Sheathing – Roofing and MORE BREAK DOWNS

we're gonna go ahead and cut up oh man there's 
a nail in it good morning guys welcome back to   our off-grid homestead here in north idaho today 
we're gonna be finishing sheathing this right here   the metal for the roof is ordered we're waiting 
for it to be delivered here to the house in the   meantime we're going to finish sheathing in 
this part right here that connects the house   to the garage if you're new here we are 
building a debt-free off-grid homestead   from scratch here in north idaho we started 
off living in tents right over here and then   we built phase one was this little cabin 
right here 24 by 40. phase two we built   the garage with an apartment above that and 
phase three now we are tying the two together   obviously we still have a long ways to 
go guys we've got decks and porches and   all kinds of stuff that still has to be done but 
today we want to finish up getting the sheath   this side and that side over there house 
wrapped and ready to go to put the roofing on while seth is finishing up nailing that 
first row up there we're going to go ahead   and measure we want to stagger our seams 
so we're going to go hopefully it's going   to come out to four feet we'll go four 
feet and a quarter inch that'd be good all right first piece is done let's go nail that 
up and then we can measure for the second one hopefully i can reach all the way up 
there oh yeah i think so i just don't   drop nothing on my head i only got one 
someone wants me to keep it okay yeah so the next one needs to be 93 and an eight inches   this is our new house round our new 
idaho sighting how do you keep on going without something to it's believe the wait putting spacers in here so that 
the osb doesn't actually butt   directly up against each other that way when it 
expands it contracts it won't actually buckle so what did i say 27 or 27 and a half let's 
go re-measure yeah 27 and a half by four feet when will i stop it looks great seth thank you we're going to go 
ahead and cut up oh man there's a nail in it be   careful man safety solidly wasn't watching out 
around yeah you put your hand right on there well   i was on my wrist just a little dot it didn't 
actually didn't actually draw blood wow scared   me all right anyway we're going to cut out this 
window now this right here is for like a little   sitting area come in from the garage with your wet 
boots sit right here take them off hang up your   coats and stuff adds a little extra light to the 
end of the hallway here don't you think you need a   tool belt maybe you have one why do you not wear 
a tool belt because i'm not a professional man   about tool belts you guys use a tool bow don't 
use a tool belt are you like me and you always   just leave them laying around everywhere and you 
got to go hunt them down and waste a ton of time   are you more organized and more professional 
than i am let me know down in the comments below sure i need a battery toolbar i just learned that a couple weeks 
ago someone in the comments told   me that's what sawdust is all 
right wasted man glitter here all right housewrap time huh yeah okay 
let's do it all right got our stapler here   staple up the house wrap and 
then man our siding's done we forgot to cut out the vents on the osb 
so we had to pull up the house wrap got   to go down drill the holes and then 
we'll cut them out from the outside oh is we're making good progress on this side so far 
was a lot easier because it's not so high and   we don't have to put so many sheets up here but 
we did have to put a small one right here this   is about an inch or a half it's about a foot 
long right here so that this the four foot one   would overlap all the way down to the mud 
cell instead of just having the short one   down there be a lot stronger if we put that big 
one going across tying the wall to the mud cell it takes you back transferring the lines that we 
marked down here on the stem wall   to where that hole is can't drill it from 
the inside because there's a floor joist   that's too close to get the drill in 
there so we're just doing it this way   so this is an inch and a half up right here 
and this was what seven inches to the top and seven all right let's see 
how close we get oh sit down i know house wrap we're almost done with this 
side man it's all going to be one color   well mostly one color it got a little green 
and blue in there too all right let's uh   start over here oh yeah it's gonna be like perfect   oh yeah that'll work wow we don't even need 
to cut it nope wow so let me see that stapler this is our bathroom window really big 
nice it was a three by five bathroom window we're done with this side good eh yeah that's 
awesome twin whole side man except for we got   to fix the hula skirt still did you show them the 
hula skirt yeah i don't think so that right there   guys is our hula skirt it's getting frayed more 
and more every day with the wind it looks crazy   so we gotta replace that so guys this is our 
house's hula skirt here we're gonna trim it off   i'm thinking that we trim it off like right about 
here say okay we'll just go over the rest of this   with some new stuff but jules if i trim it off 
right here like this right and then we'll have a   have a long piece right like say six to eight feet 
long yeah would you like wrap it around your waist   and wear it like a hula skirt why would i want 
to do that because it might be cute maybe you   get sponsored by a barricade wrap yeah sure i 
think he's crazy what do you guys think what   do you think seth you want your mom to wear a hula 
skirt maybe we should play tux in a hula skirt put   it on ducks poor puppy yeah that is very cool is 
squirty isn't it gonna embarrass me yeah you spin there you go that's worthy of a sponsorship don't 
you think this is an awkward hula skirt there   you go man you're so embarrassing i know if she 
refused to put it on i was gonna do it myself oh   man i should have not done it okay new plan 
we're just ripping it down what are you doing   up there well i'm pounding in some nails so 
we didn't sink all the way this is like when   we first started building right was this part 
of the house and our skills have gotten a lot   better since then just kind of looking at how we 
did this i mean it's sound but yeah it's not it's   like a little embarrassing we missed some of the 
nails yeah so don't look too carefully like this   seam right here this giant like three-quarter inch 
gap i think it just shows that we've improved yeah   we have improved for sure our skills are getting 
better done that's it nice all right so 53 inches   where are we at heather uh right at the bottom 
of the badges right at the bottom of the badger all right let's go ahead and pick it up and fold   it and then we can run the knife 
down and cut it along that seam when you walked into the room guys when you put two sides together you line 
up the piece perfectly like one solid thing think we're gonna get to use that snow shovel this 
year i hope so well i hope seth gets to use it a   lot last year was kind of a little weak on the 
snow front i mean you know we had we have feet   of snow but we barely used that shovel hopefully 
this year you and seth were so disappointed you   ready to use it this year you're gonna work 
out some good muscles between that and firewood   what do you think man now that looks complete it 
looks like the siding's done on the house finally   look at that hula skirt's gone traditional 
north idaho siding look at that complete man   oh it's so beautiful it's like i got a fresh coat 
of paint this is our firewood for this year it's   all got to go in here but seth went crazy last 
winter and cut all of this kindling and then   when we were putting the logs here or sometime i 
knocked it all over on accident with the tractor   so all of that kindly needs to go somewhere that's 
like i don't know a quarter of a quart of kindling   probably plenty for this whole winter and maybe 
next year was that your plan so you didn't have   to cut any kindling this winter i had nothing 
else to do this winter all right that's it guys   when when kids don't have anything else to do 
they'll do work voluntarily so this kindling has   to come out of here what do you think we ought to 
do with it where should that kindling go in other   words like huh it can't just be in there that's 
got to be full of firewood i don't know some of   your thoughts and comments would be helpful it 
can't all go inside the house there's not enough   room in there really so where should we what 
should we do with that i know you guys got some   cool kindling ideas put them down in the comments 
below please it's our temporary plan until we hear   from you guys a better solution of what to do 
with it in order to move it around easier we're   going to actually try to bundle it up we've got 
this green twine we're going to pile it up here   make bundles about this big of it maybe it'll just 
stay in those bundles because then when it's time   seth you can just come out grab a bundle and bring 
it inside and you know might be the best idea ever   on the youtube for what to do with kenley what to 
do with finland that you have way too much of and   it's falling over in your woodshed you know what's 
cool about this area right you don't have to worry   about black widows well i grew up and you grew up 
and there's so many black widows but here man you   can like go digging through all this you can get 
into the wood pile you don't have to worry about   them there's no black widows around here but 
you know like when you get into a black widow   web they're so strong you can hear it snappy it's 
like little tiny strings other things too we don't   have to worry about here is rattlesnakes that's 
what everybody says i've never seen one up here   and everybody says there's no rattlesnakes in this 
area what do we have to worry about oh wolf packs   bears mountain lions you know just your regular 
run-of-the-mill average oh moose yeah watch out   for moose north american predators and evil 
herbivores how about the two-legged okay yeah   the two-legged cut i don't think so so much 
you know like if we were in spokane maybe   you'd have to worry about the two-legged vermin 
here yeah everybody's nice up here all right think about that probably like 20 you guys got   there selling at a grocery store you're 
rich all right here's our first bundle of   kindling it's like what ten dollars yeah but 
how many days worth you think right there oh   lots of days especially i think our wood's 
gonna be drier this year the rest of our lives got 14 bundles guys how much 
money do you think that is if   you sold all that probably 140 140 probably nice job dance with me beneath the stars we got all this wood right here that's 
super dry we want to get that split as   well before we start cutting on our logs 
so we're just kind of tossing these over   here so seth can be splitting them 
while we're stacking them i know   we're handling it more than once but it 
saves a lot of walking back and forth yeah that's a lot water water everywhere 
and not a drop to drink who says that who   would say that tell me down in the comments 
below do you know no i met you in the sun   saw my plans come undone 
cause i knew you were the one   so big from paris onward me with a 
letter injury got married in the spring and the day i met you i think i met myself i 
don't ever want to be with anyone else we got   the kind of story that the stories 
would tell different than i've ever felt   and i know we've got our whole lives 
no ending this inside darth in all i well there was a big bang and then the engine 
instantly died took out the spark plug check the   compression on it there is no compression at all 
so maybe we blew a valve maybe we blew one of the   piston rings look down in there the piston looks 
fine it goes up and down but there's definitely   something majorly wrong with this engine but my 
question is to you is this is just like a cheap   chinese knockoff engine would you go through the 
trouble of tearing it down and trying to repair   whatever was wrong or would you just replace 
it with another engine i'm gonna take it off   of here right now and uh see what size the shaft 
is and see how much it would cost to just replace   it versus the work that it would take to try to 
actually fix it so it looks like we've got two   bolts right here and then two bolts right down 
there plus four bolts holding the pump on right   here i think the pump is just yeah it's still just 
being held up by the engine the pump here is just   connected to the drive shaft on the engine and 
that's it so we've got a total of eight bolts it   looks like to take off and maybe a couple screws 
all right so for those of you guys that were   wondering what it looks like inside of there this 
guy right here connects inside of this guy right   there maybe you can see it better down here right 
there those two lock together which then allows   the engine to drive the pump and it's easily 
separateable now we just need to get this off   of here measure the size of the shaft and then we 
can match it up to an engine then we'll bolt right   up to it so to get this guy off of here basically 
you just pull it off with your hand like this this   ring right here keeps it from going back too far 
then we've got this keeper right here that slides   into the shaft also slides into here all right so 
those just line up push it on there hits this ring   back here so it can't go back too far and then the 
bolts and this right here that keeps it properly   spaced so that these mate together perfectly super 
simple design works well if the engine worked well   this would work well but as stands check it 
out you can just just freely spin that thing   no problem yeah there's no compression in there 
at all so the tractor's down the wood splitters   down i don't know we're gonna have to leave that 
wood splitter for a while and focus on something   else but let me know what do you think go with the 
honda the gx200 or the predator i'll forget how   many cc's the predator is but anyway the predator 
equivalent to the honda gx200 one of those two is   probably gonna end up being the replacement 
engine for that let me know what you think   down in the comments below look at what we've got 
here man roofina why do we have roofing well we've   got some roofing to do here man we've got this 
roof right here and on the other side as well   that we got to get done we're going to go ahead 
and cut these guys open see what it looks like   they said some were damaged they sent replacements 
let's find out all right there's a little trick   that you can do with these guys to open them you 
don't actually have to cut this normally so let's   give it a try so what you do is you flip it over 
and you grab this tab and you yank it back fast it   did not work all right let's try this one didn't 
work either ah no i guess i'm just totally wrong   we got one yeah all right well two 
out of five i guess that's not bad   all right let's open these guys up and 
see if we can't find the damage one all right so we got four short ones 
which is correct looks like we got   four long ones here and four long 
ones there we only need four but   they said that this was probably the originals 
so the damage up here is probably right here   this right here i don't know but we got some 
extra seating i think scratched ones will   work perfect for a woodshed what do you 
think yeah all right so in here's all of   our trim pieces ridge cap and hopefully the 
drip edge that's what we need to find first it's like gutting the fish oh yeah 
here's a drip edge right here i think   that's messy yeah this right here nice true 
black that's our color all right take one   put it up there and we going to overlap a little 
bit probably need our 10 snips yeah yeah we'll   need some 10 steps so 10 feet 6 inches and our 
space up there's 12 feet we want to overlap it   by six inches so we need uh two feet yeah right 
here 24 inches how difficult is this stuff to   cut not very difficult that looks pretty easy to 
cut huh yeah it's pretty easy we like the small   stuff cutting across the whole panel it's a 
little bit more difficult but we use a saw   we use a saw that's right laid in backwards 
you know now that i've i've done it a few   times not sure that we need to put that blade 
in backwards it sure is loud business though   they're so loud all right so let's go ahead 
and get this guy just find a little trim on   it put it up there then we can start putting 
the roofing on hopefully it's the right length set a piece up there now we got to go up on the 
other side so we can make sure that it's the   right right lane guess just make doubly sure gotta 
cut open the ridge so that they can vent out the   red and then uh and we're gonna start screwing 
these things together got your diaper on again   i'm a diaper we've gotten a lot of use out of that 
yeah got a lot of comments last video about it not   being proper fall attire it's not to catch me if 
i fall this is to prevent a fall not to catch me   if i do fall so that's why we're using a climbing 
harness instead of a fall harness that hooks back   here you get the whole body thing and it's back 
here that's a fall harness like if you fall it'll   catch you but it's really hard to work with one 
of those when it's trapped to your back and you're   trying to hold it to lean on like you would be 
climbing a rock or a wall so we're using this   not as in catch but as an anti-fall i know this 
is not really the right thing but it works fine   all right hey hi wow the sky looks so cool it 
does look cool huh wow all right wispy clouds   behind you big clouds of glory yeah all right so 
we're cutting this guy open here because we're   doing a ridge vent system because there's no 
gable ends on this that can be opened up and i   don't like those like in roof vent systems okay 
how far is it sticking down got about an inch   and a half hang it over half about an inch and 
a half hanging over down here perfect thank you this last panel is too wide so we're going 
to need to measure up there and then cut it   to fit what do you think about 
those beans not good beans   we got we need 33 inches which actually puts 
us right on this little seam right here so   we're going to cut this piece off and it should 
fit good safety sally happy with you i think so   i mean i got i got glasses and earplugs 
in seth not so much thumbs down buddy it cuts nicer when you put the 
blade backwards what is it right   now forward yeah i'm gonna switch it 
around backwards i've seen somebody   said that you're supposed to put the blade in 
backwards but then some people in comments said   you don't need to but we're gonna try it 
because this this really chews it up a lot   when you turn it this way probably not using 
the right tool should be using some of those   power nippers those would be really cool but 
we don't have any and this works pretty good notice it's got this big piece like right here 
this is a lot more jaggedy here than it is up here   where we cut it with the blade backwards she's 
perfect now let's see if she fits perfect with   the p yeah all right let's go try it maybe you 
could hold the jewels and i'll go up and screw   it from the top where were you all the long every 
other one was wrong and i found where i belong   oh the day i met you i think i met myself 
i don't ever want to be with anyone else   we got the kind of story these right here are 
little foam kind of inserts they go underneath   the bottom edge of the roof that way bugs 
can't fly up in these holes up there lives no darling all i wanna do all right so got most 
of them in we got a few more over on this side   let me show you here where that foam goes see that 
foam up in there foam's in there over here this   will get screwed down tight like that and that 
keeps the bugs for being able to get up in there   but the venting goes through those three holes up 
there runs up this rafter bay and then it'll vent   out the top wow look at those cool sun rays coming 
out of there that's cool looking huh anyway let me   put these last three four screws in and then we'll 
go look at it from the road and see what it looks   like all right we got these last ones in here 
let's see what jules thinks about it found an   egg where'd you find that over breath cherry tree 
that's so weird just one egg over there one egg   maybe just fell out a little what a chicken my 
guess is that some critter came and got it and   took it over there oh that could be weird what do 
you think about the roof i think it looks amazing   it is so pretty i'm super happy i go guys that's 
what she looks like now man of course there's no   ridge cap up there there will be and there'll be 
a whole porch all along here with the same color   roof it's going to look awesome jules wants me 
to kill a little creature it's so big it's very   little it's monstrous dude it's so big it's yucky 
got a bug right there he's eating yeah big huh all right say goodbye to the spider 
hold on it's like it's holding still   he wants you to think he's just a stick 
or something wow yuck all right guys   so gross chilly day on the homestead guys but 
we are going to be finishing up the roofing on   this side here this morning hopefully we got 
our drip edge that we're going to be using   and also probably a really cool time lapse 
because the clouds are looking awesome today we got a drip edge here and 
it just goes right on here   of course when you order it you order 
it to the same pitch as your roof cool when nailed down we're using a 
small roofing nails hold all this down   only takes a few we're gonna be 
putting screws through it as well   once we get the roofing on here so this 
is basically just to hold it in place we need a two foot piece here 
for overlapping at the end all right here we go man two foot piece it's 
just what we need we need a hammer all the rest   can stay here so i just made this guy right here 
for the rafter tails never done it before so we   use this cool little bendy tool to bend right here 
down and over and then of course we just cut this   and cut that with these right here let's go see 
if it fits all right i don't know if it's going to   fit or not let's see though oh it doesn't fit it's 
not wide enough but other than it not being wide   enough it fits beautifully it did a good job on it 
the rib is too far over because something was kind   of wonky with the wall so i've got some wider ones 
we'll use those on here it did a beautiful job on   it though so what do i mean by it's not wide 
enough when it's over here flush against this   side it's on the rib here like that see so we're 
gonna have to use the wider ones i probably should   have measured that first oh wow these pieces 
right here we actually had in the garage and   they were for the part that goes over the front of 
the garage over there so we didn't actually ever   put them up so now we're going to steal them from 
that part of the house and use them for the back so here is our first one that we did looks 
just like this but it's too narrow so we have   the second one right here which fits perfectly 
and this is what they look like side by side   from this corner right here 
to the outside edge right here like that that looks good huh it's gonna look 
like that right there put a couple screws   in here screws up that i'm gonna go grab 
the beetle tape all right butyl tape here oh i stuck it on the wrong side i think 
it comes off easy goes on this side can you see who's there right there it's poking out little fuzzy head i don't know 
how many there are but there's for sure one oh   they're so cute more than one 
so our chicken here has got some   chicks she's been the one that's been missing 
off and on they're gonna go ahead and grab   them so we can put them in a warm spot ooh 
there's bunches dude go ahead and grab them you

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