This is what happens when you PULL STUMPS with a 35hp TRACTOR

The last couple of days we have been
splitting all of this firewood and it's going pretty good seth has helped a lot
as well and Marty did it the manual way we've got all of this firewood split
here like Julie said but we still got a lot back here we've got a split and then
we've got a buck up all of the logs back here these are the posts for our garden
right here some of the posts we're gonna get some more posts out of there and
yesterday we moved the wood said so check it out man there's like it's like
a little bit cleaner back there looking it actually made me kind of sad
yesterday to move the shelter logic because it's like the last piece of our
camp that still set up I don't know it just gave me like a little heartache not
that I want to go back to living in it but just a little sad to see it break up
if you want to see our construction camp site that we built last summer when we
were actually working on our cabin I'll link to that video down in the
description below Jules has used the wood splitter for
about five hours now and so it's time to change the oil for the first time just
the first time is five hours you don't have to change it every five hours but
we're gonna change it and see what color it is after using it just five hours for
the break-in period taking the cap off here and then that's right here's where
you drain the oil from I think it's gonna be clean like a golden like like
dark honey goes in the bucket oh wow no it's dirtier than I thought it would be
huh yeah that break-in period it almost looks a little metallic yeah
look at that right there you can see the old oil out of the generator and then
this is the new clean oil coming out of the log splitter maybe we ought to
expect that because it is the break-in period for the engine so all of that
metals like wearing down and getting to where it's supposed to be but I was
surprised by it yeah huh let's see what happens you have to hold it up there
with one hand and then pull the lever so big ready super easy now we got to go through our
logs over here and find some good posts we're gonna be using this really cool
tool I wanted to show you here I got this from my dad a long time ago and
basically it's a lumber crayon in a holder right and so you can unscrew this
cap here and you can put new crayons in it but it gives you a good handle and
for marking the trees so let me show you how it works like this one here you can will go down each of the corners is going to be made
up of three posts with horizontal supports between them and they're gonna
look kind of like H's so we need some of those horizontal parts as well about six
feet or so firewood and then we'll have one host right here and then we'll have
another post down there the corner posts need to be big and strong the supporting
posts throughout the length of the fence which is gonna be about every 10 feet 10
to 12 feet we'll see how it works out just measuring it out but a 10 to 12
feet those could be much smaller all those they're really doing is just
holding the wire in place so it can't move up and down so it looks like we're
gonna get a bunch of posts out of these trees right here and of course we're
gets them out of there as well to me I just want to say Jose is over there splitting away his and seal the deal ah just wanna hold you over
those things are not light how did some posts over here this pile starting a new
pile down here to be used on the western side so we'll have a corner right here
we'll have a gate right here for the tractor to be able to come in from down
below another corner over there so we're going to stack up the post right here
for this whole side like that the story feels so I just love it love you every day making me and I wanna take you there man I was
white huh Wow white that's kind of embarrassing but check this out the wood
is gone those are friends posts over there these are friends posts right here
and check out how much wood we've got then we've got a pile of wood here I
mean I don't know how much that is why don't you give me a guess how many cords
of wood do we got stacked up here let me show ya up a little closer so it comes
along here goes over there got a big pile here let's cruise over here to the
other side so that you can see how big it is from this side yeah right here
BAM goes all the way down there this will hold seven cords of wood you think
all this will fit in there of course you can't just push over a
stump with a little tractor like that that's why we're renting a stump grinder
we'll go pick it up tomorrow but I want to get the stumps ready to be ground
down so in order to do that we're going to just clear the dirt around it here
and then cut it off that way when we grind it down it'll be actually down at
the surface of the dirt not at the surface of the mound we've got another
stump over here that we want to grind down as well this the older ones should
go faster but we're gonna clean the dirt up around it we've got one here that we
might just be able to push over cuz it's really rotten we've got some over in
here but what we're trying to do here with this area we'll get to the stumps
in the garden later but we're just going to start at the top of the property and
work our way down tomorrow as we grind stumps what we want to try to do is
clear that stump and clear this stump right here so that when my parents or
Julie's parents come with their big RV they can pull up this way and then back
in like this and come right into here because right here is like a really cool
park area right it's gonna look nice trim up these trees just a little bit
more so you can see through them a little bit better from like the high
windows and our RV but this is a great spot for an RV to go so mom and dad mark
and Lori I guess whoever gets here first for Julie's graduation can have the Pick
of spots well this is a cool spot right here we'd like to put somebody and then
over on the other side where they were last summer that'll be another spot for
people to go see they look perfect been an RV couple and there will probably
take out these these like three or four trees right along here to open this up a
little bit more so popouts can come out and then you got like this nice park
area will trim these trees up here too but we got to get the stumps ready to go
that's what we're doing that give me better control of and I wanna take you there if I'm gonna love some I just if I'm gonna love some that bad boy just wouldn't come out if I
had a backhoe or excavator I'm sure I could have popped that one
out pop this guy out right here but this one right here man would not budge we
got some over here that wouldn't budge let's see that one right there would not
come out but this one did it's right back there that's pretty cool I wasn't
really planning on being able to get any out that's not really what the loaders
designed for but we did that's cool this one right here we got pretty pretty well
we got to come in with a shovel and rake and kind of fix that up some but we'll
be able to cut that off and grind that guy down over here as well got most of
the dirt around it gone so we'll be able to grind that down easy and this one
right over here tried to push that one over it wouldn't go either or that one
that one wouldn't go either but I'm making good progress we will be ready
for the stump grinder to come in tomorrow for sure really great video you


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