Virtues of Homesteading – Creativity

so my friend Kenny is putting together a
collaboration it's got a great channel I'll leave a link for it down below and
anyway the focus of the collaboration is on traits of homesteading basically he's
getting a bunch of people together to talk about the various traits that make
up good homesteaders so the tree I'd like to call out for this project
specifically creativity I think there's this perception in our society that if
you're a farmer a homesteader you're not going to be creative but I would argue
that the work that happens here on our farm is some of the most creative work
I've ever done in my entire life and I've had jobs like video producer, writer
marketing guy, frankly none of those jobs tax my creativity like the word here at
the park goes let me show you an example of this so this morning I went out to
pour the water for the Ducks and it discovered a little bit of a problem so
my water line which is spring fed temperatures got down to about 17
degrees last night this morning when I came out I had a problem
the line was frozen solid with a little bit of elbow grease and a blowtorch I
was able to unfreeze the pipe as you can see right here the temperature is just
above freezing but it's not gonna stay that way for long so what I'm gonna have
to do is repair this spigot I am horrible at this type of stuff I think
I've mentioned this in past videos that I've just not very handy I'm not very
mechanically inclined the way this works is I think that there's like a little
there's like a lever piece which is here and it
sits on here and what it does is when I pull the handle up it lifts this lever
piece up and that pulls this bolt up which releases the water but
unfortunately I think what's happening is this isn't going down far enough yet
when it pops up so what I'm gonna have to do is probably rebuild this so that
this can drop down lower and I can turn and off and on and it actually closes
the water I don't have what's going on here this is clearly the it's going to get
worse before it gets better phase unfortunately I can't stop the spring
line because I don't know where the spring line is I've been looking for it
but I'm not been able to locate it my problem is I can't get the pin hole
to line up to the hydrant thing when it's in the up position try to at least
catch some of those water bucket I'm gonna have an ice-skating right down
here hahahaha I fixed it obvious son of a gun
golly can't believe I did that got it one two
three four holy cow I did not think I was gonna be able to do that that's
amazing this is the best feeling in the world to go from such high tension and
high anxiety to the feeling of relief as you personally fix something with your
own grubby bare hands that's incredible to me Wow I feel lucky that could have
gone bad and all it took was a little bit of persistence and a little bit of
creativity basically the problem was that the pin that pulls the water up and
down was completely stripped off so the pump thingy I know a technical term
wasn't latching properly in order to fix that what I did was I just went into my
tool chest and I found some nuts and I found a nut exactly the right size and I
screwed it on nice and tight on one side screwed it on nice and tight on the
other and I was able to get it closed off and prevent a bad situation from
becoming an even worse situation you know that could have cost me I don't
know 150 bucks to have a plumber come out here maybe even more but instead
what I was able to do was you know take it upon myself and make the repairs all
by myself you know that's a feeling like two or
three years ago when I was living in Washington DC in a townhouse where I
called somebody to fix everything for me and I couldn't do anything myself that's
just a feeling I never would have because of my creativity I was able to
exhibit self-reliance I was able to fix my problem myself because of a creative
mindset that creative mindset plays into everything I feel like people do when
they're homesteading or working on a farm because you're confronted with so
many problems on a day to day basis like for example
I'm gonna do this I really hope it drains off before everything freezes
enough again tonight I have a lot of friends who ask me if I feel creatively
dead living out here on the farm it couldn't be any further from the
truth creativity I think that's a really
underrated virtue of homesteading

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