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As a minimalist, I always try to be very mindful 
and intentional about the things that I'm buying   and what I'm spending my money on. And so in this 
video today, I'm going to share with you 10 things   I'm not buying in 2021. And I mentioned in one of 
my previous videos that I wanted to do a no-buy   year for certain categories of items, so today I'm 
going to share with you what they are and also of   course what my reasons are for not wanting to 
buy them this year. Hey my friends, welcome   back to the channel where you can get weekly 
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you're not already so you'll never miss a video,   and let's begin. So these are 10 things that I 
specifically set a goal for myself not to buy   in 2021. And I also have a list of 50 things 
that I don't buy anymore, I will leave that in   the description box if you want to check it out. 
But these are more things that I never really buy   anymore, so of course that also goes for 2021.

this year, I really set a specific goal for these   10 specific things that I won't be buying them. 
Either because I have enough or because I stopped   using them or because I switched over to something 
new or something better. And before we begin, I   quickly want to thank everyone who already signed 
up for my new online course called Unhurried, the   30 day slow living program. And it's just amazing 
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before january 18th. So link and discount code in   the description. First thing I'm not buying 
anymore in 2021 is body scrub. And I've used   up all the body scrub that I still had, finally. 
I don't use it that often, so it took some time.   But I'm finally through.

And I decided to purchase 
this dry body brush instead. So far I really like   it. If you don't know what this is, it is a dry 
brush that you use to go over your skin before   you shower, about once a week. And I did notice 
that I have to be a bit careful with this, because   my skin is very sensitive. And the first time I 
used this, I was a little bit too enthusiastic.   But yeah I really like it so far. I like that 
this is just one thing, I never have to keep   buying replacements. And I also noticed that if 
you use body scrub in the shower, it tends to get   really slippery, which is something that I never 
really liked. And you don't have that with this.   Second thing that I decided not to buy in 
2021 is foods that I do not want to be eating.   And I know myself well enough to know that 
if I have junk food in the house, it is only   a matter of time before I eat it.

And 2020 was 
just very much a year of comfort eating for me,   of emotional eating. And I noticed that 
we do still have very much a healthy base,   but there was just a lot of extra junk food and 
snacks on top of it. And that's kind of a habit   that I want to start breaking again in 2021. So 
my plan is to keep meal planning, to make sure   that I always have my pantry stocked with healthy 
essentials. and that I have enough food in the   house that I can always make a healthy meal for 
myself. And then only every so often get something   like snacks or junk food, like chips or ice cream 
or cookies or something like that. Because I feel   like it is perfectly normal to eat these things 
and enjoy them every so often. I just don't want   to make that into a habit for myself. And if I 
find myself craving some comfort food this year.   and it's not in the house. then I'm just going 
to try and comfort myself in some other way/   Practice self-care.

And try not to make myself 
feel better by eating something that isn't very   healthy. Number three is clothing. Now this is 
technically a low buy, but I wanted to include   it in this list. So a couple weeks ago, I did a 
pretty massive wardrobe declutter. And if you've   missed that video I will leave it down below. And 
I currently have 42 items in my wardrobe total.   And I think that that's a good amount.

But this 
year, apart from keeping my wardrobe minimal,   I also really want to level it up and improve my 
wardrobe. Because I'm just not really happy with   the way that it is now, or not 100% anyway. And 
so I know that that means I'll be investing a bit   more into my wardrobe this year than usual. But 
that's okay. I just want to add some more items   that really work well on me in terms of fit and 
color. So I've given it some thought and I decided   that I'm allowed to buy eight new items for my 
wardrobe this year max. And so I think that this   will give me the space that I need to try out 
some new things, and get a bit more creative,   and really find some things that really work 
well on me.

But still be very intentional with   my purchases and don't go overboard. And actually 
I think eight is more than I bought last year   so… Next on the list of things I'm not buying 
in 2021 is coffee cups, coffee pads, tea bags,   things of that nature. If you've seen more of 
my videos, you will know that I drink a lot   of tea. And I also really love coffee. But last 
year, mostly at the end of last year, I switched   over to new ways of preparing these drinks. 
That create a lot less waste, it is cheaper,   it's healthier and it tastes a lot better. So for 
my tea I now use loose leaf tea. And I prepare it   in my french press. And I am so in love with it, 
because that means that I don't need tea bags. I   also don't need a sieve, because I just never 
really enjoyed making tea with a sieve before.   And with a french press, it's just all in one.

I can prepare my tea like that. And I also noticed   that loose leaf tea has a much higher quality, in 
my experience anyway, overall than the tea that   you can find in tea bags. And for coffee, we 
recently switched over to an espresso machine.   And this one is just very modest and small, which 
I love. It's not exactly high-end but I still   find the quality to be really really high. And we 
grind our own beans now, and the coffee is just a   thousand times better than what I used to be able 
to make with a Nespresso. And there's a lot less   waste this way, and I'm just really happy with 
this. If I could, I would make coffee all day.   Something else I made the conscious decision not 
to buy in 2021 is furniture. And last year we did   a few small upgrades in the house, we replaced our 
very old bed and our worn out dining room chairs,   which I'm still really happy with.

But other 
than those things, everything is still the same   as it was when we moved in here eight years ago. 
To be completely honest, I would actually love to   replace some of our furniture. Especially our 
couch, the one that I'm sitting on right now.   There's a lot of discoloration, and it's just not 
very comfortable anymore, it's kind of worn out.   And also these cushions, you cannot really take 
out the cushions and get them cleaned or anything,   so it's kind of annoying.

But actually we are 
hoping to be able to move to a new apartment   within maybe one or two years. That would be 
really nice. And I actually hope to wait with   any new purchases until after we move. We live 
on the fourth floor, and there's no elevator.   Only this very narrow, winding stairs. So moving 
furniture is not the easiest. But apart from that,   I just don't really believe in replacing things 
that are still good.

pexels photo 1103970

And some of our furniture   is still good. So I just it makes a lot 
more sense to wait until after we move.   And I'm just gonna use what we have until then, 
and love it until it is completely worn out.   If you want to know more about my plans and 
goals for 2021, then you can join me on Patreon.   Patreon is another platform where I post 
videos and share things about my life.   And the videos over there are quite different 
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So I often 
make videos based on topics that they suggest   or questions that they have, and it's a lot 
of fun. So feel free to join us over there,   we have a wonderful community of positive people 
there. And I'd love to have you. It's a great way   to support the channel as well. You can find 
it at simple happy zen. Something   else I'm not buying in 2021 is plants. And I made 
the conscious decision for myself with a no buy,   no plants this year.

I actually did a count 
and I have quite a few, I have lucky number 13.   And I think that is enough. The more plants you 
have, the more work it becomes to keep them all   healthy. And I do enjoy taking care of my plants, 
but I just don't want to over complicate my life,   and have to schedule things around when I have 
to water which plant etc. Next is serving wear,   mugs, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, everything in 
that category. I am not a type of minimalist who   only has two plates and one bowl and one spoon.

certainly don't have the crazy amount that I used   to have, but I still have enough. And this way, 
I don't have to wash that one plate four times a   day. And I still have enough for if someone comes 
over for dinner. Although sometimes I will have to   borrow some things in that case. But I like to 
keep it simple, I don't want to over complicate   my life simply to own less. Or to only own one 
plate or one bowl. However, I just really love   buying these things somehow. I always find them so 
pretty. And it's just really nice to get a new mug   or like a pretty ceramic bowl. But I have enough. 
So this year I decided it's going to be a hard no   buy for anything in this category. Next category 
of items I'm not going to be buying anymore in   2021 is video games. And I've always been quite 
into video games to play in my free time.

And   last year especially, me my boyfriend have 
been spending a lot of time playing video games   together. Which was a lot of fun and definitely 
something that we will keep doing in 2021 as well.   However, last year we bought quite a few new games 
on sale. And I think that these can really last us   all through 2021 as well. so I want to make it 
a point to first play all of these games, before   we add new ones to our possessions. Even if they 
are digital and they don't take up space, it'll   still create this long list of games that I still 
need to play. And I always get a little nervous   if I have long lists like that. So I made it a 
point not to buy any new video games this year.   And of course if you enjoy reading, then this is 
something that you could definitely do with your   books as well.

Something else I won't be buying 
in 2021 is handbags, purses, backpacks, wallets,   things of that nature. And this is a very hard no 
buy for me. I recently got rid of my one handbag.   And so currently I only have a really small purse 
and a backpack. And that works really well. So if   I'm going out quickly, I can just take my purse. 
And if I want to bring some more stuff with me,   like my water bottle or my laptop, then I can 
bring my backpack. And I also have one larger   one that I use for if I'm going out of time 
for a few days. so three in total and that is   absolutely enough for me. Last thing on my list 
that I want to share with you is beauty products.   So last year, I actually experimented a bit 
here and there, with switching up some routines,   trying some new things out.

I also bought some 
makeup products that were on sale. And I bought   like two or four of the same ones, to save money. 
So I have quite a bit of stock. And I also worked   with a few brands that sent me stuff that I really 
like of course, and it's free so it's great, but   as of right now I feel like I'm kind of drowning 
in all of these things. It is nowhere the amount   of things that I used to own, but still, I feel 
like it is enough for now.

So I'm gonna use up   what I have first before buying something new. And 
I'm also going to be very mindful of saying no to   brands if they want to send me something, and if 
I still have some of their old product left. I'm   going to use that up first as well. And something 
else, is that I finally am through my perfume   collection. Which is a weight off my shoulders. 
And to be honest, I'm thinking of going without it   for a while and seeing how I like that. Actually 
my deodorant smells really nice, so I don't really   feel like I need it. And I only wear perfume 
when I go out anyway, which is not happening a   lot right now. So I decided to try and go without 
perfume for a while and see how I like that. If   you are also planning on doing a no by year or a 
low by year, then please share the things that you   won't be buying anymore in 2021 in the comments. 
I love to see.

And I also recommend watching this   video. Because this is a deep dive into how to do 
a no by year the right way. And I give you tips   to make sure that you actually succeed in your no 
buy goals or low buy goals. So I will leave that   video in the description box. Be sure to check 
out Unhurried and sign up before january 18th   to get 10% off. Link and discount code in the 
description. And as always: questions, comments,   conversations down below. Have a wonderful 
day and I will see you next week. Bye bye!.

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