hello friend and welcome or welcome back 
recently on instagram i asked you guys   what makes decluttering hard and so many 
of you said just finding the time that is   one of the hardest things about decluttering is 
finding the time so today i'm gonna dedicate an   entire video to hacks and ideas strategies 
to help you find the time no matter how   busy you are to find the time to declutter i hope 
today's video is helpful thanks for joining me   and let's hop right in delegate chores if you 
live with anybody else delegate just regular   basic household chores to give you more time to 
declutter have your kids help you sweet vacuum   do the dishes or whatever it is that you normally 
do delegate this to someone else and it's fine   if they don't do the job as well as you would this 
is not a permanent scenario this is just going to   free up pockets of time in your life so that you 
can get to the decluttering because sometimes   giving the decluttering job to someone else isn't 
always successful so if you are wanting to do this   just delegate chores that will free up some time 
for you if you can just find 10 minutes every   single day to declutter this will give you a whole 
hour every single week which is four hours a month   and 48 hours a year which is a ton of time 10 
minutes a day gives you 48 hours of decluttering   per year it's insane and then another trick to go 
along with that is to try and just declutter at   the same time every day it fits into your daily 
rhythm you're so used to it you wake up you get   the kids started on breakfast you declutter for 10 
minutes then you get them out the door for school   anywhere in your life where you feel like you can 
fit 10 minutes pretty much at the same time every   day do that it will just become so natural and 
it's just going to become part of your routine   and your daily rhythm which i think is going to 
be really really really helpful all right so i've   heard this little idea or tip before to declutter 
one thing every single day for a whole year so 365   items one day at a time i actually like the idea 
of doing seven items per week to still total   365 but you're not having to think about that 
every single day so if the 10 minutes a day   like does not work for you because that's just 
too much you don't want to have to think about   it every day try just donating seven items one 
day a week and in the end of the year you'll have   donated several hundred items which is a ton which 
is gonna make a difference in your house so pick a   day every single week where you can donate seven 
or more items so kind of going along with that   pick your very least busy day of the entire week 
whatever day that is you are going even if every   single day of yours is busy they're still 
gonna be the least busy day so go through   your planner select the least busy day of the 
week and then make it even easier by getting   dinner that's the night you do take out that's 
the night you do crock pot that's the night your   husband or your partner is in charge of dinner 
so you're going to make your easy day even easier   and that is going to allow you extra time again 
to declutter so that's just another one day a week   idea and again this isn't going to be forever 
this is just gonna be until you've decluttered   the majority of your house or until you feel like 
okay now i can just maintain so pick your least   busy day and then make it even easier that's where 
you're gonna find time to declutter another idea   is that every single time you open the coat closet 
you open the fridge you get into your pantry   you get into any closet any drawer your nightstand 
anytime you go into an area of your home   grab one thing and then have a permanent donation 
spot inside your home if your home is two-story   have a donation bin at the top of the stairs 
and somewhere downstairs where you can just   walk by and toss an item in you will find that 
before long that entire bin is completely full   this next one is one of my favorites so another 
way to kind of find some time to declutter is   every single time you run your dishwasher 
or your washing machine declutter for 10   minutes when you push start on that machine that 
is your reminder to go declutter for 10 minutes   so washing machine and dishwasher and then if you 
have anything else that you kind of run as a cycle   in your home that is your cue to declutter i have 
a couple more ideas for you but so far what do you   think have you found any decluttering strategies 
or ideas that you think would work for you not all   of these are meant to be done by the same person 
at the same time these are just different ideas   but let me know in a comment which one so far is 
kind of resonating with you or do you feel like   would fit really really well in to your routine 
another idea is to pick an area of your home that   you spend a lot of time in anyway i spend a lot of 
time in my kitchen and specifically in my pantry   because i've got little kids and we're always 
looking for meals and snacks so i spend a lot   of time in my kitchen and my pantry so for me 
it works really really well and it worked really   well for me to declutter my pantry very very first 
because it just felt really natural i'm in there   all the time i can easily grab a few things and 
you're not going to declutter your whole pantry   in one day unless you want to but the point 
is that every time you go into that pantry   grab a few things like a few and just kind of 
chip away at that area this is also going to   make a huge impact in your life if you're always 
getting into your pantry then it's going to make   a big difference to have that area decluttered no 
matter how busy you are everybody has wait time   in their life so i'm going to use the example 
of boiling water this is wait time you've got   just three minutes to get your water boiling and 
you have to wait or you're gonna toss the mac and   cheese in there and that's a whole nine minutes 
and that's more time that you just have to wait   getting on the phone calling the doctor's 
office generally you have to wait in line at   the school pick up you have to wait kids napping 
so any time you have to wait this is your chance   whether it is 10 minutes or an hour whenever you 
find yourself waiting go ahead and use this as   your opportunity to open up the junk drawer to get 
into your nightstand to get underneath the kitchen   sink and just start decluttering pull out a few 
items my absolute favorite way to declutter your   home is in layers i feel like when i decluttered 
my home i went through my house several times   before i felt like okay i think i'm ready to start 
maintaining this is feeling pretty good i mean   several times so it's all right if you're like oh 
i just grabbed a few things from my pantry and now   i'm upstairs grabbing things out of my shower it 
feels so disorganized it's okay it all equals a   decluttered home no matter how you approach it 
so just use every single opportunity of waiting   to declutter something within your reach you 
guys are like me you spend time in the evening   just kind of vegging out and relaxing but let 
me tell you this is another amazing decluttering   opportunity grab a bin so that you can put your 
relocate items in it grab a trash bag because when   you're decluttering you always find trash and then 
just fill up a little box or a little plastic tub   of items from a particular drawer and sit down 
in front of the tv watch your favorite show and   declutter you might be able to go through and 
declutter like several different drawers or   several different little areas of your home again 
when you're in the kitchen this is if your kitchen   faces the living room this is another time that 
you can declutter while you're watching tv get in   your kitchen go through some cupboards while 
you have your favorite show going but let me   know do you guys have a tv in your bedroom is that 
maybe a good option for you guys to declutter like   sitting on your bed watching tv at night or do you 
have kind of the setup that i do where the kitchen   faces the tv what is your tv setup situation and 
do you think this would work for you or you kind   of like no i just have to relax i don't want 
to make any decisions when i'm watching tv i   just want to veg so this obviously isn't going 
to work for everybody but i think it could be a   really good idea but especially if you just did it 
maybe one or two nights a week and not necessarily   every single night what was your favorite 
strategy that i mentioned i would love to know   thank you guys for watching please subscribe 
on your way out and i will see you soon bye

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