SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE today » 30 Easy tips that work // Part 2

Hey there my friend, welcome back to Simple Happy Zen, It's Vera. I’ve got 30 easy tips for you to help simplify your life. These are all things that I like to do and
they can be very effective. If you ask me, Life is too short to make it complicated,
so let’s make it easier. This video is part 2, where I share the second
half of my 30 tips to simplify your life. If you missed part 1, I’ll link it here
and in the description, so you can check it out after this one.

Let’s begin. The first tip you can start doing today and
will immediately have a huge impact, is to simplify your mornings. And there are lots of things we can do to
create a more relaxed morning routine for ourself. You can lay out your outfit the night before, so you know exactly what you're going to wear, you can already pack your bag the night before. I also like to make my breakfast the night
before, like overnight oats or chia pudding. And you can even make your lunch as well. This way, you can enjoy your relaxed mornings,
take time to enjoy breakfast and make everything so much simpler. Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep a night. And the best thing you can do to be energized during the
day is to have a sleep schedule. And this means, going to bed around the same
time each night, and waking up around the same time each morning, even on weekends. Of course, there can be days where you have
to change it up, that’s okay. But if we don’t have some regularity, then it can be very hard on our body and our mind.

So bringing some regularity to our sleep schedule will make it easier for us to be energized and get things done during the day. A lot of people who start their simplifying
journey, start by simplifying and decluttering their home. We’ve talked about this in part 1. And I think that’s a great way to start. But if we also keep bringing new things into our home, it’s not going to make things any simpler. So becoming a concious consumer, we start to really think through the purchases we make, and we are mindful of bringing in things that add value. I talk more
about this in my minimalism and money saving video, you can find it right here. Oh my gosh, those few weeks in my twenties
when I counted my calories were so complicated. If you ask me, food is to be enjoyed and not
to be calculated. It can make us feel guilty about any calories
we consume. If we just try our best to eat healthy, and
enjoy a snack here and there, if you ask me, there's no real need to count calories and go on any rigorous diets.

If you let that go, life instantly gets simpler. Simplifying life is for a large part about
making things less complicated and limiting distractions. And for most people, their phone is their
biggest distraction in life. On average, we spend hours a day on our phone. Imagine if we could cut that time down by
even half, how much time we would get to spend on other things. I talk more about getting a healthy relationship
with your phone in this video here, if you want more info. Complications tend to creep into our life
in small ways. And figuring out what to make for dinner can
be one of such ways. Sometimes, I just don’t really know what
to make, I don’t have any inspiration. And what really helps me then, is to have
a few go-to options for each meal of the day. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. These are things that I always enjoy, so whenever I don’t really know what to make, I just do
one of my go-to meals.

Same with figuring out what to wear. Sometimes, we just don’t know and we spend
time and energy figuring out what to wear and changing our shirt 4 times before going
out. For those days, it really helps to have a
few go-to outfits that you always feel confident in. And of course, minimalism and decluttering
your closet are great ways to help you decide on those go-to outfits.

Number 8, stop using your car for short distances. If it’s possible, of course. If you only have to go a few blocks, it’s so
nice to grab your bike or simply walk there. Getting out in the fresh air, getting your
body moving, is such a great way to clear your head and simplify your day. And you also don’t have to worry about parking. We live in a time where everything can be
done digitally and we sometimes forget that we are people, who are programmed to enjoy
being around other people.

pexels photo 105004

So I find that scheduling time to hang out
with people, instead of just messaging each other for example, can really work wonders. And if you are hanging out with people, leave
your phone in your bag, don’t take it out, just enjoy that quality time and truly connect
with someone. Number 10, when my workspace is clean and
tidy, I find it so much easier to be productive and focus on my tasks. And since we don’t have a separate office
in this apartment, my workspace is my living room. So taking 5-10 minutes before starting your
work to tidy up and organize has a big impact on the rest of the day.

Clutter is distracting and fills up my mind
with noise, so having a clean workspace really helps to simplify my workday. I find cats to be such an inspiration for
simple living. Because when you look at them, they are often
being very mindful and enjoying life. When they just lie there, basking in the sunlight,
I get reminded that this is what life is about. Enjoying each moment, and appreciating the
small things in life. Life is not just about to-do’s, and it can
be easy for me to forget that. So be like a cat, a few moments each day. Stand near your window, feel the sunlight on your
skin, and just enjoy. Goal setting can be great, but it’s easy
to make too many and feel overwhelmed by all your goals. My suggestion is to only have a few, preferably
one for each area of your life. This way you can growing and learning,
without burning the candle at both ends and feeling burnt out. Something I’ve been working on recently
is establishing routines, or workflows, for the recurring tasks in my life.

And making videos for this channel is a great
example. Instead of working crazy hard on them without
a plan, I have now implemented time blocks into my days. When I just work on scripting, or just work
on editing, and creating these routines that are logical and that work well. I find this to be super helpful in getting
things done in a relaxed, and efficient way. Take a deep breathe in, and a deep breathe

Relax your shoulders down and voila. Instant simplification. Trust me, this really works. Number 15,see if you can try to stop trying
to impress people. Let me explain what I mean, because I see this in a lot
of people, and I also see this in myself sometimes. We tend to think for others, and we want to
optimize their opinion of us. We want people to see us in the best light. So we spend a lot of energy trying to hide our flaws,
be it personal or physical flaws, because we don’t want people to see them.

When we let go if this, you won’t believe
the freedom this brings. I am only recently starting to truly see the
benefits that come with it, because this has been a challenge for me. But it has made my life so much easier and
simpler, not having to think about impressing people and how they see me. I’m just me, and that’s what it is. It’s incredibly freeing, and I would recommend
this to everyone. Let me know your favorite simplifying tips
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