They Are Growing In The Compost Pile! – Homestead Tour

I was kind of hoping to have another
video of the chicken coop build ready for you guys tonight
that's not happening because there's just too much going on and yeah I'm
going to work I'm coming home I'm shooting I'm working shooting editing
uploading and I've reached the point to where I am no longer ahead of the game
so I thought I'd take the opportunity in this video to just share with you a
little walk around we're gonna walk around we're gonna look at the farm
we're going to talk about some of the things that's going on and just get
caught up 2019 feels like a season of growth to
me I just I keep thinking about growth and and what does that mean well
personally I want to grow I have grown and I look forward to growing more and
that is growing as a person as a man as a husband as a father and as a youtuber
someone who can share my story I also want to grow on the farm like literally
grow things the garden is a wreck at the moment I mean really a wreck but I have
plans they get in there and clean that up and grow some food and I would love
to see certain things grow on the farm like the flock of chickens that I'm I'm
designing that chicken coop for Mamakirbs she wants to raise silkie chickens
and she loves them and they're beautiful so that's another thing of growth.

would like to see Luke's health improve and see him grow in strength and
happiness because one of our goals for Luke as with all of our kids is to see
him happy Luke is our special-needs son if you're not aware of that
he's on a feeding tube and he has certain challenges that make his life a
little different than the rest of us but if he can enjoy his life then that makes
us very happy as parents so I want to see him grow.

Let's walk past the horses
we can talk about some of the things going on there. This really is just gonna
be a free-flow a conversation as i just want to get caught up i just want to
share things with you i'm go under the electric wire because if I
open the gate Tao likes to try to push out and I'd rather not fight him it's
just a whole lot easier to go under this hey Tao. Look at the heart.

That's what you
get for being the horse of a little girl a teenage girl. Isn't that right Tao? Tao
thinks it's time for food but then again Tao always thinks it's time for food
you have a beautiful winter coat Tao. and Maggie's over here being patient she
has a heart too I don't know if she's being patient or
she's irritated yeah I think she's a little irritated with Tao at the moment
it's alright girl yeah little nip. Come on. I'm just not going to get behind them.
So the horse barn is working out nicely the horses love it they actually go into
their assigned stalls all on their own and the feed room is working out great
the only thing we have to be sure of is that we don't leave this door unlatched
because Tao at one point got his face down in one of those feed cans we had to
keep an eye on him for a little while because a horse getting too much feed is
a bad thing.

That's a bad thing Tao. So, we're just going to walk around here
we're going to take a peek at the bees I don't have a bee suit on so we're not
gonna get into anything but I'm just going to walk back there and show you
what's going on. This area out here we're still planning on building a… what do you
call it? an arena. We're gonna put a little fence around it build that soil
up a little bit and make a place for my daughter to come in here and practice
with the horses.

She rides all around here but the horses behave better
especially when we have friends that are on the horses that are doing horseback
riding lessons. They can get in there and practice in a little bit more
controlled environment. So, we're gonna walk past the compost pile here too and
see what that's all… oh look this is pretty cool
this is pretty cool so let me tell you I mixed in a lot of pumpkins into the
compost pile because it was a mess and look at this. Baby pumpkins oh my
goodness they're all over the place check this out it's pretty cool to see
them growing now pumpkins don't do well generally here because of the vine borer
but I'm gonna let those go I'm gonna see if you know maybe we get a couple
pumpkins out of them or at the very least maybe the horses will come over
and eat pumpkin vines and they'll get something out of it I'm going to stick
my hands in here and see how well this compost is doing I love making compost
and this pile is just a big…

It's woodchips, horse manure,
pumpkins and all kinds of stuff all mixed in and it's been sitting for a
little while so let's let's look in here and see how how that soil… let me find
out where I can set the camera down. alright let's just get in here oh look at
that look look how rich and black that is
beautiful beautiful yeah that's gonna be a very nice amendment in the garden I
have the garden space that's up front in the orchard and also of course my normal
garden. I will also use that as an amendment whenever I plant trees I have
several trees to plant so I'll be using that in there as well. The bee yard has
some work too that needs done I need to build this gate that's a project there's
an area of growth. I need to finish this project so that I can come in and out
without ducking under those cables there or straps don't see very many bees right now
apparently my fence isn't doing a good job of keeping them in.

(joke haha) all right let's just walk around. This space back here is just kind of open it's fun with being
back here with the horses but we like to come back here, take walks.
I got to come back and collect I'm gonna have to come back and collect a bunch of
these rocks to use on the the chicken coop. Yeah the chicken coop around the
exterior is going to have a bunch of rocks.

You'll see that coming up. alright we'll probably jump ahead here because this parts a little boring we'll
jump ahead I'll walk past my messy pile of stuff
and then we'll go we'll head up toward the orchard. There's lots of projects
going on. You got to see my son working that excavator to dig this trench, hey
ducks, (ducks quacking)… so he did a great job digging that trench which is now full of water 'cause
it rained last night. The Ducks are loving that. They have a new
little canal heading up to the shed and over here is the empty space where the
barn was. Something, an area for growth there whether it's a new structure or
just an open space not sure yeah I'd like to build a shop, but that is
dependent on money. This is the pile of resources from that teardown which is
now being used in the chicken coop and other projects as they come up.

pexels photo 4911783

Once the
chicken coop is finished I'll find a better way to store all of that so it's
not just laying out there. So we have an area right here but it gets muddy
when it rains and the Ducks go play there so my thought is eventually
another area for growth is it right over here I'm gonna dig out a low spot and
I'm gonna let that be a rain catch.

It won't be a full time pond but it'll be a
rain catch so that when the water comes in here
the Ducks can play around and it can just soak into the landscape probably
right above that I'll do some sort of a planting berm just a raised area on the
downhill side and we'll plant some trees, fruit bushes, blackberries, things like
that in there. Then we're passing the chicken coop over here again. I've taken
down several trees… there's Mamakirbs in the background. Can you see her? She's
collecting rocks to put around that chicken coop. So, a lot of people have
asked how's the butterfly garden and all I can say is that some of it looks okay.
I'm not sure what has lived really and what hasn't. We'll see in the spring but
I'll give you a little look here there's a whole lot of clover and then there's a
few of the taller items behind the water dish there is the flame acanthus, if I
said that right, and then a couple of the taller plants here and here I don't
remember the names right now we do see a lot of bee and butterflies and insects
buzzing around that area so it must have something going for it.

The trees that
were removed in the excavator videos two trees. One here that's the mesquite and
the other one here and that's the Huisache. and so those need processed that's
another area for growth getting that cleaned up. I need to process those turn
that into something that I can use for firewood or it would be nice if I could
chip it all up and put it on the gardens but I'm not sure if I'm gonna rent a
chipper that big. So, we're gonna go past up here you can see it rained this is
the lowest spot on the property right here and so there's water collected here
from last night. Then we're going into the orchard passing the grapevines. The
grapevines here right now they're just they look dead
hopefully just settled in for the winter and then they will come back in the

I've said this before but I really need to figure out the best way
to prune those before they start growing again in the spring I need to do that
research. Then on this side in this structure where I grow tomatoes and
peppers primarily it's a mess still too but I want to show you something in here
this area in here the soil is really nice and it's growing a lot of this
broadleaf I'm not sure what it is I should look the name up with that right
there those leaves are really soft not spiny at all and the tortoises love
these so whenever I see these growing in an area I'll just take them out one or
two at a time and feed them to the tortoises.

You can see all around in here
all these green spots right here that's this plant so in a way I guess you could
say I'm gardening and growing food for my tortoises it's all over the place in
the orchard to all those plants right there those bigger plants that's all
this. I really should figure out what that's called. if anyone knows exactly
what that is I'd love for you to put that in the comments. Most of the trees
the fruit trees are dormant, not most they all are. They're all dormant. Some of
them appear to have died.

We'll see in the Spring. We're going to make some
changes here in the orchard in the springtime.
I have several trees that I need to take out and replant. oh wow look at this the nectarine tree that I thought was
dead, apparently is not it lost a lot of branches, the branches
were dead, so I cut it way back and so now it's just the main trunk, this tree
is just the main trunk and that one branch but it's got a lot of blossoms on
it part of the problem with the blossoms,
the way that that tree blossoms is that it requires very few chill hours so it
comes out too early and then we get some cold and those blossoms fall off,
Hey Jack Jack is out. Jack Jack is one of the tortoises. Since he's out I will not
give him this treat because he's getting his own treats
hey Jack Jack I'll see if Coco's out nope Coco's not out.

He is? Where's Coco?
Oh Coco's all the way out. oh he's over here sometimes we open the gate over
here and Coco goes out and he's enjoying the treat of grass as well so I'll just
throw this in here. hey Coco (tortoise exhales loudly) the other turtles on the farm are the
box turtles and they are in the enclosure here. If you don't know about
them you can see that video of me creating this. So hey Mamakirbs are the
turtles out yet no it's too soon they're hibernating so they go in the ground and
they stay there for months until it gets warm and they decide it's time to come
out kinda weird how that happens.

Yeah so we
look forward to seeing them come out at some point and hopefully we will see
will notice that soon enough so you can see the holes they came out of. I don't
know if we'll capture that on video but that would be cool
hey Daddykirbs it's time to start bedtime on the farm
we gotta (I interrupt with "bedtime") put animals to bed. was the bed putting the tortoises to bed.

She's putting jack in.
We got to get Coco put in he's over here and then we're gonna head back and take
care of the horses take care of Luke I'll get this video
wrapped up and I'll see you guys in the morning. thank you so much for joining my
story here. I do truly believe that everyone has a story and every story
count. so I thank you for being a part of my story tonight and allowing me to be a
part of yours. I'll talk to you soon (Silkie chicken noises…).

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