The Elliott Homestead

our farms name is the Elliott homestead this is our home we're homesteaders we get up with the Sun we go down and feed the animals Sally I love getting the eggs and getting some vegetables from the garden I love fresh oregano and whipping up a frittata this bacon is like no other bacon in the world with freshly baked bread home preserved jams you have not lived until you've had fresh cream from a dairy cow and I'm talking like into the bucket skim it off in your morning coffee that's when you know you're really living seriously that's really good you guys want to try to let's make some fun I'm Shea Elliott I'm a wife first of all like what you're doing here I don't work at home mom oh I'm a blogger and I'm a farmer I'm a home cook my cooking style is very simple but looks really fancy even though it's anything but this is just good rustic farm food a chicken serve a tapa better rice you really smell that honey stuffed with dried fruits that we've preserved I got these from a friend's orchard you can enjoy them all through the winter very little effort I'll fry up a steak in our cast iron skillet with lots of butter everything Browns better with butter tastes better too maybe some greens from the garden I'll take cabbage and I'll cure it into kimchi I'm just gonna enlist the help my husband muddled it down giving a violin for this it's not very pretty it doesn't have to be complicated there's nothing precise about this recipe I'm a mother two young kids I need to get some food on the table and I have a half an hour to do it this kind of cooking makes it possible it just takes a few minutes to throw together in one pan doesn't get any better once the kids go to bed that's when I get to work on the computer this blog is everything I love it's what daily life looks like for us we started homesteading when every dime mattered we can and dehydrate a lot of fruit this is our first year as beekeepers I got requests from readers to take all of the recipes and turn them into a book this dish screams summer and out of that came from scratch which was our first cookbook that sizzle that really nice flavor just give them a quick poke which is going to make peeling them a lot easier the cooking is why we do everything that we do the flavor is so fantastic I can't wait to dive in but you do not have to live on a farm to enjoy food like this Amy all you have to do is find local sources so good you can go to a supermarket and just pick up basic ingredients fresh tomatoes lots of fresh shrimp this is my way to show people that I love that we're foodies and we love to eat cream makes everything taste delicious YUM hello and tomorrow we get to do it all over again

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