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When it comes to minimalism and simple
living, there are many things that I stopped buying or stopped consuming.
But actually there are also things that I now buy more of
ever since living a minimalist lifestyle. And that is because I now have more
space and opportunity in my life to pursue my passions and invest in
making my life better and more meaningful.
And since I always enjoy watching these videos from other minimalists,
today I decided to make my own.

So I'm going to share 14 things i buy more
as a minimalist. The first one is plants. And I always
find it funny because so many minimalists
love plants and it almost became kind of a must-have for minimalists to have
plants. But I really understand why. I love my plants, I love taking care of
them, and they definitely do help to bring more color and life into my home.
When it comes to decorating and making your home feel more cozy,
plants are definitely my favorite way to do it. They don't really add
to that visual clutter the way that some decor
items might do. And it's also just a great way to bring some nature and
greenery into your home, especially if you live in the city like me.
They also help to purify the air and I just love taking care of them.
I do make sure not to go overboard though, I currently have about 12
plants and that is enough for me. Something else I started spending more
money on since becoming a minimalist is pedicures. And I find that minimalism
has a way of making us more grateful and also appreciate
things that are truly important in life.

And I find that taking care of my body
is definitely one of them, because if you think about it,
our bodies do so much for us and we don't even really think about it. And
our feet keep us up all day, so in my opinion they deserve some care and
attention. I get a pedicure once every eight weeks
or so and I don't get the nail polish and stuff done, I just go to keep them
healthy and well taken care of. And of course you
can also invest in some items yourself and do it at home.
I just prefer to go to the salon but it's up to you.

One of my passions in
life is tea. And I drink about maybe six to eight
cups of tea per day. And I also have many many different
options in my home depending on my mood and the time of day.
And if needed I like to invest a little bit more in tea,
so that I can make sure it's high quality and also sustainably made

Currently I'm in the process of using up
any tea bags that I still have left in the house
and switching over completely to loose leaf tea. And I use my french press for
making tea. It's super handy and I don't need
anything to place the tea in. I can just let it steep in the water
and pour myself some lovely fragrant tea when it's done.
When it comes to the type of tea, I like green tea, white tea,
black tea too occasionally, and I also like to drink herbal tea in the evenings.
And I love making different matcha tea drinks.
And in fact i'm really craving one right now, so let's go make it real quick.

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simple happy zen. Something else I've begun to recently
invest a bit more money in is coffee. And I absolutely love being able to make
all kinds of different coffee drinks for myself and others.
And in this home I can make everything, I can make espresso,
lungo, americano, iced americano cappuccino, latte macchiato, iced
cappuccino french press, pour over. And I can make
them all decaf or regular. And believe it or not, I
actually do make all of these kinds.

Because I like to
switch it up a little sometimes. And this also makes it so that i never
have to get coffee to go. I think in another life I might have
been a barista. I just love the smell of coffee or
tea also and just making all these drinks, I never get tired of it. and I
also started investing a bit more money in high quality coffee beans
that are also fair trade and I think that is definitely worth it.
Something else i've been spending more money on since becoming a minimalist
is taking myself out on dates.

And I need a lot of alone time but I don't always
want to be at home. so sometimes i love to go somewhere by
myself enjoy the outdoors possibly and just sit
somewhere bring my book, and enjoy some down time
by myself and that is definitely one of my favorite ways to spend my free time.
Of course in addition to spending it with others. Sometimes I will go to a
local coffee shop or I like to go to the park or
museum, and I like to go on little adventures and go somewhere i've never
been. I also like to buy things from small
local shops whenever possible since becoming a minimalist.
I like to support local small businesses and I also find that often the quality
of their products is usually really high. Because they put all their love and
attention into their product or service. Ysually they're really nice people too,
and this is something that I like to support.
Something else I've begun to spend a little bit more money on is pajamas.
And whenever i'm at home i like to be comfortable.
And pajamas are just one of those things that i really love, they're always so
comfy and i wear them often.

But I'm also highly allergic to certain
things, which means that unfortunately I have to wash them
often. So in order to not waste water having to wash them separately
I need a few different pairs that I can throw in the wash together.
And that are also high quality enough to survive all those washings.
If you haven't noticed by now, I really love food.
I love eating food, making food, I love watching food videos, eating out with
people, I love everything about it. And something else that I've begun to
invest more money in since becoming a minimalist is higher quality food.
Now we can't really afford to buy everything organically and we do have a
food budget that we don't like to go over. So it's
not like we're spending mindlessl,y we are very mindful
of watching what we spend. But we do like to have all kinds of
healthy and fresh ingredients in the house. We always have fruit
and I like to keep my pantry stocked with all kinds of essentials so that i
can just throw something healthy and yummy
together at any time.

For me food is not just a passion, but it's also something
that supports me. That nourishes me, that helps my body to
do whatever i need to do on a daily basis and so I
think it's worth it to invest a little bit more money into higher quality food.
Something else I buy more of is books. In my opinion, there's just so much value to
be found in books. Reading is relaxing, it's great for
mental health it also keeps our brains young and fresh and active. And it's also
great for things like creating more empathy and
expanding our world views.

pexels photo 276583

And so I don't think it really matters
if you buy physical books or ebooks like me
or audiobooks, I think they all bring lots of value.
I do make sure not to overdo it and one of the ways i do that
is by making sure that i'm not buying new books
until i have read all the old ones that i still have. Just so that I don't create
that endless row of books that I still need to go through.
Also, I like to see if it meets my one euro per hour guideline. So if it's a
book that is like 15 euros to buy but it's only a two or three hour read, I
try to see if there's another option. But of course there's many different
options, you can even go to the library or borrow books from a friend.
So you can just make it fit into your lifestyle and to your budget.
And of course not spending so much money on the things that we buy,
leaves us more money to invest in fun experiences
that can enrich our lives.

And now lately these things have been put on hold a
little bit for obvious reasons but like earlier this year before
everything started we went to two concerts. And it was super fun. And
I also like to invest a little bit more money if I can
to make things more comfortable for myself. That is something that I've been
started doing about like maybe two three years ago. So concerts are a lot of fun
but for me anyway they are super exhausting as well.
And we also had to travel there for a few hours by train to get there.
So by the end of the day, I am completely spent.
And instead of having to travel all the way back again with the last train,
we chose to stay in a hotel that was really close to the venue.
And that way I can just get back there after the concert is over, get a good
night's sleep and travel back the next morning.

And it does mean that
we can do things like that less often because it is more expensive.
But for me, I would rather do things less often but make it really fit
me and my personality then instead getting completely drained and exhausted.
And of course I love to eat out or go to a coffee shop either by myself or with
my friends or family or my boyfriend. It's one of my favorite hobbies
and favorite ways to spend my time. and I do have a monthly budget
that I am allowed to spend on eating out because otherwise things will go out of
hand quickly. So that is an amount of money that I am
still comfortable with spending each month. And
if it is spent, then I need to wait until the next month before I can go out again.
Something else that you might not expect from a minimalist like me is that I
spend money on video games.

And I'm actually quite a gamer, and I
especially love japanese rpgs like final fantasy
xenoblade the tales off series if you're familiar.
I also like to play a mario game occasionally or hatsune miku.
And I just find it super super fun and it's
one of my favorite ways to spend my down time. Now there are actually a few things
that I do to keep it minimal.

So first of all, I make sure that I'm not
buying any new games if I still have a few here that I want to play.
Second, I either buy them in digital copy so they don't clutter up my home,
or if i buy them in a physical copy then i can sell them back to the store after
i'm done playing with them. And if I can borrow one from a friend,
that is also something that I will do.

And lastly, if I do buy a new game, I
always make sure that it fits my one euro per hour
rule. Now staying in the entertainment category, I also spend some money on a
few streaming services. So we have netflix here that I really
really enjoy. I also have a spotify account that I
probably couldn't live without. And we recently also added disney plus
but that one is going to be a temporary one.
I know a lot of minimalists are not really a big fan of tv and stuff but
that is not for me. I really enjoy it, I love watching movies I love watching tv
shows. They're one of my favorite ways to wind
down and relax a little in the evenings. Before I
do something else like read my book or something.

I also like to have a movie
night with friends. And I also like that this way I don't
have to own dvds or cds in my home, so there's no
actual clutter. And something else K'm going to invest
some money in is a new battery for my camera.
Because mine just died. So a few things that I do to keep it minimal when it
comes to streaming services is really asking myself if it is worth it to me if
i find enough value in it.

And of course my one euro per hour rule
applies here as well. And something else I like to do is keep
my watch list on netflix minimal, so that there are no things on
there that i'm never going to watch. And of course music is important to me
and this way I have access to all the music in the world that I love
and I don't have to own cds, so that is definitely worth it for me.
And actually while I'm filming, I just thought of another one. And that is that
I take japanese classes. And I don't mind investing some money in
that, because learning a new language is super fun.
It's great for improving cognitive functions and memories, but i'm just
also having a lot of fun with it. And I like to be able to watch movies or the
games that I'm playing and understand them without
having the subtitles on. Or just using japanese subtitles.
And I like to be able to converse with japanese people while i'm there in
japanese so that is definitely worth the investment for me.
And lastly minimalism has taught me that something is always worth the investment
if at all possible of course if it is something that is going to
greatly improve your daily life.

So for example recently we replaced our
15 year old bed with a new one. And the old one was first of all very
small, because it was in between one and two people.
But more than that, it was just really old and it was awful for
our back. There were so many holes and bumps in it. So we decided to upgrade and
get a higher quality bed. That was also a little bit bigger and we
invested in high quality blankets and comforters and pillows and
stuff that all went well with my allergies.
And we have been sleeping so much better. And that is really something that
trickles down into your everyday life in all kinds of
different ways. So if something like that is possible, I
find it definitely to be worth the investment.
And now let me ask you, is there anything that you have been buying
more since you were a minimalist? Please let me know in the comments.
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And if you want more minimalism right
here i have 50 things i no longer buy right here i have 25 things i only own
one of. As always, questions comments conversations down below.
Have a wonderful day my friends and I'll see you soon bye bye.

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