Trying Minimalist living for 1 year #minimalism

[Music] so what happened in the first six months when i uh started minimalism okay was more of a i would say a trying phase trying to figure out who it was what kind of things i needed i didn't need you know what what what is the way i want to be myself as a minimalist as you know things i need uh i think it was a trying out phase i think a lot of people would have that you know to try to understand how to live their life and adapt to their you know new environment or new possessions that they have another example i would say is towels how many towels do you really need in your life some people i asked a lot of my friends i said four i said why do you need four uh they said okay one is the main one that you use every day one is the spare one in case you know the main one you put in the washer and you have a spare one okay it makes sense then one you have for guests in case someone comes to sleep over okay that makes sense too and you need one more in case you go to the beach or you go to swim in the pool or you go camping or something i don't know so it is at four there's really no right or wrong answer i think it's up to you and your lifestyle but you know the key is trying to understand what is your intention and how do you want to live and limit yourself to what you really need i mean how many days do you go to the beach or camping do you really need fourth house please comment below uh on how many tiles do you have and uh i would like to know as well uh that's from my own understanding to to survey i think a lot of people another thing is you know some people have things already but they want the same thing but just different things for example a lot of people have cars already you know people have you know fords or hondas or whatever car you have but then you want another car you want a benz or a ferrari why you already have a good car it's a functional car it gets you to point a to point b it looks good you drive it you certainly you like it because you were the one who who bought it but you know you want more of to to to impress other people or to impress yourself there's nothing wrong with wanting uh something nice and new but for you to be fixated on it and you know you know looking at looking at it online every day and checking it's about all the details about people's reviewing it i think it's wasting a bit of your life and some time that you should be spending on other things that are important to your life and this disease of never ending uh wanting more it's it's not gonna stop if you don't stop it i think being rich you know is understanding that what you have is enough that's the point of being rich that's what rich people are if you understand that what you have now in the bank or in in your hand that's enough then you're rich it's not about i want this i want more of that i want a house i want two houses i want a house with five garage cars i want all these things and it's not really fulfilling your life and your your your soul and your well-being and your you know your goal with the universe [Music] okay so one year as a minimalist how do i feel and what have i learned uh i would say minimalism is very contagious it's it started off with just clothes and you know and items and things like that but then it spreads through all the different uh assets facets of your life uh i would say everything that you do uh you think how can i you know make things more productive how can it be less how can be more value to me instead of wasting time doing things that you don't want you don't like to impress other people your focus and things uh every every activity you do every action you do there's some kind of minimalism embedded in it it's not about things anymore it's it kind of spread through every aspect of my life and of my action cleanliness and hygiene became you know very big i mean before i was not i was a messy person uh the hygiene was alright was not too bad but now you have more time to focus on these things and having less stuff you know you have more time to clean and less cleaning time is needed because you don't have so many things to clean and everything is you know all all the cloth drawers the top of drawers i keep clean nothing's put i think i put it's on top of there so it's easier to clean rather than having all this clutter of things and it becomes a kind of a hoarder situation i would say the second thing is about i think it's about the apps it's about digital minimalism when before you know i'm always on social media wasting time on news feed you know uh what other people are doing you know people who you're not even close to just basically strangers these people you met maybe once every three years ago and you know you're wasting your time singing and checking them out what they doing comparing yourself and making yourself depressed so you know for me i cut down my online time and went most offline and found a lot of offline activity the only thing i use is youtube the other uh you know online social media i don't really do anymore and another benefit of minimalism is about removing toxic people from your life or unwanted they don't have to be so toxic but they you know they don't add any value to your life you know you're you know you have a lot of these friends that you know they they depend on you or you know they're they're just they're around they've been friends for years but if you look closely you know these people they don't bring any value to your life i mean if you die i i doubt they would go to even go to your funeral so i mean they they don't really help you they don't really help you in your in your worst moments or you know when you're down you're depressed and things like that so removing them from your life is also like removing all the unwanted things so you keep only the friends that you really wanted you know they're around they care about you and you they bring they you know you want to be friends with them you know for a long time this is a something that i that i did a lot of people that i didn't really need you know just didn't really contact them anymore i improved on relationships i think about talking to people you know you have more time you have more confidence in yourself i think improved on the relationships talking to people asking how are you doing instead of always about me me me and then also looking people in the eye and telling them the truth and you know not sugar coating things and you know being more care-building caring to other people rather than you know concerning everything about yourself another thing i focus uh on is my three pillars i think are very important uh in in my life at least which is food food and diet exercise and sleep this is very important for me i think this is the foundation of you know any good physical and mental health as well because physical leads to and connects to uh the mental so a lot of people they they don't really care they just do whatever they want but they don't focus on the food that they eat or you know get enough exercise or even sleep some people think sleep is you know they sleep late they wake up late and they you know they they don't really care they they rather be doing some things that they think are more important than that so that's the three things that i i focus on a lot uh some unique things personally to me that i do now that it's very very strange and weird that i never thought i'd do is you know number one is i prepare everything uh before i go to sleep you know i prefer i prepare what i wear i uh the bags is packed everything you know the lunch is made everything's ready and why do i do that because i it's less stressful for me you know i have all my vitamins already prepared and everything is prepared so it's less decision fatigue in the morning when i wake up everything's smooth it's uh you know running smoothly there's no stress you know i have this nice morning and nighttime routine that i that i do and i think it's it helps it helps with your clarity and also you know it gets you out the door without rushing because everything is uh well planned you have that under your control when you go walk out the out the door of your house or your condo whatever you live that's not in your control it rains or your car crashes you don't have that under control but what you have under control is you know where you live your room your kitchen your your bedroom your toilet whatever you have that under control so control it uh adding to that i also uh have this very thing that i do is i remove all the labels uh that i buy that's in you know my room like uh or i cover them so you know if i buy something there's a plastic labeling of this brand or something like that i remove it because i don't want to see the label i don't want them to advertise to my brain uh you know i don't want to see sony or mitsubishi or samsung or things like that i don't really want to see it if i can cover it up and i try to cover it up or i can remove the label i think your mind is your own canvas and you know i already bought the product i don't have to you don't have to market or advertise to me on a daily basis in my own home so that's the way i feel and you know i i think it doesn't distract me when i remove it it's more clear okay i use this pro this product but i don't have to see the brand so this is kind of like a pet peeve for me i would say uh another thing i like to do is i like to go to the mall and uh when i'm at the mall to do errands or to buy things that i really need to groceries or things like that i try on clothes without buying them i try and close you see oh these jeans look nice i want to see how i look in them sometimes take photo of myself when i'm in the fitting room or in the changing room and i say oh i look good in this one and then i put it back why because i don't need to buy new pants i already have some pants i don't need the new shirt i already have the new shirts so trying on is you know to see how it makes me feel how i look in it and when i say oh and this one looks good one looks bad and i put it back and i don't waste any money so it's my own activity that i like to do another thing i like to do now is i like to batch cook uh i cook many meals at one time uh before i used to be like everyone else you know you cook one meal and eat it and then you get bored of it and you want to eat it again so i i do this batch cooking where i do you know one time and then have three four meals maybe even more already prepared and i don't have to eat the same thing the next meal and the next meal and the next meal because i freeze the food i have so in the freezer i would have you know maybe three different types of dishes already cooked up already good to go you know healthy cost saving tastes good it's all right i can control you know my desire to want things uh you know food that you know are tasty or expensive restaurant i can control it because i don't eat it i don't need to to eat take out every day or every time or you know other people's having it once a week fried chicken or burger or something i don't eat anymore i can control it i can save the time that i cook individual dishes to do other things with my life so that's i think these are some of the unique things that i do personally just wanted to share with you the concept has been out there for a long time and there's a lot of great videos out there covering this topic i won't go into much detail but i think three concepts uh covers it in my opinion number one it's about finding happiness in your own self rather than chasing happiness from other people a lot of people chase for material things money luxury goods cars houses items just so that they can impress other people with their belongings like it gives them value and meaning to have those things and it took me a long time to to understand that that doesn't really communicate or connects with the soul inside of you it's about finding your own happiness and what makes you happy what's what's your you know what's worth your time and your your uh attention i think it's important to understand that a lot of people have all these things nice cars nice houses and it's a persona that they try to convey to the world that they're this type of person but in the end it's it's just a facade it's not real it's just things empty things i would even say and for me it's it's difficult to to to to break away take a step back and look at yourself what makes you happy what what's your what's your calling what do you like to do you know without caring about what other people think of you the second one about minimalism i want to cover is it's about long-term happiness versus short-term happiness a lot of people when they're sad depressed stressed angry emotional they look for short-term uh fix i would say you know you if you're feeling down you you go grab some junk food you grab a burger you go get some ice cream and watch a movie and you feel better for a short period of time you feel better but that doesn't fix you know the problems in your life that are lingering it's still there it's still there and short term all these things that you do you go online you buy a lot of things that you don't need that's very short-term uh happiness i would say the long-term one you know the love the relationship the connections take time and effort it takes time to build uh and manifest itself so it's not easy to come by and you have to uh spend more time and effort and more work to to achieve those things and i think a lot of people don't like that they they want the quick fix the third concept i would say is less is more this is predominantly you can see it everywhere now uh in the world that people having less you go see people who are more poor or they don't have a lot of money there you know they value the things that they have you know whatever items they have they they know it's you know it it they're happy with it they appreciate it and they define meaning in the value and they don't put too much emphasis on on these material objects okay for me the second part i would say about the trigger how i got started in the beginning it was you know most people who started minimalism probably was unhappy [Music] in their life majority of them and they wanted an escape a way out doing something new doing something different you know if you're unhappy and you keep doing the same thing things and living the same lifestyle i don't think you'll ever uh change i mean you get stuck and then you can't get out it's like falling into quick quicksand and trying to you know get out you even get deeper and deeper deeper sinking in so you know you need to have this kind of realization that hey i'm not happy i'm going to try doing something new and that was my aha moment i would say that triggered that change and i want to try minimalism i want to do something new and uh let's give it a go let's try let's let's start and i started by donating my clothes donating some of it and all the belongings that i don't use you know it's very easy to declutter because you know a lot of things in your in your in your closet in your drawers in your cabinets you don't really use them half a year one year you don't really use them you just say oh in case i need them one day in case i need it one day and it just clutters your room it clutters your mind it colors your room and it gives you anxiety without you knowing because every time you need something and you can't find it or you have to decide should i wear a blue shirt today should wear a black shirt today should i wear a pink shirt today should i wear a red shirt today takes time from your life you know every person who takes five minutes to get dressed that's five minutes per day of your life at that 365 days times that how many years you spend looking for things and getting stressed because you don't know what to wear

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