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welcome back to my channel
thank you so much for checking in again and today I am doing a cabin tour so I'm
gonna show you where I live which is right behind me so I live on Svalbard
which is an island close to the North Pole so we are in the Arctic right now
everything you can see behind here is pretty much glaciers and mountains which
is pretty cool so we bought my boyfriend and I we bought this cabin
last year for 2.4 million Norwegian kroner which is quite a lot considering
that this cabin doesn't have any running water so we don't have a proper bathroom
we don't have a shower we do our dishes in a different kind of way we have
everything kind of Svalbard cabin style I'm going to show you today how
that works. We have lived here permanently for a year now but I've
lived on Svalbard for about four and a half years so I've been here for quite a
while my boyfriend has been here for I think eight years so yeah it's safe to
say that we're gonna stay here for a while we're also planning to build an
extension on our cabin so we're gonna make this twice the size and we're gonna
start this winter so that's exciting because you will see that it's not very
big it's not super small but I mean on Svalbard you kind of accumulated a lot of
things because you have the snowmobile season and then you have the boat season
then you have the in between seasons so there's a lot of jackets you need.
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I recently just made a video about Longyearbyen so if
you're kind of new to Svalbard and what this is all about you can check out
that video and get more of an understanding about where I live. So our
cabin is located 10 minutes outside of the village Longyearbyen so we are kind of in the polar bear area because on Svalbard we have polar bears. Wild living
breathing polar bears and they can be anywhere so when I go for a walk out
here I have to bring my rifle with me and we always kind of have to be wary of
you know that they can show up at any time which is also things that we think
about in our home so we try to not have anything you know outside that could be
attractive like food or you know things like that but I'm gonna show you more so
let's go inside. So this right here is our hallway it is not very big but it
does the job we put a lot of kind of railings up so we can hang all of our
jackets because we have seriously so many.

So this is where you go in the
entrance and then you have the bathroom right here and you have a storage room
here and then you come into the cabin here. So in here pretty much we have a
lot of stuff it's like a utility hall everything's in here So this right here is the teeny tiny
bathroom and the fan you're hearing is this toilet because it is an
incinerating toilet so it burns your business so that's why the fan is
on otherwise it is pretty darn small but it works fine considering you don't have
any water any shower we don't even need more space so this is a pee toilet.

What you do is you lift this lid and then you do your business you pull this one out before and then all the pee goes in this part and then we go and we empty that
outside just into the ocean also not too difficult. It's just you have to do it,
there's no way around it. Here is me I think it's gonna be the only way for me
to film this room is to take my camera and just hold it. So here since we don't
have any running water this not very beautiful thing is electric and when you
push this button you get water because it is connected down here to a water
container. Then the water runs into this bucket and we do the same thing you take it outside and you dump it in the ocean We also have a third system in here for
just kind of if you ever need to wash your body which I have a couple of times
just outside on the deck.

We have this porta shower, this is a super good
thing it's also very good when I need to clean grim so you just pump and then you have
like your shower head you get water so it's like a like a shower it works
actually very well. So this is our teeny tiny bathroom but it does the job. Straight from the kitchen and the
hallway is our bedroom It is pretty small because we put a
massive bed in here which is 180 it we kind of felt like it's important to have
a good bed so we get a good night sleep As you can see there's mostly
my stuff in here, thank you Christoffer and these super cute lights also my
stuff because I like designer stuff more stuff does mine, he gets other parts of
the cabin just not this part.

I need my things in here so yeah this is our
bedroom. I love our view as well it goes straight out into this beautiful view of
the ocean and glaciers and often whales and birds and everything it's beautiful
so we wake up in the morning we have a coffee and we look out of this gorgeous
window to the beautiful view very peaceful This right here is our kitchen, it
didn't really look like this when we moved in and it
looked a little bit different because the people who had this before kind
of only used it as a cabin so they had a super small fridge and this was over
here but so we put in this massive fridge, which is very necessary because
you need to be able to keep a lot of food of course, and otherwise it's yeah
we just changed a little bit around. It's quite messy because we just don't really have that much space so since it's just months away really from building
our extension we're just going to keep it this way and try to keep it as tidy
as we can but it's a little bit difficult at times.

pexels photo 5256186

We have a gas
stove and oven which works really well and then we have our washing up right
here so what we do is we bring water in in these containers right here so we
fill five or ten liter canisters or containers and we carry them down to the
cabin so that can be quite heavy sometimes we have like 50 liters of
water we need to carry down so we need to go a couple of times and then we fill
them in here which is the 17 liter water heater and yeah that is
pretty much it It keeps the water at 30 degrees we can
choose on the side and then we can do our dishes and everything from her.

become quite mindful not to use too much water because you know that you're gonna
have to carry everything down here So yeah we don't use that much water and then this just runs down into a bucket in this bucket we take out and we throw
it in the ocean We also make sure to use
environmentally friendly things like dishwashing liquid so this one is from Klar because you do want to think about stuff like that when you're actually
throwing it straight into the ocean, which is legal so you don't
need to worry about it that way but we want to make sure to not like do
anything bad to the environment but yeah so this is our kitchen This right here is our gorgeous living room This is where we spend all of her time pretty much because this is like 90% of the house so where I work is right here
where I chill is right here where I sit and watch whales and just watch the
amazing view is right here.

So we have a projector right up here doesn't work now
in the summer because it's way too light because we have Midnight Sun 24/7 well
no we have Sun 24/7 so we have Midnight sun which means that a projector is not
the best way of watching anything and we don't have anything else so we kind of
just we haven't watched TV at all we just sit outside or read books or we you
know going walks you kind of do different things during the summer
than you would during the polar night so yeah this is our gorgeous little cabin.
I'm gonna take you on a closer inspection of everything because I
can't really show you everything from here.

So this is where I sit and work all
the time and I can't wait for us to actually build an extension because this
is not the best place to work you can see how much light there is coming here
and you just get a little bit tired so my computer this poor baby I killed the
other day by accidentally dropping water so I'm gonna have to have a funeral for
her and then all of my stuff is right here I just got the mavic air 2 which
is very exciting I love my Mavic 2 Pro and my charging
stations and then I have my Nintendo and lenses and this is just full of all the
stuff for like cameras and everything.

My amazing fstop bag who I love, I'm a
champion for the brand love fstop so that is pretty much my little work area This right here is I think my favorite
place in the entire cabin Like sitting here and just watching this
view especially in like February when it's super pink and blue outside or
just now in the summer we had the other day like 60 belugas just swimming
by, I'll put in the footage, it's pretty incredible to be able to live like this.
We have glaciers on the entire other side, glaciers and mountains and so much beauty to watch. It's very bright right now. Yeah it's just incredible It's such a nice day today now I'm gonna
murder Grim because he's barking. We have two ways of heating this cabin up it's
either by making a fire or by our air conditioner or heating unit. The air
condition unit costs quite a lot of money because it needs a lot of
electricity so now in the summer it can actually be better to just leave the air
conditioning unit off and just make one fire maybe two a day to just get it a
little bit warmer.

Today it is quite a nice day so it's like seven degrees
outside but in the winter we have the air conditioning on all the time but
it's on heating so it's on 24/7 and then on top of that we make a fire or two
maybe a couple of times a week because it gets very cold but now the summer
it's perfect to just making one fire Our deck, barbecue and this is amazing. It goes all the way around. This was pretty much the whole tour of our cabin and where we live so I would love it if you subscribed and I'm gonna make more
videos and just thank you so much for watching see you soon .

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