trachea is where i'm aiming in an 
imaginary line of going through like if i   was going to shoot this gyro if i was going to if 
i was going to shoot this pig i would come here   so i'm going to walk over while he's here and he's 
done i'm going to come in right above the eyes wait you just did it i just did 
it bam okay do it again all right   so we're here i'm ready so this kind of this gun 
is unloaded at safeguard this is just mocking   that's where i would be at that angle down 
that's a pretty sharp angle down when i'm   at that angle down i'm gonna shoot right in this 
area okay at about this angle if you look at the   gun i'm not shooting like this i'm shooting 
at an angle but with the way that they are   that's steeper than 45 yeah i'm 
gonna come in do it again on him okay boom you could go to a kneeling position were 
you is this on no okay so you could go into a   milling position to get a little better i like 
that boom that first one seems so steep like   well that was trying to come over if you were over 
here okay if i have him out here where he's there   i like you know i can't now you don't want to you 
don't want to come in here and be shooting this   way i see i'm going into the bed and you're going 
to the net but i want to come in and aim for that   point right there do you see how i was like on 
this pig here yeah do it again like see i'm aiming   for that point there okay all right you tell me 
if i would have killed this pig or knocked him out sideways is not a good idea yeah this 
member you got all the time in the world   boom dumb dead because the problem is well if 
you miss with a bullet and you don't knock them   out or kill them really good they they're going 
to run around and squeal they're going to get   stressed out it's inhumane it can ruin the meat 
all the stresses the amino acids going through   it's just not good good so i had to make sure 
i got it right no that's good then we can see   if i hit him between the eyes i'm gonna get as 
close as i can i'm gonna practice kneeling down okay all right okay so there's one 
i was a little to the left   and this guy wasn't moving a little to the 
right so would i would have knocked him out   there's no chance he's done that's 
what here hit counts hand me them okay so that first season when i successfully shot all 
five with no incident the second season when i   successfully nailed all five pigs i don't know if 
it matters how many i've done each and every time   it's exciting and satisfying that that was 
that pig's worst day of their life they had   a wonderful life wonderful but they'll never 
remember that day they'll never even know it   happen that's completely satisfying and it's 
important that i do it it may sound strange   you know you're attached to them i 
don't want anybody else doing that   we had workshops we had volunteers and friends we 
had staff come in to help nobody else was gonna   dispatch those pigs i felt like that 
responsibility of taking a life if i'm gonna   eat meat i need to feel the weight of what just 
happened okay it's a race to scrape while he's   still warm i think that's our best it's called 
yet what do you think yeah it was a good one a little easier to get off what'd you think about 
that ben this this part that's great that was an   excellent scrape did it in 15 minutes we got 
into a rhythm where we put ben on eviscerating   and we went and harvested the pigs and it was for 
ben's first time eviscerating and he did great   next thing we know you're 
going to be shooting the pigs are you guys saying goodbye this is the last one we did thank you buddy open the door   we're back up here with this pig we're 
gonna scald him friends of this lady and it's a long day look at that market we've done this whole process 
this last one as a family it's family fair it's 6 30.

pexels photo 4917824

We scraped the last one wasn't as 
smooth as that one before last if that went   as smooth as that other one been it would 
be like so much better so this one was like   we could scrape the skin part off but the 
hair stayed it was weird so he's burning now and then with the last one ben said you want to 
do it and i said sure yeah sure mate's like yeah   uh it'd be faster if ben did it because he's 
already got one on your belt i've seen it but   i've never done it myself but i thought i 
got to learn how to do this and you never   really learn until you actually do it i've seen it 
plenty of times well jonas you and i on this one   now listen i've done a sheep i've seen a pig done 
before but i've never done it myself it's easy   thankfully you know it was like the boy scouts you 
know once once a boy scout learns how to set up a   tent once somebody tells him he's got to teach the 
other one how to do it that's what ben was for me   and it felt great because if ben wasn't there 
i'd be cutting into the urinal track i would   have not remembered how difficult it was to get 
the um intestines out of the track and that would   probably took me twice as long as it did without 
ben so thank you ben our last one right here seven wow so we finished just that dark and ben decided 
to stay even further on and help us clean up   after dark just going way beyond what we ever 
imagined and it just felt great it felt great   art came and helped then ben it just it we 
couldn't have done it without them and it was   amazing to work hard feel like we weren't 
going to get it done and then get it done   at a somewhat reasonable time i did get to bed 
like by 10 30 y'all that's not too bad but we did   start at like 5 30.

So it was a huge day but felt 
great to have it done feels so good to have them   in our cooler and ready to go to the butcher 
look inside this cool room i think it's paying   off right now rebecca huh we got a pig in each 
barrel bears on the ground in plastic bags   this cool room's paying off right now no no it's 
made today possible the butcher would be closed   yeah he'd be closed now before i 
end this i will say in comparing   the meat of the traditional guinea hogs really 
fatty to the other more fast-growing leaner hogs   you got to be careful with the fat on those pork 
chops we found out the hard way oh my oh gosh i'm gonna put it out did you turn it off yes yeah you can't you're 
gonna burn oh my gosh it's off yes we had a grill   fire so since then we've learned that you need to 
cut the pork chops cut the extra fat off cut it   into chunks cook it with eggs or something it's 
delicious so now comes the fun part the eating yes it feels so good to raise an animal on your 
own land put that animal to work throughout its   life doing what it wants to do pigs as joel 
would say they don't have tv they want to do   what a pig wants to do they want to go around and 
teal and walk around and puts around and get stuff   done from dawn till dusk and we did that and we've 
eaten it we have food in our freezers for a year and i get to feed myself and my family wonderful 
amazing food pigs pigs they're amazing and now   hope you see that there's different systems pigs 
don't have to smell pigs don't have to tear up the   place or if they do you can put them you can put 
that to work in helping you establish a pasture   in a forest or helping you establish gardens or 
giving it enough rest and it just comes back how   it was even better because it's been fertilized 
so pigs for everyone can you guys say it with me   pigs for everyone and oh and what if you have 
a small space how about the pig board guys   240 square feet they're living in one half your 
wood chips are living in the other now if you   guys are inspired and excited to do this yourself 
hopefully you've learned something in this movie   hopefully you've laughed hopefully you have 
been inspired hopefully that's the takeaway   that you would be inspired to grow pigs yourself 
just start with two pigs start with getting   feeders buying pigs that are two months old 
the livestock conservancy is a great source   for pigs just get going premiere one makes 
amazing fences for this premiere one also makes   feed pans for uh your water i mean you can get 
the water the 55 gallon water barrel or just   pans guys we started off with water in pants 
and feed in pans it's so easy now i'm going   to help you if you want to take this further 
i'm going to help you this is the documentary   what you saw i've got a course which is more 
straight to the point how to you know 10 things   pigs can do for you how to get started with pigs 
just like a 12 minute 15 minute crash course   telling you exactly how to get started and we go 
through the gamut of our experience it's an entire   course many different levels i encourage you to 
check that out i'll leave info for that down below   goodbye love you guys hope you enjoyed it 
thanks for everyone i hope you enjoyed that film   thank you you're still here that means you're 
serious that means you want pigs for everyone   if you want to learn if you want to get 
more info and find out how to actually   do these processes step by step please check 
again check out abundanceplus.com we just   dropped our permaculture pigs course so that you 
too can raise piglets from hatching to the plate

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