Searching For Our New Russian Farm. Finding land for homesteading in beautiful Russian nature.

Hey guys! Welcome back to the Russia Guy channel. Today is going to be Part 2 of our trip to
Altai, but before we get started I just want to answer a question that some of you guys
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below, and with that out of the way, let's get started! So we had a lovely Banya last night and we
got all squeaky clean, and after a Banya you sleep like a rock, just really solid . Because
you sweat and it just takes all the energy out of you. It's great, and now it's the next morning.

We are going to head out to the shop to get
some products for the day and after that we are going to head out to my dad's friend's
farm, and have a look there. So come along. Hey Guys. So we got the products from the store now. And now we have met up with my Dad's friend. We are in his Patriot here, and we are heading
out to his farm. We just stopped at a little store to buy some
stuff. As you can see, we are heading into some beautiful
mountains. We are in a little Russian village, and you
can see that over here we have some fruit trees and houses, a typical Russian village. And here's the little store that we stopped

This is not a Russian city, but a Russian
village, which has a very different culture. So we are just driving up to his property
now. We just stopped on the way, taking this back
track up to his place. And it's just a beautiful view. There are big cliffs here, trees, this lovely
valley, a really stunning view. Here we are, we are at the farm now. They are building a little place for him to
stay. They have got a little place for some of the
workers here. A couple of horses, tractors, a corral over
there. They have got some goats under the trailer
over there. Over here we have some pigs. Right at the moment we are going for a walk. We are going to just check out a little bit
more of the farm, and see what's here.

We just had a shower of rain come through,
a little downpour. That was quite interesting, but now the sun's
out again. It's really nice being out in nature again. Experiencing it rather than being in the city. We found the cows. The area we have been walking through is the
place where they have been in before. As you can see it's been eaten and trampled
down. They have trampled a lot of the grass into
the soil. That's good carbon for the soil. And over here the cows are in the new pasture. They are all enjoying themselves. They have got new calves at foot. And they are feeding well. It's really good to be on a farm again with
livestock. It's been a long time since I've been on a
farm. It's great to be out in nature. So we had a great time at our friend's farm. Now it's a new day and we had originally intended
to go to Novosibirsk on this day, but we decided that we would stick around and do some exploring.

It's a really good thing because we found
some really nice beautiful spots. So here we are, we are driving along the road
and there is a herd of cows just walking along the road. This is so very typical of Altai. You will just be going along and "whoop",
there's a herd! They just part and let you through, it's completely
normal for them.

So we were just driving down a road, and we
saw this little spring here. The farmer friend, that my Dad knows, told
us that these are natural springs that flow and they are really healthy and full of minerals. We decided that we are going to fill up some
water bottles. They are a really nice setup . They have an
opening where you can fill up here. The reason I am not filling the bottles from
here, is because it is enclosed and the little bits on top cannot float away. So I am actually going to fill it up on the
outside here. It's a really beautiful building here. Very quaint. Here we go! Oh look, it even says, "Siberski" ! Beautiful
and Fresh. We just heard this river, across the road
from the spring. The road goes along here and the spring is
back there. We heard this river flowing, so we thought
that we would check it out. It's a beautiful river here. All this water is fresh and comes straight
from the Altai Mountains.

Over there, we have another little river flowing
in. There is so much fresh water here. For us, as Australians, it is amazing. In Australia we have so little water and,
of the water we do have, even less of it is fresh. We had a creek on our property in Australia,
and that water wasn't salty but it was brackish. So, through the Summer months, it was too
salty for people to drink. And all this fresh water flowing is really
amazing for us. And these mountains behind. It's just truly a beautiful place. Here we go. Bearly Russian in his natural habitat.

Bearly Russian who is really disappointed
about people who litter. People who litter, to me, is one of the ultimate
signs of selfishness. That you don't care about anyone else and
you are quite happy to throw your rubbish on the ground, and spoil it for the next people
who come along. If you like to enjoy the outdoors, make sure
you take your rubbish with you. It's so simple. You went to all the effort to go to get your
gear, just take the rubbish out with you. Other than that, it's just beautiful! So we are heading back to the car now. There is a small little river that we had
to jump across to get here. I cleared it last time, but I landed right
in a muddy section right on the other side. So, I am going to see if I can stay clean
this time. Let's see. Here it is. I will just go down here.

pexels photo 4917824

So, there's a little stream there. Maybe over here. It looks a bit higher on the edges. Here we are. Much better! This is a pretty decent road for Russia in
Altai. There are a few potholes in it but it's a
pretty solid road. So when it gets wet, it's not all slippery. Here we go! Made it! Don't tell me, it was a spring! It was a spring. Ok. So there's another spring right here. I jumped over there, got muddy feet, and jumped
back over. It turns out , it was just a spring! Oh man. We are going to head back to the car now and
maybe drive a little bit further up. I don't know exactly how far we are going
on this road. Not to much further. Don't mean to bother you on your sunbaking
spree here. I'll stop. Take a video of the bus stop. Waiting for the bus! Hello! Which bus are you taking? So, we just got some "Shashleek" and some
bread at a local store here. "Shashleek" is like a kebab in English. You cook it on a stick over coals.

And we just found a nice little spot next
to the river. I forgot what it was called, "What's the river
called?". The "Katun" . The "Katun River". This one runs right through "Gorno-Altai". And this is a very touristy area. The family want to eat. Up in this section, a lot of people do horse
rides into the mountains. Quad rides on motorbikes. And you can also do white water rafting a
bit further up river.

So, it's a very interesting area. Now, we are going to have lunch. We just finished up our nice lunch. We found that they gave us a little bit of
salad and sauce on the side, which is a nice little extra that we didn't know we had . And I have to help my sister out. Oop! She's got a hand! I feel very lazy. Bearly Russian to the rescue! So, we are back at Belokurikha. This is a little section just outside of Belokurikha. There's a big road coming up the valley here. They are building a new ski resort up the
top. We came here two years ago, and they hadn't
started building yet.

They had a little cafe , but that was all. But, yes, we thought that we would come up
here and show you guys this part of Russia. When you are driving up this road, it almost
feels like you are in Europe or America. The Road is great, there are no problems with
the road. As you can see, they have a nice carpark. We have a nice lookout platform here. And, if you can see down there, hang on I
will just show you.

They have got a big sign saying "Altaiski
Krai" . And that sign lights up at night. So, up this valley to the ridge, there is
going to be a ski resort up there, and you will ski down the hill. A big new tourism area and Russia is really
pushing this area for tourism , for people to come and bring money into Russia. It's really trying to make it a really nice
and pleasant place for people to come to.

We thought we would just take you up here
and show you this area. It's one of the newer parts of this side of
Russia, past the Urals. It's on the newer sections. It looks really good. So, another thing that my mum and sister just
pointed out. Down here, a lot of people have started building
rock canns. So as you can see, all the way through here. People have started. They build one and people thought it was a
good idea. It's become a bit of a tradition here by the
looks of it. I don't know if you can hear or see, but right
down the middle of this valley, there's a little stream flowing down. It sounds very nice. We are a bit further up the hill now and they
have set up some monuments here. We have got a Route 66 fuel bowser here and
they have got a big axe and it's got "Harley Davidson" written on it, and "Love to Ride".

I think they have put that up here to promote
motorcyclists to come here. This road would be absolutely excellent for
motorcyclists. It's full of turns and hairpin turns. So, if you do ride a motorcycle and you want
to come to Russia, be sure to stop by here. So, that's all for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to "Like" the video and comment
down below. It really helps me out. Subscribe also, if you want to see more content
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