Sleek & Modern DIY School Bus Tiny House Conversion – Off Grid Living

hi we're sam audrey and minou persay this 
is the octobus come and have a look inside so welcome to the octobus so this is the 
main cabin here so we uh we kept the original   front of the bus except we added a storage for the 
shoes here every layout is different we had a huge   species that we needed to fill so we put some 
storage here uh so this is a seat from friedman   we had to use those special seat because back 
in where we come from in quebec uh it need to   be installed by a technician to in order to 
be legal so that's our seat it doesn't flip   doesn't do anything it's just the legal one for 
canada so here we've got another custom made by me   so that's the cat litter here so you can enter 
or exit whatever you want and there's the solar   controller at the back we've got more storage 
here for the cat so this is the cat spot here   then uh we move away for the living room so this 
is our couch one of the thing i wanted the most   in the octobus was a normal couch so i can lay 
down it always also doubles as a bed underneath   so when we got people around we can make a bet 
for them so the only thing i would change here   is i would be i would put a bigger table but 
uh for the boat of us it's it's fine i can also   i work from here when i work on the road so 
i can put my computer and stuff on this uh   we've got a projector here on top so we can put 
a screen up here and listen to movies we needed   need to be unite or we need to put the 
curtain down we've got my girlfriend   made some custom curtain that we can just roll 
down they're made with reflective on this side   so it doesn't eat up too much we've got usb 
ports pretty much everywhere we wanted to uh   to be able to charge our device so i've got one 
here hanging out i've got another one in the wall   so the table we made it from uh the countertop 
from the kitchen that we didn't use all of it   we bought that from ikea it was two huge 
countertop that we just cut down to the   whatever we needed uh that was really really cheap 
and uh we love it we love the effect it's a it's i   think a workbench mostly for ikea but we love it 
as a countertop and uh we put some barn wood from   quebec that has been restored and put that all 
over the wall even behind the couch for no reason   so we decided to name the bus at the 
october because sam and his dad made a   home boat and you know because we are scuba divers 
we decided decided to name the boat the octopus   so we decided to name the boss the actor 
bus so this is just like following yeah we   both work in the dive industry for a while 
so it was kind of uh normal it represents   us the diving in the is like that's our thing so 
we decided to uh to move in a bus it was a lot of   a lot of different thing actually that made us 
do that uh we were working in the great north   in canada with the in with communities and we 
were kind of switching to something else so um   when the coveted we were supposed to move to new 
zealand actually she had her nursing license there   so we were all set up to go there and probably 
build a van up in new zealand so when coveted we   said okay we're doing something else 
so might as well stay here uh back   back in canada and uh let's try to build something 
here two years ago we went to new zealand to do a   trip and uh we rent a van a minivan and we really 
really liked uh living in the van so this is   this is what inspired us to yeah to do 
the same thing build the bus yeah so   actually we never seen or even heard about 
a transformed bus before we made it um the   actually the movie uh what was it the expedition 
happiness yeah that was the first like oh okay   that that's possible too so except a van maybe a 
school bus might be a good idea and there's more   space in it too yeah because i wanted a van but 
uh someone wanted something bigger and we are   happy with the schoolie because we brought a lot 
of stuff you know we are scuba diving instructors   and we like to dive so we brought all our gears 
with us uh we also have our our paddle boards   you know a school is bigger than a van and we 
are happy with that choice yeah we couldn't fit   even just the scuba gear inside a van plus the 
living space you needed probably would have been   overwhelmed already so that's why we choose 
a schooling uh we went to uh two different uh   schooly dealer uh in back in canada it's kind of 
about a school bus yeah school bus dealer so um   they told us uh actually one of them told us hey 
maybe in your in your area area there's a school   school bus district there try to ask them what 
what they got for sale and things like that so   we actually went maybe 30 minutes from 
home find a school district that had buses   and uh he said yeah i can sell you one of those 
one of those buses and said okay let's go let's   do it and there were actually a lot in better 
a lot better shape than what the dealership had   all right so here we've got 
our all our instruments and uh   so we've got the water pump the water eater here 
we've got the sea level tank monitor so this   is kind of different of what we find in rv so 
this is displaying in percentage instead of uh   like just one quarter and a half so it's like 
stickers that we stick on the tanks so we've   got the fresh water the grey water we didn't have 
it installed on the black water since we've got a   composting toilet but still we could add it if 
you wanted and we've got the renoji uh inverter   charger that we can turn on and off from this 
but basically all the bus is 12 volts so the only   thing we need the inverter for is like the laptop 
charging or the blender or things like that but   everything else is working on 12v3 here we are in 
the bathroom we have a full-size shower from max   we it was actually the first thing we put in the 
bus because it was too high for the ceiling and   the floor so uh that was the first thing i cut out 
put there then we made the bus around the shower   so um this is it this is the full size so there's 
no water leak whatever inside because it's a   one piece made shower so so on this bathroom 
size we've got the composting toilet the   nature's head uh it's really worth the buck 
actually i didn't want to make one we were at   the end of the build i was kind of tired of doing 
the bus at that point so we bought that we love   it so far the only modification we've made is 
that we took a pvc pipe and put it straight to   the water to the black water tank so we can last 
maybe for two months with the just for the pee   and then i've got some more storage for the toilet 
paper in the wall here we've got a cabinet for   everything we need for the bathroom so we decided 
not to put a sink in the bathroom because we said   the sink is so close from one to another 
we don't need another thing we've got a   collapsible door here we've got a curtain so if 
you want privacy it's got this whole his home   places and we've got a fan on top to remove the 
humidity that's coming straight from the shower   into the to the vent and it does help a 
lot with e2 so we bought it in march and   we finished building it six months later so yeah i 
bought the school bus for my birthday the 13 30th   of march 13th of march and uh so we we quit our 
job and we were working full-time on the bus and   took us a big six months to completed the bus 
uh we had help for the spray painting outside   uh but and my cousin for the kitchen but otherwise 
everything inside we've made it ourself and   we have no experience in whatsoever um so we 
had no experience in building stuff like that   so that's so we're proud of it yeah we're really 
proud of it so uh yeah in the octopus i'm kind   of a geek a little bit so i like my gadget and 
stuff like that so right here on top we've got a   hamburger projector from uh venkyo uh it is 
uh it's it's cheap i think it's 150 bucks   for the projector it's battery powered i've 
got two hours on it and it's usb powered too   so i just plug it in when i we listen to 
more than that uh we can actually uh send   i the our phone straight on it or we can even 
uh from our we've got some portable like hard   drive hard drive with movies and stuff 
from hundreds hundreds thousands of movies   that's maybe not this good thing to see on tft 
but anyway so we could we can just project it   back on the uh on the projector from the r drive 
directly so that's kind of cool too uh we've got   lead strip in the in the bedroom and also in the 
living room here we can control it with bluetooth   so we can choose a color made it fit with 
music and like having a rave party inside here   we've got a cell phone booster we've got a 
wi-fi booster so the cell phone booster i'm not   actually sure it's not a wee boost it's 
something cheap maybe i would go with something   maybe higher end for my work but everything that 
i put down and as far as booster or anything it's   all 12 volts so i had to like cut the power cord 
and fit it to directly to the to the 12 volt panel   but most of the stuff you can buy even if it's 
on a 110 power you have most of the time you've   got a converter that puts it in 12 volts so you 
can bypass that and just put it on the 12 volts   directly so that's what we've done with that the 
power usb power is all 12 volts uh what else the   fridge the lights pretty much everything yeah 
everything we don't need the inverter except for   our charging the laptops and using my blenders 
yeah the blenders so welcome to the october's   kitchen so this is our favorite section of the 
bus because this is where i can hide my stuff   you know because i like it when it's clean so 
we have lots of storage uh for this part we had   help from sam's cousin who owns a kitchen company 
so he's the one who made uh all the cabinets   and it was a bit expensive you know but uh we love 
it so far it is really worth it it's good quality   and also for the countertop we used the same 
material as we did for the table over there   this part was really cheap we got it from 
ikea and i think it was 120 bucks for every   everything so it was really cheap here is 
our garbage bin we love it because it is big   and we also do recycle here we have some more 
storage right here and one of the thing that we   really like about our kitchen is uh we got all 
the equipment from an old old rv crap yard and   we paid 500 for all the equipment so we had the 
fan uh the the stove the oven the heater as well   we also had another fridge and we i think we 
also got the water tanks black things great   things lots of of stuff from this rv and after 
that we sold fridge for one thousand dollars   so we made money so uh we had a dometic fridge it 
was really good but we wanted a 12 volts fridge so   this is why we saw the the other one and we love 
this fridge so far because we have plenty of space   and it works on solar panels so this is where 
i can keep my stencils so it's really big   like i like tupperware so this is 
where i put all my tupperware's   my pot and pans so as you can see you 
can organize pretty much everything   so here we've got um our cups and plates we 
really really like to cook and we we love   our kitchen because it is easy to use and it is 
really big so this is where we put all our spices   so here is the place where we keep our soda stream   and my blender and also my pasta maker 
because we we like to eat fresh pasta you know   this part like this is where i keep all my 
food dry food here like liquors and sodas and   this is a sil granite sink uh we love it because 
it doesn't scratch or anything but one of the   things that i i have noticed is that it is quite 
big so it uses a lot of water when you want   to do the dishes so maybe um if i would do the 
kitchen again maybe i would get a smaller one so   we could save more water underneath this 
is where i keep all my cleaning products   so i have lots lots of space 
underneath so here we have our closet   uh this is where we put all our clothes so we have 
four season clothes in here i don't know if you   see uh we probably brought too many clothes 
but you know we didn't know um here as well   uh this is sam's shelf and this is mine so 
this is where we we put our stuff you know   more storage here again this is where we put 
all the electronics the towels uh you know   makeups girl stuff um here more more storage 
where this is where i keep my laundry products   napkins and medication as well this is the 
thermostat and this is the 12 volts light   right here so the it works as a dimmer as well 
so the we've got four panels of uh 315 watts so   total about around 12 1260 what uh here in arizona 
it's working really well we don't need we can do   whatever we want with the power during the day and 
it's uh we we don't need a generate generator or   anything but back in canada it wasn't enough so we 
had to use the generator quite a lot yeah during   the winter time even uh in british columbia we 
thought we would be able to keep it up a little   bit more but we need the generator back then just 
the eater takes a lot of power so if i would do   it again i would put a diesel either inside 
but back in quebec where we transform the bus   uh there's a lot of rules and specs to respect to 
be able to be converted in a rv and that's one of   the things we wanted to do most is we wanted to 
be an rv and not a a bus type or a registration   of any anything else because the thing when once 
you're converted as a rv you can have insurance   for the value of what you put inside otherwise 
back in quebec if you're not transferred as an rv   you can only ensure the value of the bus so 
ourselves the bus uh it was six thousand thousand   canadian so we would if it got on fire or anything 
we would just have the value of that bus so   it was not possible for us for what we put inside 
it so that's one of the the thing we had to put   in so the diesel eater was not easily accepted by 
the conversion back in quebec so we that's why we   put all the equipment from a whole trailer inside 
so for the income so sam is able to work on the   road which is really great so he has a contract 
he works 20 hours a week or sometimes more and   that's it i am a registered nurse so it's a little 
bit harder for me to work on the road so i'm not   working at the moment but i am planning to 
get my license to work in british columbia   we save money because we like like we said we used 
to work in the great north of canada in the arctic   and when you go there you get um you get more 
money because it's really a hard condition to work   to work there so this is how we we we 
saved money to build the bus all right so   this is the um the bedroom uh so we did we 
didn't want to buy a new mattress so we just put   our king size mattress in the octopus and actually 
it was one of the first thing we we brought into   the bus because it is so big and uh i don't 
think that we can get it off at the moment   here we have more storage so this is 
where i keep my my games you know books um   knitting i also made isolating 
curtains and i put magnet in it so   i just close it like this and it works as a 
blackout as well we also have a projector well   we can move the projector from the the front 
of the bus and we can bring it in the bedroom   this is where i keep my my coats my jackets and 
this is where i keep my dirty clothes right here we also have an ac actually it is a portable unit 
so it works as a ac eater and a humidificator and   we have menu per se yeah that's it here 
we are on the outside of the octopus so   uh this was a normal school bus but they use 
it for like day trip and things like that so   they added storage underneath so that's original 
with the bus uh we use it for our gear we've got   so we're scuba divers so we've got a scoop of 
tanks here more stuff inside this is propane   so here we go we've got all of the the gears and 
for uh water filling and dumping but also the two   we've got two twenty pounds propane tank here so 
that's what we use for the eater the water heater   and also the stovetop on the other side we've got 
the electricity so i've got an inverter charger   from renoji we've got a dc to dc charger 
we've got four six volt battery totaling   840 amps on 12 volts so uh this is the outside 
if you can see here on the on the side of the bus   we removed the bars the reinforcement bars 
so it made about 400 holes that we welded   put it out sanded and then we painted over it 
and added the polycarbonate sheet for the windows   and put a decal over the whole bus so we had 
something that really fits uh what we wanted   and what our lifestyle is so uh yeah we've been 
together for uh eight years eight years now we   met each other and uh actually she was coming to 
scuba dive where i used to work so we kind of met   a client yeah like scuba diving so i was uh living 
actually in a small trailer 21 foot trailer on the   camping at that time so the first time we met yeah 
we were at the at my trailer so uh after that we   she was at the near university i came back to you 
university for a while and then we headed back to   where we met and we lived in that same trailer for 
the whole summer in a 20-foot one 21-foot trailer   and uh 24 hours working together living 
together so we're working in the same shop   uh on the same boat yeah in a small rv 
so yeah we kind of used to getting in   small spaces together even at the start of our 
relationship but still even if it's a kind of   a big bust it's an open spaces uh you still need 
your spaces from time to time so uh i'm probably   uh that's the thing we would like a bigger table a 
big what i don't like is uh well when he's working   he uses all this the space you know like all 
the table you put his chair in the middle of the   of the bus so i cannot move around well um we 
know that it is a big bus but um we still need our   space if i can say it like this when we don't get 
along sometimes i go in the bathroom no no bedroom yeah in the bedroom and i'll stay in the 
kitchen but still it's it's it's pretty easy   you've got a whole space outside that you can 
just go to and you you can do your own things   outside and i can do my own things inside but 
uh yeah i'm working with really well and the   the thing about the bus is wherever we park we 
can be in the middle of the desert we can be   next to the water we can be in the hole it always 
feels like we are at home yeah that's what we like   about our bus yeah you close the curtain 
get the projector up in the bedroom and   just lay in the bed and listen to a movie and you 
don't feel popcorn you don't feel that like you're   doing camping you're you feel like you're at home 
everywhere you go so if you want to follow us you   can follow us on instagram so the octobus we also 
have a facebook page which is named the october   and uh we also have a blog so 
so we hope to see you on the road you

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