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(funky music) – What's going on everyone? I am Alexander Ludwig. I play Bjorn Ironside on "Vikings". And you can see me in my upcoming movie, "Bad Boys for Life". I play Dorn the caged animal tech nerd. ♪ Bad boys bad boys ♪ ♪ What you gonna do ♪ ♪ What you gonna do ♪ – Hey, hey, hey. Uh uh, no. No, never. – I wanna take you through
a bit of my workout routine. For "Bad Boys for Life" I had to put on about 25 pounds
in under two months.

So the goal of that in
specific was purely aesthetic. So I'm gonna teach you how to keep muscle and shred fat as quickly as possible with a little secret tip I learned from one of our amazing
trainers, Jorgen De Mey. And then on Vikings we
have some pretty intense fight sequences, so I'm
gonna take you through a cardio workout that
really keeps me in shape so that I can actually
sustain the sequences without puking my guts out, which has
happened a few times before. And at the end of this video I am going to share with you for the first time ever my secret weapon for a
very very good ab workout that I've been doing it
since I was in high school, but it works.

All right, let's get going. (upbeat music) All right, so for the first workout this is specific to "Bad Boys for Life". My character was supposed to
be this muscle bound tech nerd. And the bigger he was the funnier I thought the joke would be that he always stays into the van, until maybe later you find out he's got a
little bit more to offer than just his computer expertise. So what was really important
to me was that I could build muscle and get as big as possible without looking too thick. The greatest tip I learned
from my trainer for this was incline on a treadmill. So basically you go on a 15% incline, or whatever you're
comfortable with to start out. Anywhere from 2.7 to 3.5 miles per hour. So it's basically like a long hike. You do that for 30 to 45 minutes, listen to an audiobook or
whatever music you like. And what you're trying to do is keep your heart rate between 120 and 140.

I found in my experience
that if I go for long runs, it's great in the moment, but I can't sustain that day after day. What I like about this is it's more of a moderate way to achieve your goals. So when I was shooting "Bad Boys for Life" I was doing this particular
exercise at least once a day. Sometimes if I was feeling
like a bit of a hero I'd try to do it twice a day. But honestly it was the most
effective part of my workout for sure and I totally
recommend this exercise. (rock music) So this is a workout I kind
of created myself actually from watching different videos on YouTube and trying to figure
out something I could do in a short period of time
that would allow me to sustain a level of cardio
that I could apply to the fight sequences that are
pretty demanding on "Vikings". So what you do is grab
whatever weight suits you.

pexels photo 4919720

Right now I've got two 30 pound dumbbells. You put them down to the
ground like this, go out. And you're basically doing a burpee. That's one. I try to make 15 reps and
then I do four sets of that. Go slow, that's kinda key. And be careful of your hamstrings. Sometimes I'll feel like
it pulls a little bit. But it's super effective. And I'm already feeling
it and I've just done two. (upbeat music) So to get that big look
that I needed for Dorn, shoulders were key. So this is a shoulder
exercise I like to do. I'm using 25 pound dumbbells, and I would just do 15 on each side. But if I was training to get even bigger I'd probably do eight to 12 reps. Not being a hero and trying
to do way too big weight. It's more just getting to the gym everyday and doing enough weight
that you really feel like you're having to push your
body without injuring yourself.

(electronic music) Last but not least, I have
a 90s inspired workout that I've been doing since
I was in high school. It's something that I
tell everybody to do. It's a beast of a
workout, let me tell you. (beeping)
(peppy music) Hey gang, welcome to your
eight minute ab workout. All these exercises are gonna
be safe, effective, and fun. We're gonna start with a basic crunch. Now hand behind your head. And just crunch up. Just like that. Then, I don't know what you
call this one, go like that. Then you switch to this one. Tortoise shell. Then we move into yoga crane. Keep going gang, you got it. Crouching baby pose. Nice work gang. And whenever you're
feeling tired just remember keep that big beautiful
smile on your face. 'Cause this is fun, gang. I see you. This is called push the baby. It's one of my favorite exercises. This one makes you look the coolest. Then alternating legs. And then last one. Cowabunga, we're almost there.

And it goes something like that, and then you're done. Come back tomorrow and
we'll do it all again. All right guys that was my slightly embarrassing workout routine. I hope you enjoyed it. I took you through a few workouts that I do on a regular basis. One thing I've just found is that moderation is actually
key, and consistency. So back in the day I used
to just try to kill myself in these workouts, now I'm just trying to get to the gym every single day. And maybe one or two
days off on the weekends. But I hope you enjoyed. Much love and thanks for watching. (electronic music).

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