Tiny Treehouse Village made from Free Materials in Greece

Would you like an Orange Juice? I am Sotris Marini Now we are in Art Farm *Speaking Greek* In Megali Mantineia Outside of Kalamata *Speaking Greek* I was born in a village outside of Kalamata When I was in Primary School we had no electricity All my life, until I was 13 years old All my life was in Nature, in the villages. You can imagine how life was without electricity. My job is a electrical-mechanical engineer but, I stopped my job some years ago So I started to build a treehouse With material that I found in nature and from recycling Welcome to Art Farm! I have been here for 10 years, when I started building this place I will try, with my poor english, to show you what I am doing here This is an old water-well When I was young we had a donkey Who was going around But now, the donkey is saying he is on vacation I was working to give water to the flowers and to the trees This was my job when I was 10 years old It's very hard to be a donkey In this tree, I have a plan to make a treehouse, the reception of Art Farm And I hope that Pete Nelson, from Seattle he will come, he promised to come here to build it together And I'm waiting for him Pete, I wait for you! Come on, let's go down The flowers, now it's Spring, Look, We have good flowers here, look, Opah! Nice! Many of the constructions here I built it with material that I found that I didn't have to pay for This is very interesting to me When I came the first time here, I came 10 years ago And there was nothing here The first hut, I build over there, in this tree.

Now, it's not… good It's kaput I stayed there for only one summer, alone I saw in a dream A dream one night when I was sleeping inside of what to make around I saw the amphitheater here Here I built the amphitheater here I built the bar Over there I built the big house, the music hall And all this project is to show the young people, especially How was the life, when I was young There is not a big distance from that time until today but I saw that the technology is running away very quickly I wanted to show you some of the things we used in the time that I told you before, when I was young For example this was the table we would sit around with my three sisters, and brother and we are sitting here so small! In 10 days we have figs to eat! This is the place for social events For example for dancing *Singing in Greek* Come on down I used material I can find in nature for example, bamboo from down by the river near here I will show you how it is to live in a Greek treehouse come up, come up if you like.

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It's nice Hello Mister! How are you? Good. Good. My mirror is here, yes. It tells me all the time "You grow up. You grow up." but I saw "No! I don't grow up, I stay as I was when I was young" Anyways, I feel young Here is the place, as you see Simple I made this with volunteers who came who found us on WorkAway I built it last year This material is called *greek word* and we cover it every year around the walls It's very good smelling and I cut it from the mountain Hi! Here we are, yes! it's like a nest for people Here is an oven, yes. come on, let's go there What a pity it's empty One beer, and one whisky for my friend who came from America but, sorry no one is here haha next time This is Sueeta, because Sueeta was good all the time Look how I was building here a double bed and bamboo around Another build, a hut.

Oh yes, here is the shower Hot water from the sun We have solar up stairs Our Philosophy here is to save energy 5 days ago a friend brought me a lot of material because I have this, I built this new, it's very very new For the tree house and we have the tent, and I have to finish this Here this building I built it All this project, I built it, me, with three men from Albania And I am very grateful for them There are four bedrooms in the old style They stay very cool in the summer because they are made from stone The other floor over there is a big music hall Here we are in closed kitchen of course we have simple things all the necessities oh we have over there, the garden we have tomatoes, cucumber, aubergine, peppers I like very much these activities over there Let's go, come on upstairs We made an open kitchen Sometimes we have cooking lessons We have another over here, it's another kind Yes! and this is a place in which we smoke the meat with herbs for example look here It's finished, let's go up If I had to pay for everything here, I would have never finished this project That's the truth And I'm thankful I'm thankful for everyone that helped me to do it and I'm thankful with myself because I found all these materials you see around In a place and a friend told me "take it, because I close my shop and I don't need it" and I had to put it here And it's very interesting and very important for me I want to show to the people who visit us That there is another way to live to save energy to live simple in small houses, small rooms the life in the past, as I remember it it was very simple and the people were more joyful, more happy *Greek saying* The meaning is that it's very important for your life to be every day, every morning, laughing to be laughing, to have a smile in your mouth every morning when a new day comes to your life Nice

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