Very First Unboxing #1 Modern Homesteading Rediscovering The American Dream Book

something just came in the mail you think that is well what is it is that your book wow this is the first time we've seen it what do you think can you hold it up what's that feel like it's a little strange a published author you know how fancy your mama is Jack how's it look dad this one is for you what is it I've also loved it a little bit it's a ski race and I skied it and my dad watched and I think he was more tired but he was very proud so how far was that race 90 kilometers what does that mean yeah what's that math metric not that we like metric around here uh 56 miles baby crazy moment which parent is crazier so it's bigger than I thought it would be oh it's smaller than I thought it would be Oh interesting I thought it was gonna be like the size of magazine I thought it was gonna be smaller I mean I guess I have the dimensions it shouldn't be such a big surprise it's gonna be thicker it's it's really it's nice the way it's laid out its kind of its they did a really good job with it didn't me it's beautiful lots of photos start waiting for that can you turn the room over this week well it likes a little bit better over here no thank you why don't you come around okay do you know what it is it's a real book huh who's that chubby chickens my little nugget you know the best thing about this book Jack what who's that cousins no desk jacket you guys are awful but it's true friends fast totally not one of our photos let's do it mr.

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Allens my parents yeah you have to tell me what's going on mama this is gonna be the worst most boring video ever it's advil ugh.

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