The Endless Beauty of Spring: Routines of a Slow Life in the Countryside

at this time of year everything 
is endlessly beautiful we plant and garden and build and 
there is new life everywhere we look hey ducky duck ducks hey everyone so honestly we haven't been 
getting a lot of farm work done at the moment   with these new additions to the family meet 
mushroom ghost bug and cosmos this is cosmos   who keeps falling asleep under a little flower hat 
so we named her after the beautiful pink flower at the end of spring everything is shifting and 
growing and there is so much change in the air the creeks fill blue with the 
new life that the rain brings and the ducks in their soft innocence learn to 
play and duck dive in the clear waters we learn   so much from this and take the time to enjoy these 
slow special moments of life in the countryside finding the balance in our routines between 
stillness play and work is so important for us   it's these little things that really 
matter like dancing in the sunset   and stopping to appreciate 
the joy that nature brings the big here exits with its 
roots in the water it is so tall   and strong and looks so happy for the fresh 
mineral-rich water flowing down from the mountains this is our puppy Clover he is a maremma which 
is a guardian breed this means that he is slowly   learning to care for all of the animals and he is 
already so sweet and caring for the baby ducklings he is still a puppy but he's learning so 
much already we hope for him to protect   all of the animals from predators like 
snakes crows goannas wild dogs or foxes Moth's getting so pregnant 
each day she's getting rounder   and we think she's due in a couple 
of weeks clover the guardian dog will   learn to protect her kid and make sure 
that they are safe from any predators but first he's learning to swim our childhood dog Lachie passed away over a 
year ago now and we miss his presence so much so many things still remind us 
of our beautiful memories of him   but it feels like this chapter 
of our life has passed with lucky   with clover comes a new chapter different 
and unfamiliar but so full of joy so oh Maggie is jealous of all the attention 
but isn't game to go for a swim herself today has been so much fun swimming 
and playing with all of the animals   but tomorrow we have a lot of work to do in our time in nature we have learnt the 
art of balance to balance work and play to   balance our own needs with others and to balance 
caring for the animals the land and ourselves nature teaches us this in the 
most beautiful and obvious ways we learn the importance of balance by 
watching the balance in the weather   how after a dry winter the monsoonal rain comes 
and most days are filled with storms and showers this rain fills the creeks lets the grass grow 
and the waterfalls flow and the gloomy afternoon   storm brings the most incredible sunset filled 
with rainbows and mist and the deepest pinks in the morning the whip birds call 
out and the spangled drongos sing   the common cole coos and marks 
the beginning of the wet season storms fix nitrogen in the 
soil and the next day it is   so clear the grass has turned so 
green and the plants seem happy we give the ducks a special bath 
each day they are growing up so fast hi it's anastasia and mushroom the duck 
here and today we are planting in the garden   and finishing the big duck pen we just need to 
add electricity to it so that the big ducks are   safe in the night time from predators and stuff um 
and there's a few little holes that i need to fill   and these little guys are helping me but i keep getting distracted by 
this little cutie you are so adorable it's starting to rain so i'm taking the 
little duckies home you don't like rain do you we're going to bring the boys down to the garden 
to introduce them to their new pen and backyard they are so excited about their new home julia is planting a fig tree the land gives us so 
much energy meaning and purpose to balance this   we try to give back as much as we can by clearing 
weeds regenerating the bush and by planting trees the simple act of planting a tree feels so immense   it feels incredible knowing that this small 
action will bring so much change and growth thanks to the support of our patrons 
we are able to plant trees most weeks the black sapote tree is so full of 
fruit the abundant fruit is always a   reminder of how much change you 
can make with a single action   our father planted this tree from one seed 
decades ago now even though he has passed   we spend our spring climbing picking fruit and 
laughing in the shade of the tree that he planted we are now nourished and comforted by the tree 
that grew from a single seed so many years ago in summer the australian flying fox which 
is a fruit bat comes at night screeching   and collecting all of the fruit the flying foxes 
have begun to take the fruit so we're picking lots   the ones that are already over ripe are 
a special treat for the sheeps and goats we have a lot of work to do before the end of the   day but we have learnt to balance our days 
with so many breaks for cuddles and pets on each duck pen we attach an electric fence 
which sends out little zaps so that if any   predator tries to touch the pen they get a 
little zap to warm them away we're adding an   electric wire that runs all the way to the new 
pen so that they will be safe from predators   it's a big job because the pen is so far away but 
we're excited to move the ducks into their new pen we had these sticks to stop the 
goats from jumping the fence   now that there's a top wire we 
think that we can remove them and no   naughty bouncy goat will be able to jump 
over to the orchard that we planted here we're taking down the old electric wire and 
moving it to the fence line where it will   come up to the hill to all the pens we are 
reusing all the materials from the old fence yay yay all done the ducks are going to be 
so happy sleeping in their palace tonight thanks so much for watching 
along and please subscribe   thank you so so much to our patrons 
whose support we are so grateful for good night

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