Tiny House Cabin Highly Energy Efficient Off Grid

we have a friend here in Blue Ridge who has just gotten into a business of making tiny homes and this one is just now going up so I'm calling this part one and I'm going to come back in the spring to show you what this is going to look like when it's finished but this is for off-grid living this is our first model it's approximately was the original model is 440 square feet but we have an option where we can take this particular wall right here which starts the living room or the structure and we can move it to the outside right here and we can make this part of the living room this could be either your laundry room or a storage room or we can close this in and make it like a sunroom okay and if you choose to keep it like it is now and this part will be your storage this sliding glass door here your great room the kitchen can either be from this side on our blueprints on our plans we show the kitchen on this wall you have a wall right in here and you would have your bathroom with a window in the bedroom area will be back in the night these walls the ceiling and the floor are all put together with a sip panels sip stands for structural insulated panel if you notice that six inches wide we can offer that in six inches or we can offer an eight or ten inches right now the wall once it's finished would be about an hour twenty nine which is very interesting for you every place where you see a seam from one panel to the next we have a two by six installed on one panel and it's got another 206 nailed to it which would insert into an opening on the panel that it adjoins okay so every seam has nails on both sides of the seams and it's double two-by-fours if you notice some of our panels are really large so it really eliminates a lot of a lot of the seat yeah okay then the panels at the very bottom have an opening it would accommodate the two by six seal that runs all the way around the perimeter of the building and you can see that by looking over here it's a pretty strong structurally very strong the floors are made with the sit panels also and you can see the size of the sit panels how long they are how thick is the floor it's six inches right to this model to six inches also okay but again the option is six eight or ten inches any questions is going to have insulated windows yeah we've got the windows ordered they will be here around the 15th of this month of December once the windows are indoors installed then we'll be able to put the exterior siding on and we'll finish the interior probably some with sheetrock and some with one baked tongue and groove so gives you that really warm cabin right we also we have a company's going to be supplying us some what they call faux beams so that overhead we can have some exposed big looks in here to give you that either modern or cab because the beams can be very rusted out right this unit as you see it now is a kind of a drying shell less the windows and doors is priced at 29 9 50 attorney key price on this cabin depending on what you put in probably sunk be somewhere in the range of 50 $60,000 our future plans for this particular model is we will put a gazebo out here on the front to the right and then we will have a storage shed building out on the left those are currently being built for us and they will have the same roof line that we have on this model and then we will interconnect all three structures with decking so it's your walk out onto a deck you can go to the gazebo you can go to the storage building and then down in front we're going to have a fire pit walk fire pit from outdoor living it creates a whole new lifestyle very economical very energy-efficient you can probably heat this thing with two or three candles once you got it woke up yeah we're also going to have solar panels up on the room from this particular model and we'll have LED lighting throughout you know each fixture probably be less than one walk in lighting so be very inefficient now we're just plumbing is all the walls the plumbing will be inside okay so Keith was freezing come up and in if this wall right here you can turn into the back of the cabinets for the kitchen you turn back into the cabinets for the bathroom and it's all over the sink but we also have the solar panel option we're going to have a Renee hot water heater option on this to be operated on propane our windows window option would be about $4,500 option to have all the windows and doors installed we'll have fixed glass up in this upper corner the triangle you see up here would be a piece of next glass fixed glass and this big rectangle here this will be an operable awning window that will okay from the bottom out so you get some upper ventilation so if you open the window by the kitchen and open that window there you'll have some nice cross ventilation this window here will be fixed glass then this one will be another operable window so you have some ventilation in the bedroom area so you guys have done a calculations on actual like size of units that you use to heat or cool this wow we're looking at the you know the mobile home right the motel units that have the heat in the areas that go through the wall hold wall you get a small unit like that and running out of this oh yeah I'm pretty sure yeah you like keeping and cooling a motel room yeah yeah yeah we're going to offer this this model is is there a 440 or a 500 square foot version we'll also we're introducing a 300 square foot version then we're playing a 900 and possibly a 11 version of this sip panel construction now if a customer comes to us and says well I like the concept but I don't want this root line I wanted it to look more like a cabin we can offer that to arena we can do customer not frog any questions say you you and basically G did say preparation anything you know we don't decipher if the site needs to be somewhat level then I will say two feet from one into the of the structure to the earth so we will do for that price of $29.99 will deliver within reason you know couple hundred mile radius we will deliver and set up the building the structure typically about a two to three days to dry it in and so if someone was preparing the site then the service level what would they have to be doing that they had put piers down you can do piers hungry blocks or your new promo foundation you know one of the three it can be a very temporary building it can be moved later right it can be dismantled and moved the small units we're going to build up the factory will be the 300 square foot we can put that on a trailer and deliver it already turnkey well so you have to anchor these things down like what you did it and sure if you I'm doing a firm foundation firmly mounted if you're just going to do it on concrete blocks and you would not mount to the block because you've got plenty of weight here somebody

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