We test a home antibody kit for tracking Covid-19 transmission

in the fight against Ovid 19 researchers need to know where it is and how it's spreading what we're trying to do is to improve the understanding of how the kovat 19 pandemic is progressing across England around the world researchers are starting community transmission studies to try and gather enough data to inform public health policies but to get enough data they need to find a way of testing people at home don't eat or swallow any part of the kit people like me got it I'm Anna and today I'm going to be doing an antibody test for kovat 19 I'm one of the first guinea pigs for a home antibody test being trialed here in the UK so I'm involved in a study called react and react stands for real-time assessment of community transmission Kristina HSN at Imperial College London is part of the team behind the study before rolling out a full-scale community transmission study they need to first figure out where the kits like these are accurate and usable to test for accuracy the team are comparing self-administered results with proper blood tests in the lab to test reusability they've posted home test kits to 10,000 randomly selected people including me so what we're really trying to understand here in in the usability study is firstly whether people can and perform the test at home okay and if not what changes we can make to the tests or instructions to improve people's ability to carry out the test at home ah no no no it's just going back up oh I've sprayed blood everywhere no no okay got it in and secondly can people read and interpret the test results and if not what changes can we make to the wording and messaging to improve people's ability to understand what the result means for them antibody tests like this aren't designed to tell me if I currently have coded 19 but could tell me if I've been infected before in this case by testing for a type of antibody called IgG so really what we're most interested in is IgG as a marker as a tantrum marker for long-term immunity certainly in other infections it is a mark of long-term immunity but as yet we don't know if it is for covert 19 immunologists are still working to find out whether having had the novel coronavirus and having IgG antibodies in your blood will in fact protect you from catching it again in the future until then my results aren't very much used to me personally I'll still be observing social distancing like everyone else but for Christina and her team my data can help get the home antibody testing kits in top shape for the next round of tests once we've optimized usability for home testing then we plan to roll out the tests to a hundred thousand randomly selected people across England to assess the prevalence of past infection in the community in the meantime there's a lot of work to do I've worked a lot weekends over the last two or three months things are changing all the time and unity every other day and the news you hear about another test via theist a new swab test or a game-changing antibody test people are very desperate and keen to know when we're going to get back to some level of the normality so with that in mind with some whistle happy to serve me working some twice as hard [Music]

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