Transplanting Ginger Plants Started Indoors

Hi and welcome. Thank you for joining. In this video, I will be transplanting some ginger   plants into pots that I started in doors. from 
the rhizomes. The ginger pieces shown here are   remnants from last year's harvest. In the 
first step, I punched holes in the bottom of   the tray for drainage. I filled the tray with 
potting soil. Next, I inserted the rhizomes   horizontally and I added one inch of soil 
on top of the rhizomes. I kept the container   warm and moist until the shoots appear. So 
anywhere between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit is   ideal. Here are the plants 26 days later. Since 
the rhizomes were placed in the tray , the plants   have varying heights depending on the 
size of the rhizomes that were planted.   So if you are starting from scratch , you could purchase organic ginger from the grocery store.   Look for details with well-developed eyes 
or growth buds.

Cut the ginger into segments   one to two inches long with a few eyes on 
each. Then allow them to sit for a few days   before planting them. And you have options you could plant them directly into the pots .It   depends on the time of the year or you could 
do them as the approach I took in this case   where I just started them off in a tray. And 
then I transferred them into individual pots. So one of the things I would like to 
emphasize is ensuring that you use loose soil   in the process. That makes it easier to transplant them without having to damage the plants.   And also there are sprouts in clusters, so 
I'll leave those intact. I do not want to   mess with the roots or disturb the roots so I will keep those intact. So   I've had four pots so far of the transplants. 
The next step will be to apply some irrigation.   So I have two more .Here two more clusters 
to transplant and this is the first one that I need to of the last that I need to transplant.

pexels photo 4911779

And then the other one   as shown that one has two sprouts. So I'll be 
placing all six pots into a partially shaded area.   I've started a new shaded area in the woods. So I don't have to buy any additional shade . We'll be   talking about that later on in a another video. 
Stay tuned for updates thank you for watching   and remember to subscribe to the Petersville Farm channel if you have not done. So there will be a   number of other great videos that I have in 
the pipeline. Thank you and happy gardening..

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