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can you even see me i'm being so awkward right now hey tasha here with another video if you're 
new around here i like to talk about minimalism   healthy living and family things so if any of 
that sounds like awesomeness to you feel free   to subscribe in today's video i just wanted to 
share with you what i have on my person when i   leave the house each day this is just what i carry 
every day as a minimalist mom all right real quick   let me tell you how it used to be so before when 
i used to leave the house i used to bring my whole   house with me basically especially as a mom i was 
like oh my gosh something might happen and if i   don't have x y and z with me then i'm going to 
be in trouble two kids later and a whole bunch of   back pain later i realized that i shouldn't bring 
everything with me all the time but in my mind   it was like anything could go wrong so i think 
that's where i was coming from especially as a mom   that's how it started but this is how it's going 
here's what i typically leave the house with   i'll usually just put it in my coat or a small 
purse and the water bottle i'll just carry it   around or i'll just leave it in the van if you 
look at my keys it may not look very minimal   but there's actually a lot of places that i 
need keys to that i go to on a regular basis and   in terms of shopping i definitely keep my key 
cards with me for my usual places that i go next   i have my wallet i'm planning on minimizing this 
even more it's not bad but it could be better so   part of the problem is i ended up stuffing extra 
cards inside so now a bunch of the pockets are a   little loose and or everything's falling out 
now this is definitely a good size for me but   i basically need a wallet where i can show off 
my costco card right away because i'm there like   maybe every couple weeks because i have to keep 
stocking up on the plant-based milk guys and my   kids they eat a lot of seaweed so i'm not trying 
to buy it at a regular grocery store i'm not   trying to do that i need to pay costco prices for 
all the many things that we consume really fast   in my wallet i do carry a little change i do carry 
one dollar you know you gotta have that cash money   yeah don't try to rob me because i literally will 
have probably just a dollar my license of course i   have it in there it's under my costco card though 
because i really don't get pulled over knock on   wood i don't be getting pulled over by the cops 
as much as i go to costco so i figured the logical   thing to do would be to put the costco card in the 
front obviously i gotta bring my phone because i'm   a very important person and my phone just be blown 
up all the time i do my best to make sure i have   a water bottle with me because there's been so 
many times in the past where i just ate something   sweet or something salty and i go to reach for the 
water and it's not there and i just i just i don't   i can't go through that anymore guys so i do a 
mental checklist basically where i'm like what   do i need to bring with me i'm leaving the house 
okay i need my keys i need my wallet i need my   phone i need some water and i need my eyebrows 
okay let's talk about optional things so one   thing that i may or may not bring is my earbuds 
sometimes when i feel like i'm doing a lot of   errands i'll bring my earbuds or i'll keep them in 
my coat pocket because i like to listen to audio   books or podcasts while i'm shopping things like 
that especially in cooler weather i'll also bring   a lip balm of some sort or usually it's just in my 
coat it just stays in my coat and it's just there   for easy access in case my lips are extra dry 
all right guys let's talk about how i transport   the aforementioned things in warm weather when 
i don't have a coat and i don't have a hoodie   then that's when i will carry some type of bag 
with me but it's very tiny this is a fanny pack   it has a lot of compartments and look i 
still have my hand sanitizer in there but   a lot of little compartments and so this is the 
extent of what i usually would bring with me i   actually haven't used this since the fall because 
we started having cooler weather and i started   getting to use coats and hoodies so i just put all 
my stuff that i bring with me in there i like this   because you can you don't have to necessarily wear 
it can you even see that maybe here there you go   i don't really use it like this i mean i'll 
probably put it like this sometimes what i tend   to do when i was using it more often is i would 
use it as like a crossbody bag can you even see me   i'm being so awkward right now i i was put 
on the spot for this look it's not even right   side up hold on honestly i forgot about this 
because i haven't used it for a few months   but in the summer and stuff this is easy access 
right like you know i'm gonna say fanny packs   are back in so whatever guys on a side note 
i also have these pads that i love that you   can insert a cell phone in the side of so half 
the time i might put my cell phone in one side   my wallet and my keys on the other side and i'll 
be set one of my favorite articles of clothing is   a hoodie i just love rocking the hoodie so that 
uh i can just put all the stuff in the pocket in   the kangaroo pup get here when i leave the house 
with the kids each of them has their own backpack   in their backpack they have their water bottle 
they have their electronic device with a charger   and they have an extra set of clothing i feel 
like you got to make sure you have an extra   set of clothing for your kids at all times even 
if they're older because they like to get dirty   you'd be thinking they're fine and then all of a 
sudden you look at them and you're like who told   you it would be a good idea to jump in that rain 
puddle did you notice you don't have rain boots on   who even thought that it was a good idea to give 
you ice cream in a coat who's gonna clean up my   child's sweater now who did this guys so yeah 
basically the gist is i personally am able to   carry very few things because i make my kids carry 
their own extra stuff what about you what is it   that you can't leave your house without i would 
love to hear from you in the comments below also   if you got any value or a few chuckles from this 
video i hope you will consider smashing that like   button and subscribing for more content here's to 
simple and intentional living till next time bye

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