Why I’m living Off Grid Vegan Zero waste lifestyle (ft. Cassowary)

so a lot of you asked me why I'm doing this why I'm choosing to live out in the jungle amongst wildlife and I scared bored lonely why cut myself off from most of mainstream civilization like this well there are many reasons but a big one is that I want to heal I came here to escape and to heal to escape the madness of my concrete surroundings the noise the pollution the fakery the sickness it was exhausting I needed to heal from the screwed up society I was born and raised into a society that taught me to hate myself from the moment I looked in the mirror to pull apart my human features I would forget I was a wild adult female human and not a manufactured doll to manipulate I came here to let my natural self grow into whatever that may be free of restriction and expectations I came here to escape a society that created flaws in me that didn't exist to sell me I didn't need I worked in jobs that bored me to buy stuff meant none to me to impress people that didn't even respect me I was feeling poisoned by the water the air the food I came addicted to the constant highs and lows of the city life rather than living in balance in harmony with nature I didn't want to depend on others for my food anymore I wanted to live in a way that causes the least harm possible it's not only myself but also the animals and my environment I came here to heal from a culture that taught me to eat foods that hurt me to eat a diet that my body wasn't designed for and to treat animals like there are nothing more than food and that it's okay to use and abuse them [Music] I wanted to have a low-impact lifestyle I didn't want to be part of this system anymore even as a vegan I was trapped within this cycle and I didn't understand there was a way out some days I felt lost trapped and alone even though I was surrounded by so many other people I knew this wasn't how nature intended me to exist I knew it the sights and sounds of nature heal us sure there are some dangers but there are so many more dangers in the city walk out your unit door and you could get robbed shot raped or run over by a car then end up pumped full of drugs in the local hospital there are dangers everywhere but the benefits to this lifestyle far outweigh any dangers a lot of you asked how I make an income I make an adequate income off my ebooks and YouTube this is something you can do too and that way you can also escape your concrete surroundings and heal in nature [Applause] [Applause] I plan on making more of these part talking part nature sound videos and in 4k so stay tuned if you want more tips and inspiration on how to heal from the damaging culture that's been forced upon you since birth I'll see you next video you

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