Solo Bushcraft | Make Shower Outdoor, hot shower project, 3 YEARS ALONE OFF GRID Ep.4

The sharpening stone will make the blade sharp, convenient for use. the vegetable seeds have sprouted green well, wait a little bit bigger to be able to plant Today, I will go to the forest to find a kind of earth ginseng, they have the effect of repelling small insects This type of ground ginseng usually grows next to small streams, wet all year round Their scent is very specific, you only smell it once and you will remember it forever Here I found some pretty big trees, I'll take them home and plant them around the house. you can observe the leaves are heart-shaped, easy beam, bold scent if you crumpled leaf I'll go upstream to find it, if I'm lucky I'll come across a big field of ginseng. A small waterfall got in my way, it was quite high and I thought I should turn back.

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On the way back home I will cut some bamboo to make necessary household items I chop a lot but I need them, My body is wet with sweat, it's like taking a shower I don't like sudden buying, I won't be able to do anything if it rains all day. Thank you for watching my video. Please support me by SUBSCRIBE to the channel and leave your comments. thank you very much . ..

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